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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 307 The Same Level

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

He can clearly see An Chuxia despite the cafe's reflective window. He can also see Mo Xinwei.

"How?" Han Qilu stops and questions himself. He dared to protect Basa Li until An Chuxia's safety was compromised. Her eyes inadvertently fall on him. Cold. This isn't a good sign.

He quickly looks back at Basa Li and says, "Go to the classroom and don't follow me."

She looks at him sheepishly, fearing he would talk to her about last night. She bites her tongue, and reluctantly bows her head and walks toward the building. They're in the same class, and they'll eventually see each other.

"Huh?" Meng Xiaonan is surprised to see Chuxia sitting with Mo Xinwei. She knew since the day she started her classes, that An Chuxia and Mo Xinwei aren't on friendly terms. But what's going on? They're sitting together, peacefully.

Chuxia notes Meng Xiaonan's puzzled expression. An Chuxia waves at her and calls her to their table. "Starting today, these two are my comrades. Say hello."

They have been friends long enough to understand each other without explanation. Xiaonan pulls up a chair and sits next to An Chuxia. Then, she reaches out and grabs Mo Xinwei's hand and shakes it vigorously. "Nice meeting you, friend."

To say Mo Xinwei looked like she ate a dozen lumps of stool is putting it mildly. Her mouth twitches and throws away Meng Xiaonan's hand. An Chuxia says, "What, you don't want Meng Xiaonan around? Then I won't cooperate."

Mo Xinwei waves her hand and pats An Chuxia's shoulder. She smiles and says, "Don't be angry with me. I'm not afraid of this girl, but I'm worried she won't understand!"

Mo Xinwei's anger lessens, but she continues to stare coldly at Xiaonan. "I don't see why we should be called friends. We aren't in the same grade."

Mo Xinewei and Taoqiu look at each other and stand up to leave the cafe. Taoqiu leaves her phone number on the table. Now that they share a common enemy, their personal grudges need to be set aside.

"She may be a grade ahead of me but her mentality is the same as mine! What's with that attitude, really!" Meng Xiaonan sulks the moment Mo Xinwei leaves. An Chuxia puckers her lips.

An Chuxia remains noncommittal. She takes a sip of the coffee and realizes it tastes so much better than the instant coffee she drinks. It tastes completely different.

"Yes." She puts down the cup and asks Meng Xiaonan. "I had no time to ask you, how did yesterday's exam turn out? You were able to meet with Basa Li, right?"

Meng Xiaonan sits across from An Chuxia, and looks at her with triumph. "What would happen if I told you I've gotten to know her?"

"I'd say very good!" An Chuxia glows. "I can't wait to meet with you after school this evening! How about we meet at the library?"

CHAPTER 308. Keeping Han Qilu

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

TL Notes: 一日不见如隔三秋 (idiom)- one day apart seems like three years

Haagen Dazs- a brand of premium ice cream

Meng Xiaonan tilts her head, pensive. "With a bit of strategy, this won't be a problem."

Although her IQ is not as high as An Chuxia's, it's safe to say cleverness is of the practical nature! Of course, An Chuxia is just too lazy to use her brain; Meng Xiaonan wants to calculate everything so people won't walk sideways!

"That's good! Remember to take her to the library. I can't allow her to go back home! Being a bully isn't good; she'll eventually bully old ladies!"

"Laoda! Miss! Miss!" Meng Xiaonan pats An Chuxia's shoulder to calm her. Suddenly, she smacks her back with a heavy hand. "My God, laoda! You want to get rid of Basa Li not because you don't like her… you just want to keep young master Han, right?"

Puff!– An Chuxia isn't able to hold back the coffee in her mouth, spraying it all over Meng Xiaonan's face. [She deserved it!] – An Chuxia thinks.

The waitstaff who was just passing by stares at Meng Xiaonan's adorable face. An Chuxia's cough finally subsides. "Miss, can you please bring us some napkins?"

"Yes, yes!" Once she regains her composure, she runs quickly to the counter.

"Laoda, is this my welcome gift this morning?" Meng Xiaonan's expression looks pretty bad. She indiscriminately wipes her face while staring fiercely at An Chuxia. "Okay, I've got to put on some make-up. Otherwise, I'll be mistaken for a ghost."

An Chuxia shrugs helplessly. "What made you think I want to keep Han Qilu for myself? If there's someone who'd make me die laughing, it would be you."

The waitstaff finally comes back with the napkins. The two people glance up and stop quarreling.

After Meng Xiaonan fixes her face, she prepares to demand the spiritual cost of lost time when An Chuxia slaps her hand on the table. Fei Lixiya, who was stooped over the table, wakes up to the noise.

"Speaking of ghosts… you reminded me [of something]!" An Chuxia says triumphantly. "Let's eat lunch at noon. Let's go to class!"

Meng Xiaonan's innate business nature maximizes the moment. "This week, you have to take me to lunch and help me find a job. This is only week one! Everyday, you have to take me to Haagen-Dazs!"

An Chuxia is stunned after listening to Meng Xiaonan. She eyes her friend from head to toe for about a minute. Finally, she nods. Her contempt is no longer evident. "Okay, Han friend, a day apart seems like three years!"

Disregarding An Chuxia's precaution, Meng Xiaonan giggles."Our friendship has reached a new level. Our living conditions have improved. Small pudding is now replaced with Haagen Dazs!"

Earlier, Meng Xiaonan would extort a popsicle or pudding. Now it's leveled up to Haagen-Dazs. The rise is quite steep, but An Chuxia is now a safe deposit, and she should start to please her!

"How unlucky of me!" An Chuxia rolls her eyes. "Get up, we have to get to class."

The weather today is quite sunny. The scenery everywhere looks good. They leisurely stroll out of the cafe when Meng Xiaonan pulls An Chuxia's sleeve. Perplexed, An Chuxia looks up ahead.

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