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Sleeping Pills

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chuxia smiles unconsciously. She was about to say she’s okay and that she should go back to sleep when her eyes suddenly light up. “May I bother you to come over?”

The nurse opens the door and walks in. She stops about a meter away from her and bows. “What are your orders?”

“You’re a nurse, right?” An Chuxia blinks her eyes innocently.

The nurse nods respectfully and replies, “Yes, Miss Chuxia. You may look at my nursing license.”

“No, no!” An Chuxia raises her hand and waves. “Since you’re a nurse, it is your job to take care of your patient’s needs, right?”

The nurse looks at her strangely as she continues to talk. “So I want to ask you, do you have any drug that can induce amnesia? I, ah, don’t mean to lose all the memories. Just a particular person or… a word.”

An Chuxia looks at the nurse’s face, watching her expression unfold. The nurse’s mouth twitches. She smiles awkwardly before adjusting her expression. “Miss Chuxia, are you teasing me?”

“I’m not joking! I’m serious!” An Chuxia replies firmly. The nurse still stares at her like she’s an idiot. So, An Chuxia lowers her head and says, “Then give me a sleeping pill for my insomnia, please.”

A few minutes later, the nurse comes back with a sedative tea. As for sleeping pills, the nurse says, she won’t give it to her because she needs to eat before she can take them.

Fortunately, the sedative in the tea worked well, she fell asleep quickly; and without dreams.

The following day, she leaves for school, and with immense pressure from Lao Ling, in the Ling car. She didn’t finish the exams the day before, so she doesn’t know what the consequences are for the group. While she’s confident the class average would certainly win them first place, her heart is troubled. She, herself, and three other low scores, can pull the class average down.

Ling Hanyu announces he is going to buy a new manhua, and leaves her. It’s still early, and she doesn’t go directly to the classroom. Instead, she goes to the student cafe and sits down.

Of course, the coffee is free, as Fei Lixiya told her. She comes here every morning and drinks a cup of coffee before attending class.

There aren’t too many people in the cafe, sitting in twos and threes. Two girls are her classmates. They didn’t know she was missing. They greet her and continue with their conversation. They were talking about a new clothing store.

“An Chuxia!” Fei Lixiya calls out after seeing her sitting near a window at the corner of the cafe, looking melancholic. She sits across from An Chuxia, and asks with concern. “Last night… .”

“Hush!” An Chuxia’s right forefinger rests on Lixiya’s lips, making a motion to be silent. She lowers her voice, and says, “Listen, don’t say anything about last night. It might lead to more trouble.”

Fei Lixiya doesn’t understand why, but she agrees. It doesn’t matter if they don’t talk about last night. She has a thousand questions to ask An Chuxia, but she holds all of them back.

They both fall silent when two people walk into the cafe.


Cooperating with Mo Xinwei

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TL: The sun rose in the west- An Chuxia asks Mo Xinwei if she is making an academically false statement or is proposing a truce; something that’s unnatural between them.

The pair walking in are Mo Xinwei and Taoqiu. After they order their coffee, their sharp eyes zero in on An Chuxia. Mo Xinwei has a tacit agreement to meet with them.

“Long time, no see.” Contrary to their usual behavior, Taoqiu and Xinwei seem friendly. All of a sudden, four people sit on the table of two. The table is full. Students eye them curiously before looking away and nursing their drinks.

An Chuxia observes that Mo Xinwei’s passionate personality is calm. Once the waiter brings two lattes to their table, Mo Xinwei opens conversation, “Today, the sun rose in the west.”

An Chuxia’s mouth hooks into a smile. “The sun, of course, rose from the east, but based on the last time the two of us were together, I’d question why you’d want to come to a truce… .”

Mo Xinwei’s eyes light up. “Do you really want to reject my proposal before hearing it out?”

“That was before.” An Chuxia’s smile is still on her face, but her eyes are getting frigid. Like what Han Qilu’s would. Mo Xinwei’s eyes jump as she sees the similarities.

Taoqiu puts down the ceramic cup and interrupts. “May I ask why you won’t listen to our proposal when it will be mutually beneficial? The problem is Basa Li and she needs to be expelled. If we don’t retaliate, we’ll be screwed.”

Fei Lixiya doesn’t fully comprehend what they’re saying, but she takes out a piece of bread from the bag and starts chewing on it.

“I’m not interested. Nothing good will come out of it in the end.” An Chuxia says. “I won’t lie to you. Last night, I she trapped me, and I almost lost my life. I hate her, but, you know, I’m a good girl, and won’t retaliate.”

Fei Lixiya stops chewing. With slurred speech, she asks, “Last night, Basa Li was the one who locked you up?”

Taoqiu and Xinwei suddenly believe they’ll get her full cooperation.

“How would you like that?” Mo Xinwei lowers her chin, and sips her coffee. “Today’s coffee is quite sweet.”

“It is… .” An Chuxia says, looking far into the unknown. “Tit for tat.”

An Chuxia looks at the school buildings across from the cafe. She drops her gaze the moment she sees Basa Li and Han Qilu. He looks impatient. Basa Li waits for him as she steps out of the car. However, he just keeps walking past her.

Looking back, An Chuxia realizes he looks distracted.

“Laoda! Finally, I found you!” A loud voice attracts the attention of the people in the cafe. Han Qilu stops walking when he recognizes the voice. His gaze falls on to the cafe.

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