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Chapter 32
CHAPTER 32 Dear, I Was Wrong


“Xiao Chuxia!!!” Jiang Yuan’s face lights up. She happily stands and looks around but she sees Han Qilu protectively holding An Chuxia’s gloomy face.

She realizes something bad has happened as soon as she see’s her son’s expression. As Chuxia lays motionlessly in Qilu’s arms, she surmises An Chuxia must have been bullied.

Jiang Yuan immediately gasps loud enough to scare Liu Hai. He dares not to stop his excited wife.

Anyone who dares to provoke Jiang Yuan clearly courts death!

“How did this happen?” Jiang Yuan asks, her voice slightly trembling. She takes a few steps in front of Han Qilu. “Xiao An Chuxia, xiao

An Chuxia do not scare your aunt, ah….”

Han Qilu takes a step to the left to avoid his fussing mother. He doesn’t want her to know what he is thinking.

“She just fell asleep. You eat first.” He carefully adjusts An Chuxia in his arms before going upstairs. Although he is expressionless, he can’t let them know he’s fatigued.

“Steward Han!!!” Jiang Yuan lays protective eyes at her son. She watches Han Qilu’s figure disappear at the end of the stairs.

Steward Han heads toward the mistress and stands in front of her. Working in the Han family for so many years, he has long been familiar with Jiang Yuan’s

Yuan’s character. Once she decides she likes something, expect her to protect and fight for it. Once disgusted over something, she swiftly puts things to death and will not let that thing continue to exist.

Jiang Yuan is a person who is exacting with her words.

“Lady, I came home to secure the file after coming back from the school. I did not personally see her off when I was done at Stein.” He implied that he did not know what happened in the end.

Spinning on her heels, Jiang Yuan angrily turns and stares at him; her churning anger visible in her eyes.

“My dear, I am wrong! I swear! I

swear! I will never let steward Han leave your An Chuxia half a step ever again!” Jiang Yuan curses as Han Liuhai reflects mournfully.

“Bastard!” Looking at Han Liuhai’s sincerity, Jiang Yuan couldn’t help but curse once. She once again turns to steward Han. “Qilu refuses to disclose what happened. Go and find out for me now! Who put our An Chuxia into that pitiful state… .”

Jiang Yuan doesn’t want to admit An Chuxia’s fragile state scares her. She has always seen Chuxia as her own daughter. How could she not be aggrieved about her?

“I… I’ll look into it immediately!” Steward Han looks at Han Liuhai before turning and taking turning and taking a big step out of the living room.

Jiang Yuan’s anger doesn’t subside. She walks to the lobby and sits down on the soft leather sofa.

“Do not do this… .” Han Liuhai gets up and sits down next to Jiang Yuan.

She listens to him before lifting her gaze to his face. “This may not matter to you however, I can’t absolutely stand to see my family, like An Chuxia, being bullied!”

Han Liuhai waves his hand and says, “I do not mean it does not matter… .”

Before he can finish his statement, Jiang Yuan interrupts him. “You do not mean that? What do you mean then?”

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