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CHAPTER 297 Han Qilu’s Pressing

Hello guys! This is anks. Our dear noona is a little busy so i’m uploading this chapter on her behalf. Enjoy!

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

TN: 少奶奶- Shàonǎinai – grandmother ; young master's wife; lady of the house

"A phone call?" Basa Li repeats to steward Han. "Dad's calling?" However, her father knows her cell phone number. Why would he call the living room?

Since Basa Li doesn't move, the steward repeats his question. "Miss Basa Li, the young master is on the phone. He said he's in a hurry. Please pick up the phone quickly."

After hearing steward Han, Basa Li's doubts dissipate. But she becomes suspicious again. Han Qilu won't call her on his own initiative. He didn't even care to know her phone number. What does he want?

An ominous premonition spreads in her heart. Steward Han stands at the door and reminds her, "Miss Basa Li, don't let the young master wait."

With a clenched jaw, Basa Li looks at the steward with contempt. "Don't you have any long-term memory? How many times have I told you to call me shaonainai? Best not forget next time. Be careful!"

After speaking her mind, she looks away from steward Han and walks out from her room, down to the living room. She takes the handset resting on the side of the base. She stretches out her hand, trembling. Despite trying her best not to panic, her voice betrays her.

"Hey…?" One hand clutches the phone, while the other plays with the phone cord.
A cold sound reverberates, the kind that ghosts from hell would emit. "Basa Li, I hope you can explain yourself."

The statement breaks the last of her defense. Han Qilu already knows. Biting down on her lower lip, her face contorts. A thousand years of hate, right?

No… she doesn't want Han Qilu to hate her. Absolutely not!

"I don't know what you're talking about." A tear tries to escape from her eyelid as she speaks. She won't let that tear fall for a long time.

A grim smile spreads on Han's face. The pair of eyes are like ice of a thousand years. People can't directly look at them, fearing they'd be permanently banished!

Ling Hanyu doesn't understand why Han Qilu didn't search for An Chuxia immediately. Instead, he calls someone on the phone. Then he realizes, her disappearance is related to "the foreigner".

Han Qilu walks back and forth, knowing Basa Li is a sitting duck who doesn't want to talk about this issue. This time, he asks directly, "Listen, woman. I'm giving you one last chance. Tell me where she is, and I won't hold you accountable. But if you refuse to tell me what happened, I'll let your father know what you did, okay?"

Silence falls, but Han Qilu can hear her gasping voice.

"Please give me time to speak."

Han Qilu whispers to her he's hanging up, and Basa Li screeches. He wrinkles his eyebrows in impatience. Half a minute later, Basa Li's cries recede. She confesses in a hoarse voice, "She's in the ladies bathroom on the fourth floor of the school building."

CHAPTER 298 Are You Inside?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

He doesn't listen to the rest of Basa Li's statement. As soon as he hears where An Chuxia is, he quickly hangs up the phone and runs toward the stairs. Ling Hanyu tries to catch up, but stops. His listening skills are quite acute, even when it comes to whispering. Thus, he heard Basa Li say An Chuxia is locked in the toilet on the fourth floor of the school building.

But Fei Lixiya said she couldn't be found. Did she not search the toilet? Impossible!

He turns to Lixiya and asks, "Didn't you say no one was in the school building? Didn't you search for An Chuxia in the girls' bathroom on the fourth floor?"

With his voice ramped up, Fei Lixiya feels intimidated. She swallows hard as she recalls. Then, she clasps her hands and says, "When I got to the door, it was locked. There was a "Maintenance" sign at the door."

"Damn!" Ling Hanyu kicks the gravel at his feet into the darkness. He wants to head upstairs, but he clearly sees what's in his heart. Han Qilu won't need him anymore to protect An Chuxia.

Despite this being the case, Hanyu sends Kuni and a few of his men upstairs. Not knowing what they might need, he also calls a few ambulances in case of an emergency. Like a lost soul, he walks to the flower bed and sits down.

Time is like a moment of rest.

Han Qilu runs up the stairs and stops in front of the girls' bathroom. There is a "Maintenance" sign on the doorway. He takes a look and kicks the sign. He doesn't want to know if Basa Li placed the sign herself.

"An Chuxia, An Chuxia! Are you there, An Chuxia?" The door is locked. He shouts loudly at the door, and he doesn't know if she heard him. In any case, he doesn't hear a peep from inside.

The lock on the door is string, and there isn't any tool to unlock it. After working hard on it, the door doesn't open. Finally, he steps back in preparation to use his body to ram the door. Kuni suddenly stops him.

"Young master Qilu, this is a very strong door. Back up. I'll open it." Kuni respectfully instructs him.

He knows that Hanyu's bodyguards are god-like. Unlocking it is quite difficult for mere humans, but naturally, it's just a trivial matter for them. He says nothing, and steps aside.

Once Kuni sees him move away, he pulls out a black leather bag with a black leather cloth from his waist. Several iron clips and pins lay on the cloth. Taking out two small shims of varying length, he starts to pick the lock. The other bodyguard positions a flashlight over Kuni and the lock. Within seconds, he hears a slight ping. The door opens.

Han Qilu opens the door wide. The light in the toilet is faint, shedding a dim goose yellow light. Through the lights, he sees An Chuxia slumped against the wall, with her eyes closed.

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