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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 299 All You Can Think About Is…

We have reached 300 chapters! We are 67% done with the First Season. Thank you for joining us in this journey. I know it's long, but I hope you're still having fun, rooting for our heroes and heroines. There’s more to come, and without you, all, we wouldn't have made it this far.

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple and anks

Musings: Haha! You know things are complicated when Kuni is unsure how to address Chuxia in the presence of Qilu, and in Hanyu's absence.

She isn't embarrassed about her messy hair; it's not like it's dirty. The only thing unnerving is her frown.

"An Chuxia?" Han Qilu slowly approaches. The mood is quite complex. He doesn't know whether he should be happy or angry. After they left for school, An Chuxia acted strange and uneasy. He approaches her with unsteady steps, and yet, she doesn't open her eyes.

Kuni and his men dutifully line the corridor. Fei Lixiya had to "climb" to the fourth floor because she isn't particularly fond of exercising. Just as she was about to enter the toilet, Kuni stops her.

She eyes Kuni suspiciously and asks, "What happened? Did you find her?"

Kuni bows first before responding, "You shouldn't bother our mistress and young master Qilu." Oh, how strange is it to say that? Does that sound wrong?

Kuni doesn't dwell on his thoughts now that he doesn't have to watch out for Basa Li. Satisfied with his job, he sits on the steps. His primary goal in life is obeying the master's orders.


An Chuxia is dreaming.

She couldn't see clearly in the darkness, but she could still see beneath her feet. When she looks up, everything looks blurry, like a mirage.

She shouts, but no one answers. There are no echoes, not even a single voice. She begins to worry as she keeps moving forward. However, no matter where she walks, she isn't going anywhere. The scenery surrounding her gradually disappears.

But the air surrounding her suddenly becomes warm, like someone is clinging to her tightly.

An Chuxia quickly opens her eyes.

She was sure it was a dream. But why is a man holding her? Is she still in another dream? If this is really a dream, it would be amazing!

But… it doesn't seem like a dream! She feels body heat! Is it… .

"Ling Hanyu?" An Chuxia asks, not knowing what's going on. Since this person is crouched, and holding on to her tightly, she can't see his face at all, even his hairstyle!

But if logic dictates, Ling Hanyu should be waiting for her at the school gate. If he was waiting on her for quite a while, he probably came back into the school building to find her!

Then, she sees a policeman's hat as the door opens. She knew this hat belongs Ling Hanyu's men!

But once the name leaves her lips, the air around her turns cold. She feels the person holding on to her stiffen. Did she guess wrongly?

There shouldn't be a reason!

"An Chuxia, is Ling Hanyu all you think about?!" Han Qilu's voice is filled with fury, and it makes her ears ring. She gasps unconsciously.

Again, it's Han Qilu! Why did she use the word 'again'? She admits, every time she needs help, Han Qilu appears. Such pathetic observation!

"You're not going to talk?" Han Qilu pushes An Chuxia away and stands up unhappily.

CHAPTER 300 Son of a Bitch

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks and greenapple

"What's wrong with you? Ask me now… what did you say?" An Chuxia didn't know why he was holding her when she woke up. Then, the moment she wakes up, he's upset with her. What happened?

Han Qilu purses his lips until it becomes a line. An Chuxia suddenly becomes anxious, and can't ignore him, the sound of Han Qilu's voice.

"Is it true… you like Ling Hanyu?"

An Chuxia bursts loudly. "You like Ling Hanyu! Your whole family likes Ling Hanyu! No, your whole community likes Ling Hanyu!" Was he joking? Why does he think she likes Ling Hanyu? Where in her eyes does it show she likes him?

Suddenly reacting, Han Qilu says faintly, "Not the entire community, just my family."

"Are you saying you have a domineering family? Then you're a show-off! I don't have time to be quarreling with you here." It isn't clear why they have to quarrel when she wakes up. Now, she feels cold and hungry. She feels faint. But most importantly, hungry! Also, she has sat on the ground for far too long and her feet are completely numb. T-T

Han Qilu doesn't notice her pained expression. He takes a good look at her before balling his fist.

"Hey!" An Chuxia calls out to him to help her. Otherwise, she won't be able to stand up! First, she has no strength left in her. Second, her feet aren't working. It feels as if tiny daggers prick her feet the moment she takes a step.

"I don't respond to 'hey'." It's uncharacteristic for a gege to respond in such a manner. He kicks the door open and walks out of the restroom.

An Chuxia stays in place. Did Han Qilu throw her out after saving her? There's that word: "again".

Her stomach suddenly growls. She licks her lips and realizes her lips are parched and dry. In her heart, she wishes for him to come back. And yet, he doesn't appear. She gives up all hope that he will come back. So she summons her strength and says, "Son of a bitch!"

Afterwards, she puts her hands on the ground and starts moving forward.

Bang! An Chuxia falls to the ground again.

Nima, her feet are heavy! She can't move on her own! The sight before her gets blurry. And after she groans, she faints.

But before her death, her fainting spell, she swears, "King Baboon!"

"Young master Qilu." Kuni bows respectfully after calling after him. The young master sought him out!

Fei Lixiya, who had fallen asleep while sitting on the floor, wakes up at the sound of Kuni's voice. She can see the frost on Han Qilu's face when she gets up. She looks behind him, hoping to see An Chuxia. Alas, not a shadow of her appears.

Without scruples, she asks Han Qilu as he walks away. "Master Qilu, where is Chuxijie? You didn't find her? Why couldn't you?"

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