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gif courtesy of Tencent Vides/tumblr CHAPTER 321 I Want To Wear the Clothes You Choose

If you're not grinning by the end of chapter 322, quit reading. 😛

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Ah, I know." Han Qilu answers, his attitude as clear as the sky.

However, all he does is stand still.

An Chuxia doesn't understand what he's doing.

He's not going to pick up Basa Li?

Meng Xiaonan watches the scene, very aware she should leave, but… .

"Hey, we have that class celebration tonight. I'll go ahead before the teacher starts looking for us. As for you, laoda, don't worry. I'll make an excuse for you if you don't drop by." She immediately slips out of sight. With that speed, she's definitely isn't leadership material!

Meng Xiaonan turns and leaves in a flash, leaving An Chuxia helpless.

Well, that doesn't matter now.

"Aren't you going to look for her?" An Chuxia asks Han Qilu.

If he didn't come for Basa Li, what is he doing here?

She doesn't know how to say to him they've pranked Basa Li. Has she come out of her coma yet?

"I have to deal with someone." Han drops her a hint.

An Chuxia looks at her shoes as he says those words. She is confused, and can't comprehend.

"Someone else will," he faintly says.

She looks up from her feet, baffled.

Doesn't he have anything better to do?

"Go shopping with me." He pulls An Chuxia securely against him.

An Chuxia says nothing.

What did the young master smoke to blow this kind of wind???

Han Qilu drives with An Chuxia until they arrive at the bustling commercial streets.

Perhaps, because the exams are over, students spill into the streets. Many students like them are walking around in their uniforms. The lack of security is the least of their issues.

"You haven't caught a fever, right?" She endures for a long time before finally asking.

What would happen if they're caught shopping?

Moreover, don't all boys hate shopping?

Han Qilu coldly looks down on An Chuxia. Once she realizes, she immediately shuts up.

"Pick a few sets for me." Han Qilu orders An Chuxia when they enter the Shara boutique.

"Why?" An Chuxia asks unhappily.

Why should she pick out the clothes he's supposed to buy?

Young master… do you need to trouble the store to buy your clothes?

Crazy, crazy… Absolutely insane!

"I like it." Han Qilu lets out a loud laugh. As he says those words, he sits on the sofa, leans back, crosses his legs, and picks up the magazine.

"Pick my outfits for the trip to the United States." He continues to order.

Go to hell!!!

An Chuxia stands still. How she would love to send him flying with a swift flying kick?

He's leaving for the U.S., and yet he forces her to shop for his clothes while he lounges. She wants to strangle him.


An Chuxia has been standing still and hasn't move a bit to help him choose clothes. Han Qilu puts down the magazine. His eyes instantly soften as he looks at An Chuxia and her petal-like lips as he speaks. "I want you to choose the clothes I wear."

An Chuxia is temporarily shocked. She looks up with a glassy look in her starlit eyes. At that moment, An Chuxia feels like she's surrounded by bright, beautiful flowers in bloom, making the air smell fragrant… .

For a moment, she doesn't want this moment to end.

CHAPTER 322 Master, You Can't Be That Outrageous

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chuxia likes looking at Han Qilu's inviting mouth; she likes it very much.

He stands up, walks in front of her, and touches her soft hair.

"Look at me; are you ready for my confession? First of all, this young master's confession is one this woman will accept, of course, because it's coming from me." Han Qilu says in a sing-song voice, breaking the subtle atmosphere between them.

An Chuxia snaps out of it, her face turns dark.

In her heart, she just has to shake it off and feel ashamed!

Of course, he's shameless, this Han Qilu!

"Choose your own clothes." She pushes him away so he can choose his clothes.

Although she admits in her mind, she is fond of the statement: I want to wear the clothes you choose.

The way he says it is somehow inexplicably gentle and sincere, making An Chuxia's heart beat faster. It also makes her think, because his words are soft, very soft.

As she thinks, a hint of a smile emerges from her lips.

An Chuxia doesn't see herself smile, how soft and happy she is.

Of course, her smile and subtle facial expressions have all been witnessed by Han Qilu. Unconsciously, a smile emerges from his lips too.

This feeling… is good.

In the end, Han Qilu and An Chuxia select a few sets of suits. She hands him the outfits to try on. He bullies her as he links his arms around her waist and says, "I figure, you'd realize [what I mean]."

She remains mum.

Young master, can't you be less brazen?

Finally, he calls the sales clerk, pays the bill, and carries the bags out of the store.

An Chuxia thought this would be the end, but… .

"Let's go to the Central Square." Han Qilu throws the clothes into the car before facing An Chuxia.

"Ah?" She seems confused.

"Let's go." Obviously, he doesn't want to say anything, but he pulls An Chuxia by the hand and walks with her toward the Square.

"What are we going to do in the Square? It's late. Let's go back." An Chuxia looks at her watch. It is past nine, and she should go back or else the Lings will worry about her.

She had informed Ling Hanyu she might come home a little late, but not this late… .

"Go dancing." Han Qilu winks mischievously at her.

Well, An Chuxia admits, she's energized.

Thinking about it, God is so unfair, he gave him a good constitution, a good family background. But his temper… Ah, dear God, since you're partial to him, why didn't you give him a good temper while you're at it?

She really resents that.

It is the east that meets the west. Han Qilu and An Chuxia end up in the Square.

Central Square is a very busy spot. A lot of young people gather, wearing different kinds of fashion trends. They are skateboarding, wearing rolling blades, racing down Brush Street. There are street dancers… and they're dancing provocative hip-hop.

"Go!" Han Qilu orders, pulling An Chuxia into the dance crowd.

"Follow the beat, and you'll be very happy." Han Qilu is helping An Chuxia lose her inhibitions to the beat as boys and girls grind in rhythm.

Such handsome posture, an unassuming smile… .

Looking at him, he's certainly the master. Poor An Chuxia stands out like a sore thumb, standing there… .

No, she wants to leave, like an idiot.

She thinks too much, trying to escape, but as soon as she takes a step, Han Qilu catches her, and doesn't allow her to leave.

"I'll teach you." He can see the concern in her face, so he reassures her faintly.

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