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Image coutesy of google. CHAPTER 315 Master, Don’t Be Too Fierce!

Oh my! Han Qilu is back with his power-packed kisses.  (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)♥(˘ ε˘ʃƪ)

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks 

After all is said and done, twenty minutes have passed. The crowd has disappeared, giving An Chuxia a sense of security. How is it that she returns from the toilet and the basketball team is gone? Even Meng Xiaonan is gone, and only Han Qilu is standing there.

Why does it feel foreboding?

"Where did everyone go?" She walks slowly, and stands three meters away from him.

"Oh I just wanted to tell them something quickly, and they left after that." As he says those words, Han Qilu faces the light. An Chuxia's face suddenly turns red again, like the Fuji red apple kind!

She feels anxious, panicky, strange and uncomfortable~~

The heart is reviled: Damn, An Chuxia, don't blush, what kind of strength comes with the rapid heartbeat. Look at him, how can he be so calm and she be alarmed?

Bah! She should not!

An Chuxia's subtle expression doesn't escape Han Qilu's eyes. He looks at her, and can't help but smile at her mischievously.

An Chuxia looks very cute… People can't help but notice.

Acting on his feelings, Han Qilu slowly extends out an arm and wraps it around An Chuxia's waist, his other hand secures the back of her head. Her lips open like petals, when he descends with no warning on hers… .

"Well… ."

An Chuxia struggles a little, and her heart shouts angrily: kisses, kisses, and kisses again!

The more she struggles, the more his desire is stimulated to conquer her. He tightens his grip on her to increase the pressure. He takes her body, and with his tongue, he forces her to open her mouth, wanting to occupy every part of her… .

"Han (%)… … uhh uhh (%)… … uhh uhh (%)… ." An Chuxia struggles, she wants to shout in pain, but Han Qilu doesn't want to give her the opportunity, making the kiss more intense… .

Being forced to hold her this way is such a pain! An Chuxia leans backwards, trying to avoid the ferocity of his kiss.

An Chuxia doesn't know her body is bowing backward. Nima, Han Qilu will just bully her to succumb, refusing to let go of her and her lips… .

Han Qilu, I curse your ancestors… but not this way.

An Chuxia sympathizes with his ancestors, but Jiang Yuan and Han Liuhai could've cut her off, and it would be a sin to take advantage of them.

"Focus!" Han Qilu says coldly.

An Chuxia's heart thought he was going to spare himself. She didn't think… .

"You… well… ." She begins to speak, but Han Qilu's lips bully hers.

An Chuxia's eyes start tearing. Young master, can you not be so ferocious? My waist is about to be cut off… .

But as her heart starts weeping, the unexpected happens.

Bang! The sound may be muffled, but it forces Han Qilu and An Chuxia to fall on the ground.

An Chuxia suddenly feels like Venus, what an idea!

And her lips, because they fell, are finally liberated.

"A week's worth of kisses isn't enough." Han Qilu presses up against An Chuxia's body. His hand reaches out to her ear while he stares at her swollen lips.

An Chuxia rolls her eyes. What is happening?

"Master, can you not be so fierce about it?" An Chuxia takes a deep breath.

She thinks, now that they've fallen, and her head is unclear, she clearly shouldn't have any of these thoughts! Nope, no, no!!!

CHAPTER 316 Offensive An Chuxia

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Not enough." Han Qilu could've stopped at those words and then kissed her lips… He had wanted to kiss her for a whole week, and make up.

The picture of them kissing, the more they kiss, the more they can't separate from each other.


In the evening, after school.

The class has just left, and only An Chuxia and Meng Xiaonan are left behind.

"How?" Meng Xiaonan asks.

"Everything is settled, they're just waiting for us." She winks with excitement at Meng Xiaonan.

"I say, laoda… tut tut, this time, your determination is ruthless. Basa Li's father will curse you out like a motherf*****." Meng Xiaonan is excited to see Basa Li cry and be filled with snot.

Wow, when she thinks about how cool it would look, not to mention witnessing it live.

"I'm not to be trifled with." An Chuxia calmly says the words.

She stands up and moves toward the door.

"Eh, laoda, where are you going?" Meng Xiaonan asks.

"Going to look at the school gate." An Chuxia answers without looking back.

As she gets to the school gate, she sees Han Qilu. She bites her lip, and walks over.

Sitting in the car, Han Qilu suspiciously watches her approach the car.

However, he still opens the door and comes out of the car.

An Chuxia stops a meter away from Han Qilu.

Suddenly, she is speechless.

Ever since, An Chuxia 's decisive resentment, she has become hypocritical. Good cynicism, really good.

"Something happened?" Han Qilu looks at her suspiciously.

His heart probably thought that she came to him purposefully.

"Ah, Basa Li… and I have something to talk about, so go back." An Chuxia looks up. As she says this, Han Qilu completely understands.

He nods, says nothing, and gets back into the car.

As he shuts the door, Han Qilu hesitates and looks at An Chuxia. He wants to say something. He opens his mouth, but finally, doesn't say anything.

The car slowly pulls away from An Chuxia. She breathes a sigh of relief.

She thought… .

Well,, as to why he left, she can't say anything about it.

Then go and do the right thing.

Well, Basa Li, you messed with me first, and you should know An Chuxia doesn't like being bullied!

The sun is setting and it is gradually getting dark. It belongs to An Chuxia, and the counterattack has started!

Basa Li walks out the hallway, and quietly through the corridor. Her heels click in response as she heads to the library.

Ah, she wasn't involved with Han Qilu in the past, but she's obviously not allowed to have him. She doesn't know his past, so here she is!

Yet, why is walking down the hallway makes it feels like a horror movie setting?

Basa Li suddenly feels the urge to escape, but resists it!

How can she escape?

For Han Qilu, she must fight!

When she arrives at the library, the door is closed. Basa Li looks at the tightly sealed entrance. Suddenly, a cold feeling washes over her, as if the door… holds something terrible.

But that won't stop her. She takes a deep breath. Click! She opens the library door… .

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