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ranslated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Chuxia realizes she’s been asleep. She raises her hand and rubs her eyes.

“An Chuxia, you’re awake? Are you alright? Do you feel uncomfortable?” Grandfather Ling asks. Ling Hanyu quickly runs to her side, concerned about her condition.

She opens her eyes wide, recognizing Grandfather Ling’s voice. She looks around the room and remembers she’s currently residing at the Ling’s. But last time she was in this room, it looked darker. Now, it’s turned into a pink princess room!?! How extreme!

She finally sees Ling Hanyu. She shakes her head, slightly embarrassed. “I’m not uncomfortable, but I… .”

She stops herself before finishing her sentence. Ling Hanyu wrinkles his brow, but still says, “Out with it. Don’t let me squeeze it out of you.”

He could’ve said it with more finesse, but she understood his intent. She bites her lip as she smiles. “I’m starving.”

The air around her suddenly solidifies. The only thing that can be heard is the gurgling of her stomach. Moments later, the old man laughs.

“Are you still sleepy? You’re ready to eat?” Ling Hanyu shakes his head, and tells the servants to prepare a meal. Luckily, he still thinks he owes her. He overestimated her!

She feels satisfied after eating several bowls of noodles. Hanyu says to her that grandfather wants her to rest, and no one should bother her. The only one allowed to be in her pink princess room is the nurse who should replace her saline drip.

The woman is stingy with her words. She sits not too far from her, but she remains motionless. Half an hour later, An Chuxia yawns, and looks at the nurse. “Does that… .”

At this point, the woman reacts by standing up and saying, “Miss Chuxia, there’s nothing I can do.”

An Chuxia bites her lower lip, embarrassed. Then she asks, “How did I get back to the Ling residence?” As soon as she utters the words, her heart beats rapidly. It is crazy to think Han would come over to see her. Wasn’t this what her father did?

“Of course it was young master Hanyu,” the nurse says, puzzled. “I’ve changed your saline. Now, I’ll help you get some rest.”

An Chuxia looks at the hanging bottle. Almost as soon as the nurse inserted the needle, the lights in the room merge. Suddenly, she is plunged into darkness and silence.

She rolls over to change her sleeping position. She is sore from sleeping too much. She can’t get back to sleep.

Finally, she turns on the bedside lamp, and finds her phone on the nightstand. She doesn’t know what possessed her, but she dialed Han Qilu’s number.

Sometimes, TV and film script is useful. For example… she doesn’t remember the drama but it said: some things cannot really be explained by science.

-At the Hans-

Despite being rich, he doesn’t bother changing his ringtone. After several beeps, he answers his phone.

“Hello?” He has just fallen asleep and the phone wakes him up. He doesn’t bother glancing to see who’s calling him. “Who is it?”


This Heart Beats for You

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Silence. For a moment, An Chuxia is rendered speechless. She doesn’t know what to say.

When he hears no response, he pulls his phone before him, frowning. On the screen, An Chuxia’s name illuminates. Her name, all of a sudden, makes his heart race erratically.

“I said… .“ An Chuxia moves her lips. She rolls over and says, “Han Qilu, I called to tell you something.”

He was irritated when the phone woke him up. Since then, his mood has lifted. Recently, he feels like he’s in a roller coaster ride. His mood changes suddenly in seconds.

“What happened?” He rolls over and turns on the bedside lamp. The darkness disperses, warming up the room.

“Remember when I asked you to be my butler? I decided… I didn’t say when.” Her voice is cold, but unconsciously, a tear slips from her cheek, and down to her pillow. Han Qilu didn’t want to talk about their relationship, he doesn’t want that.

“What do you mean?” Qilu asks, confused. “I don’t intend to retaliate in the event you make a mistake. I’m suitable to be your butler, right?”

She takes a deep breath, trying to sound calm. “Our time together is short, but for the short moment I’ve left you, I realized… I hate you!”

“Hate me?” Han Qilu laughs bitterly in anger. An Chuxia is really strange. But he’s heard the saying, If you hate a woman, or she feuds with you, it’s because she loves you.

“Yes!” she says, sitting up. “I would’ve died in that toilet if Ling Hanyu didn’t save me in that building. I would’ve died there!”

He stiffens, gripping his phone tightly. His eyes get cold. “Didn’t Hanyu tell you I left after I put you in the car?”’

Ling Hanyu said he didn’t like An Chuxia, so he thought it was safe for her to go to the Lings. Then maybe, it’s not that safe for her to be there at all.

“The nurse told me [who brought me here]. But what she says doesn’t matter. What’s important, Han Qilu, I found out your heart is harder than iron; colder than ice!” She bites her lower lip. One hand grips the phone, while the other grips the sheets.

A long silence prevails over the phone. She suspects he has hung up until he says hypnotically, “My heart is really harder than iron, colder than ice.”


The night is so quiet, one’s heartbeat can be heard. She’s confident she’s still alive, so strong, with rapid heartbeats. It’s proof she’s still alive.

An Chuxia lays in bed, tossing and turning, since she can’t sleep. She would like to be on her own… she’s done with this life. More than likely, Han Qilu should forget her statement…. .

“My heart softened just for you. It beats for you.”

“Ah!” she gasps loudly, making the nurse outside her door rush in. “Miss Chuxia, are you okay?”

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