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CHAPTER 291 Lost An Chuxia

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Eyes fall on the innermost window in the toilet. An Chuxia stands up quickly and pats her hips in front of the window. The window is open, and the sunny scenery outside is endless.

But now isn't the time to enjoy the scenery. She takes a sigh of relief and looks out of the window. This looks silly. She forgot she's in the fourth floor toilet. If she jumps out of the window, she can make it to the exam; it would be excessive… But is it worth it?

As she gathers her thoughts, she hears a bell ringing from the outside. There's no doubt the exams have begun… .

Must! Not! Mind! She curls her lips; it's nothing but an exam. There are many opportunities to prove one's self, and a life can't be traded for an exam.

With this justification, her mind is calmer. She walks around in the toilet, hoping someone will find her before school ends. Someone should find her. At least… Ling Hanyu would come looking for her if she doesn't return to the Lings. As for Han Qilu… he will manage (without her)!

She becomes irritable, and starts waving off Han Qilu's shadow in her head. An Chuxia sits back down at the corner. She closes her eyes, and quickly falls asleep.

Time passes from seconds to minutes. The huge wall clock hung upstairs keeps oscillating. The world seems to be at peace, despite the darkness.

The students taking the exams find it strange that An Chuxia has disappeared during the test, but no one goes looking for her. They thought she left in a hurry since she's someone who wouldn't leave a test. The examiner didn't ask about her whereabouts either. He glanced at her empty seat and said nothing.

The news of her disappearance spreads so fast. Almost everyone knows An Chuxia has a close relationship with the Hans. Even the examiner knows not to offend An Chuxia. So for her to be missing, it's best to pretend she's invisible. After all, calling attention (to her disappearance) might cause trouble.

There are multiple opportunities for everyone to find her, but no one does. No one even mentions her.

Soon, the school bell rings. After three exams in an afternoon, everyone is tired and exhausted. The teacher leaves after instructing everyone to go home and rest.

Everyone starts tidying up and picking up their school bags before rushing out of the classroom.

Fei Lixiya is the first to realize An Chuxia is gone. After putting the books under the table, and pulling out the following day's textbooks, she rests. She pulls out a piece of bread from under the table and starts snacking. When she was done, she, a girl reading manhua, and three other girls in class responsible for cleaning, are left behind.

She lazily lifts her arms over her head when she realizes something is amiss. She looks to her right and looks at the empty seat.

Then, she recalls a scene moments ago… .

Just as the test bell rang, the students take out their scribbling pads and test papers and head out of the classroom. Still, something felt wrong… .

CHAPTER 292. Lost An Chuxia (Part II)

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TL: manhua= manhua= comics

“Right!” Fei Lixiya suddenly shouted.

The girl reading the manhua didn't realize school has ended, and is spooked with Lixiya's outburst. She looks at Lixiya and frowns. "Lixiya, what are you talking about? What happened to our classmates?"

Lixiya helplessly sighs as she wipes down the podium. "Put the comics down, jie. The school bell rang ten minutes ago. Are you waiting for dinner?"

The girl reading her comics puts her comic book down, coming out of her dream-like stupor. Then she remembers hearing Lixiya shouting. She tilts her head and asks, "Thank you so much for waking me up, but what did you just say?"

The bag containing Fei Lixiya's bread falls on to the floor. As she is about to speak, the girl sweeping the floor shouted, "Hey! We just swept the floor. Would you be more mindful, miss?"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Lixiya repeatedly apologizes as she stoops over to pick up the bag. Then, she turns and asks, "Did you see An Chuxia? I don't recall seeing her come back to class."

Miss Manhua pushes her black frames without lenses and contemplates. After hearing the sweeper, she says, "Now that you asked, I think it's weird."

"Weird?" The other person sweeping the classroom asks, pausing to look at manhua girl.

Manhua girl's eyes become blurry, like she is reminiscing. Then, she slowly says, "I arranged to have my test taken in the same room with An Chuximei. I sat behind her in the first language exam. She said later on she was going out for a bit, but she didn't return to the examination room. I thought she'd be here."

"What did you say?" Lixiya stares agog at manhua girl. "What are you talking about?"

Since the examination can be taken in different rooms, Fei Lixiya didn't take the exams in the same room An Chuxia sat in. Naturally, she didn't know An Xia has been missing since the end of the first exam of the afternoon.

Manhua girl nods her head in affirmation. "At that time, the proctor asked who sat in her seat. When he heard it was Chuximei, he didn't ask again. Should he? What happened? We should find out."

If someone else disappeared from the exams, Lixiya wouldn't be surprised. However, she wouldn't believe An Chuxia would. But girl didn't need to humor her.

The room falls into silence. Then, a knock in the front of the classroom wakes them up. As they turn and look, they see a dull girl standing at the doorway, holding some writing implements in her hand, and a book from the exam. The girl asks, "Is this An Chuxia's class?"

Fei Lixiya quickly nods and asks, "Yes, this is her class. What happened to her?"

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