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Image courtesy of Tencent Video/Google image CHAPTER 295 The Emergence of Han Qilu

Hear ye, hear ye, the end is nigh for someone who has overstayed their welcome… .

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Ling Hanyu can't stop clenching his teeth. He lets out a heavy sigh from the bottom of his heart. Does he have to call Han Qilu after all? Despite not wanting to let him know, it would be selfish to want to find An Chuxia with his own strength. But now, it seems that with his capabilities, she can't be found.

"Don't worry, Master Hanyu. You see Lixiya has yet to return. She'll be here, just wait. Maybe Fei Lixiya has found her."

The thought comforts the exhausted-looking Ling Hanyu. However, in his heart, he feels that it's wrong to feel tired when something like this happens. How can he act like a love-struck girl?

He shakes his head to clear the mess in his head. Then he raises his right hand and snaps loudly. Immediately, a group of uniformed guards bearing firearms appear before him. Several of them have been planted for nearly a year at the college. It is a sight to behold. These are Ling Hanyu's private bodyguards.

Everyone knows, getting involved with these people isn't fun… .

"What are your orders, master?" Kuni, who takes the lead, bows his head and asks respectfully. They saw Ling Hanyu rush around like a headless fly, willing to sacrifice himself, to find someone in the college. However, as they are elite Ling soldiers, they heed their master's command. They won't allow him to sacrifice himself.

Ling Hanyu was just about to say something when a silhouette appears from the corner, not far away. Automatically, Kuni's group aims their weapon at the silhouette. Once the light shines on the face, he realizes it's the girl named Fei Lixiya.

He raises his hand to signal for Kuni and the group to drop their weapons. He then runs to her quickly. "Have you found An Chuxia?"

Upon hearing Ling Hanyu's question, Fei Lixiya's chubby face distorts as she shakes her head. A few crystal tears roll from her eyelids and onto her cheeks. They end up hitting the floor.

His panic gets worse and worse. Fei Lixiya was in charge of searching the teacher's building. After the pep talk the other girls gave, he put all his hope on her finding An Chuxia. Still, she didn't find her.

He can't help but yell, "Damn it! How could this have happened?!!!"

"What happened?" Han Qilu's voice suddenly comes from behind. At that moment, Ling Hanyu thinks he has imagined him in the room because of his mania. It wasn't until the girls light up upon seeing Han Qilu's face did he realize he's appeared.

He can't help but shudder.

Seeing Ling Hanyu's reaction, Han Qilu realizes something is wrong. From the moment steward Han drove him and Basa Li from the school gate, his eyes have been twitchy. He thought it was from lack of sleep. So he quickly finished his dinner and returned to his room to sleep.

But then, he woke up feeling strange; as if something important has been forgotten. He just can't remember what it is.

CHAPTER 296 Basa Li Was Found Out

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

This strange feeling has been haunting him, so he goes online to play a game. But the feeling isn't quelled. Then, the strange feeling turns to uneasiness. He turns off the computer, and takes his coat as he heads to Atlantis. He consumes a glass of wine, not enough to get drunk, but he has faint feelings for An Chuxia.

In the end, he gets into the car and heads for the Lings. However, old man Ling said both Hanyu and Chuxia haven't returned from school. The uneasiness sets in again. He immediately drives to Stein without regard for the red lights.

It is a sight to see Ling Hanyu swear badly. Under normal circumstances, Hanyu is the kind of person who rarely looks up from his comics, and occasionally talks to people. One would never see him rage without reason. This only proves whatever happened has to be related to An Chuxia.

"An Chuxia?" Han Qilu takes a few steps before grabbing Ling Hanyu's shoulder.

Ling Hanyu looks deeply at Han Qilu. He knows this is the time to rely on him. Although he feels uncomfortable, he really can't find An Chuxia, and he must rely on Qilu to find her. He can't explain why, but Qilu must find her.

"She's gone." Hanyu gnashes his teeth as he said the words.

"What?!" Han Qilu's eyes widen, and his face turns complex. Worry, shock, irritability, and confusion show. Suddenly, scenes in his head start popping.

Basa Li didn't engage him when they were together. It seemed like she was watching carefully from time to time. Also, when Jiang Yuan was talking about how An Chuxia didn't come for dinner, Basa Li, who was holding a dish, trembled, and dropped her chopsticks on the floor. He didn't think about it then, chastising himself for overthinking. Now it seems… .

It can't be wrong to guess that An Chuxia's disappearance has to do with Basa Li!

"I didn't find her earlier. I went to look for her in her classroom and her classmates haven't seen her since the end of the first language test this afternoon," Ling Hanyu explains while he takes his mobile out. He looks at Han Qilu and asks, "Just call the police station. I'll mobilize all the people who can search for missing people. Or get a gang… ."

"No use." Han Qilu has calmed down. He waves his hand, rejecting Hanyu's proposal. Then he takes out his cell phone from his pocket and calls the phone in the Han's living room.

Basa Li is pacing and fidgeting in her room. She starts hyperventilating, She has locked Chuxia in the toilet. She doesn't know if An Chuxia has come out. If she comes out, she can't say she's locked her inside. If this happens, Han Qilu won't let this go.

Damn, how can she be so impulsive?

Suddenly, she hears a knock on the door. Basa Li changes her mood and forces herself to answer the door calmly. It is steward Han standing by the door. He bows reverently before saying, "Miss Basa Li, you have a call in the living room."

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