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That’s basically us during this chapter. (Image coutesy of dsdramas wiki) CHAPTER 317 Is Not The Most Awkward

Lovely readers you all will love this chapter where Seabass gets her just desserts. An Chuxia is not someone to be trifled with.

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple


The moment Basa Li opens the door, a surge of cold air blows on her face. It is chilly and cold without anyone around… .

Basa Li came unprepared, and a sinking feeling weighs in on her waist. The people behind this push her like an invisible force. Then, she hears a bang! The door closes behind her.

Since she's not prepared, she falls to the ground. She looks like a dog taking a sh*t, she can't be more embarrassed than this.

However, she can't see herself being so embarrassed since the whole library is plunged into darkness!

It is black- pitch black without any light source, one that would make people panic.

She stands up quickly, scared to death. The atmosphere looks weird, and it feels cold everywhere.

Get out and leave!

Now Basa Li's mind has only one idea, she panics and wants to go back. She can't think straight since she's panicking, which leads her to stand up. When she takes a step, her left foot trips over her right, and she stumbles.

Bang! It's a muffled bang, but she falls.

"Oh, ouch!" Basa Li cry-whispers. Now, she's afraid and wresting the pain.

However, no one is waiting on her.

When she stands up, she doesn't panic. She collects her efforts, and holds out her hand to touch the wall closest to her. She tries to touch but her hand slams on to something…



Basa Li's heart suddenly feels bad. Her eyes look to the left, and from her angle, she sees a little bit of something behind her. She sees it at the corner of her eyes.

"Ghosts, ah!!!"

Suddenly, a piercing sound emanates from Basa Li and it spreads throughout the library.

"Help. Ah help! Han Qilu, help me! Come help me! Han Qilu, help! Ah!!!" Basa Li calls out, crying. The sound is piercing at her highest decibel.

However, this is Stein Royal College, and the insulation is a definite leverage at the academy. This library is quiet and peaceful. The noise can't be heard elsewhere.

And so…

A child, yes, call her a child, even if she calls out with a broken throat, no one would rescue her.

Even so, Basa Li continues her efforts, if not just to break through the sound shell. She keeps shouting, her body constantly bent backwards to avoid that terrible… stuff!

She has moved back until she is fiercely pasted on the wall, she can't retreat further.

"Don't come, don't come! Help Ah, help!!!" She continues howling. At this point, she wants a heroic character to appear to her rescue.

The hero doesn't come. But in front of her, things come closer… .

Basa Li's eyes start dilating, her body trembles ceaselessly.

It's a terrible, terrible thing!

A bloody skull!!!

The head is floating in the air. The head is constantly dripping a bright, red color of blood. In the light, there's blood, and in the entire library. This skeleton head exudes a faint, red light. It's very strange!!!

CHAPTER 318 Play Dead, Basa Li

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

"Help, ah, come help me! Daddy, come, come save me, ah!!!" Basa Li cries out, her body is violently shaking with fear.

She doesn't want to stay here, she doesn't!!!

However, this time, she suddenly feels a strange feeling from behind the wall. She instinctively turns and faintly sees a red light from the wall.

On the walls, the white powder is falling down bit by bit, revealing the blood-red letters:


"Ah~~~!" Basa Li screams again. Screaming, SCREAMING, and it never stops. Even if her voice breaks by shouting. He voice goes hoarse, she doesn't stop. She cries, and it reduces a bit of the fear in her heart.

At the same time, her body is like a general in action, beating the terrible wall!

Meng Xiaonan hides in the shadows. She stifles a laugh as she watches Basa Li make funny faces. She smiles silently, of course, as she covers her ears tightly. She sounds so selfish. Nima, she is almost as terrible as a ghost!

Even so, her heart is so cold.

She thinks, what an idiot to be threatened this way. This is the first time she sees a ghost, so she shouldn't shamelessly try to fight it! She wants to fight her laoda and her future husband but she is willing to pull hair and fight her!

Seeing her like this, self-inflicting torture on herself. She doesn't like seeing her. In one word, this is: cool!

As Meng Xiaonan looks at Basa Li, she admits she feels a little bit of sympathy!
However… .

Basa Li messed with her first, and she is the first to offend her. But sorry, she cannot mess with An Chuxia!

"Hey, isn't that the next step?" Mo Xinwei asks with a small voice right next to her.

Yes, all of this tonight, are good plans, but the chief planner is An Chuxia. It is also thanks to Meng Xiaonan who gave her inspiration.

"Ah!" Meng Xiaonan nods her head and An Chuxia swiftly moves to the other side.

By that time Basa Li bounces backs, but no matter how far she jumps, no matter how big, the terrible word, death, follows her like a nightmare, haunting her. She didn't mind going on thinking, when the skull disappears, the only thing flashing in her head is that word and it's awful, really awful!

Of course, Basa Li doesn't know that this is all props.

The wall may be engraved with the word "DEAD", but it is in fact not a wall, but a big plate held by Taoqiu, beating it close to Basa Li.

Bang! Basa Li bounces back funnily.

By this time, Basa Li's nerves are scared, and she is frozen in place. The word DEAD is in front of her, and it strangely disappears, plunging her into darkness.

Basa Li doesn't dare to move. She stands still, and doesn't dare look back. She can't accept what she's going through.

"Basa Li, are you okay?"

As soon as she hears the voice, Basa Li feels relieved.

"Han Qilu!"

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