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Mankuai straightens herself as he lets go. They both stand close together, but there’s a vast distance between their hearts, and the gap gets big enough that they don’t see each other anymore.

She tries to keep calm. “Just because she’s real [present/tangible]?”

She turns her eyes to him, but he isn’t prepared to answer. “You should go. You’ve been here for a while.” He throws her out mercilessly. He turns and walks to his closet, and dons on a clean shirt.

“I don’t believe she’s better than me.” Her smile spreads. “I’ll be returning to China soon, and when that time comes, I’ll ask you again to choose between her and me.”

Han Qilu stops buttoning his shirt momentarily without changing his expression.

“Back to China?”

Mankuai laughs as she looks at him. “Don’t worry, by the time I get back, I would definitely have your heart again… What’s more, your heart already belongs to me.”

After her proclamation, she turns and struts proudly like a peacock. Her heels click on the floor as she leaves. The sound disappears once the door closes.

He stands still for a moment. He suddenly takes off the shirt and the one on the floor, and tosses it in the bathroom. Then, he calls housekeeping to tidy up the room and replace the bedsheets.

The manager nods without explanation. When he stepped out from his shower, the room has been cleaned, and the bed has been made.

Nothing happened. He relaxes. He takes a sip of the wine the manager suggested. It tastes good.

He looks at the phone he threw on the sofa. He walks toward the device, slowly. He picks up the phone and dials An Chuxia. She seems impatient at the other side of the world. He can also hear the cabinet doors being opened.

“… What?”

Everything happens for a reason.

The next day, An Chuxia receives well wishes for her stomach. She’s sweating a black line, but she has to bite the bullet and accept their condolences. One person even empathized with her since he, too, has it.

As she walks into the classroom, she sees Meng Xiaonan sleeping at her desk like a pig.

After the end of self-study that morning, the sound of rain patters against the window. It’s playing a melodious tapping sound against the surface.

“Come out, An Chuxia.”

An Chuxia looks up to see who’s calling for her. It’s Ling Hanyu. No wonder why the class became quiet. Even the sound of the raindrops against the window dampens. It turns out that the evildoer laoban has arrived.

From outside the classroom he bellows, “Did you throw out my manhua?”

She blinks in confusion. She tries to think while Xiao Mingluo stands a few meters behind Ling Hanyu, waving frantically. His face seems… anxious.

Ling Hanyu, manhua, throw, Xiao Mingluo…

The series of events seem a bit sudden, but An Chuxia isn’t stupid. She understands what’s going on. She looks up and says calmly, “Yes.” However, she’s wondering why Xiao Mingluo is using her as his scapegoat.

What is the advantage of liking someone~

“… You!” Ling Hanyu is furious.

An Chuxia stands not too far from Ling Hanyu, and she is starting to sweat. What she doesn’t know is that the destroyed manhua is the one autographed by his grandmother, and ruining it is equal to the fucking death penalty!


Life is not Guaranteed

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

TN: Finding a needle in the haystack (idiom)- something that is difficult/ impossible to find. 

-The author’s original statement was “looking for a needle in the sea” and I took liberties to change it into something more commonly heard in the Western society.

Seeing Ling Hanyu with a look of exasperation, An Chuxia could not help but take a glance before opening her mouth. “Isn’t it just a manhua? If worse comes to worst, I will compensate you for the comicbook!”

“Compensate?” Ling Hanyu creases his eyebrows tightly, anger fills his face. He turns and coldly looks at An Chuxia. “Do you think you will be able to compensate? Do you even know that this is… .”

As he was about to finish, when he forcibly stops himself. He was clenching his teeth, and his right-hand curls into a fist. When Xiao Mingluo thought he should prepare to take the initiative and admit his mistake before someone gets beat up….. Ling Hanyu uncurls his hand, and ruthlessly —- turns and leave.

“Hey—-” An Chuxia shouts. She wanted to chase after him but Xiao Mingluo, who was steps ahead of her, holds her back, while she could only turn her head to look in the direction Ling Hanyu took. “Why did you stop me? There is something not right about him.”

Mingluo raises his eyebrow, embarrassed. “There nothing wrong.”

“Eh?” She doesn’t believe his statement.

“Yes, there is something very wrong!” Xiao MIngluo said while curling his lips. “Do you know that the book I lost is extremely important to him?”

She cannot help but sigh with sorrow. Truly, a rich person’s worldview is crooked. Isn’t it just an insignificant manhua, and shouldn’t be treated the same way as lifeblood, to be hidden, afraid that it’ll get wrinkled when one holds it in their hand, and store in the bank, afraid that it’ll be lost? Just go buy another one! This kind of manhua shouldn’t cost more than 20 yuan, right?

Seeing An Chuxia’s look of disdain, he says in earnest, “The book I lost isn’t one he frequently reads, but…. the one that his grandma personally made. That was the only one in this world.”

Her chest heaves for a moment. I’m dead. The weight she was carrying suddenly enlarges a bit.

“To make things worse, I also heard…. His deceased grandmother is whom Ling Hanyu reveres the most. Even so he actually gave me money because of my name [which is the character in the manhua she made]! Oh god!” She covers her mouth. “To say, I almost lost my life just then?”

Xiao Mingluo chuckles. “Congrats, you got it right.”

What is the meaning of God’s providence when one’s muddle-headed and hears thunder rumbling?

“Oh, then I should go after him. I really didn’t do anything…” When she made the posture to run after him, Xiao Mengluo hurriedly stops her, his face fawning.

“Good sister, good Chuxia, the ancients say, act as a good person ’til in the end. You can’t just abandon me without a care! You see, even though Ling Hanyu is very angry, he didn’t hit you! If he finds out that I wasn’t careful and lost his manhua in the library while picking up girls, I absolutely won’t be able to eat and walk sideways!”

“It’s won’t be able to eat and walk in circles.” She extends her right hand, using her forefinger and middle finger to illustrate a walking movement while her face devoutly warns him.

Xiao Mingluo almost weeps. “The world’s most beautiful woman, you’re a beauty, for you have beautiful capabilities, so help this small one this time around.”

Perceiving a ripe opportunity, An Chuxia raises her eyebrow, all astute-like. “Help you…. it’s not difficult! However, you also have to help me complete a task… .”

“…. what task?”

Several minutes later, only An Chuxia arrives at the library. Depending on Xiao Mingluo’s reputation, she wanders throughout the library, strutting during class time. Likewise, the librarian was full of flattery. “What are you looking for? Young master Xiao already told me, what are your instructions. I will whole heartily provide the service!”

Speaking of Xiao Mingluo, it was originally agreed upon that they both go to library to look for the book, but in the end, he says the headmaster summoned him, resulting in An Chuxia arriving at the library to complete the task alone.

This is just like finding a needle in a haystack.

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