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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by lhie

T/N: Just to clarify, in Chinese, calling someone a pig doesn't mean they're dirty. It means the person is stupid… Although in reality, pigs are rather smart. ;))

Disclaimer: Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me, its contents and characters, are the property of Jin Xia Mo. This is a work of fiction. This is an amateur translation of the novel. Please support this site by reading translations from this page.

Trigger Warning: some violence (slapping, forceful kissing, punching, name-calling, cursing) portrayed in the story. Consider this your warning.

CHAPTER 28 Don't Know the Time

An Chuxia feels drowsy but her mind is still very clear.

That is… .

“There’s a circle, and that’s a lap. I’ll finish.” She says it as a little whisper because she was so tired. She can almost feel her legs shivering involuntarily.

Although An Chuxia says the words softly, Han Qilu hears it all. He wonders what she ate growing up to make her stubborn to this abnormal level.

It is obvious she is about to collapse but she still tries to bravely finish. Does not she feel distressed for herself?

In Han Qilu's eyes, An Chuxia thinks her footsteps are gaining momentum towards the end. In reality, her running speed is closer to walking.

“Hey!” Han Qilu calls out. Despite being too proud to reveal their relations, he won't turn his back to the woman in front of him. Especially An Chuxia … . He did not know what he should think or feel about her. He knows he is annoyed at An Chuxia, and even hates her. But her expression leaves him utterly confused.

But at this moment, he only wants her to stop.

His heart convinces him to take a few steps ahead of her, call her attention and force her to see him.

“An Chuxia, I don't care who made you run but I am here now. I said you do not have to run.” He yanks on her elbow to make her look at him. His tone, stiff. He is embarrassed and cannot say the words with confidence.

An Chuxia squints her eyes and looks ahead of her. The double shadow slowly morphs into only one person. In front of her is someone she absolutely didn't want to see – Han Qilu.

Her stubbornness emerges. She moves her lips and coldly says, “Thank you for your kindness. I have a lap to finish. Please do not bother me."

How is she still going? Don't you hate her? She doesn't even know the difference between mercy and strength!

“Do you have to be so stubborn? Don't you know what time it is?” He suddenly loses control of his temper. His anger immediately flares.

She should be grateful for his arrival. Instead, he's greeted with this bad expression? Is she a pig?

“Yes, I don't know the time, but please don't talk to me about it until I complete my task.” She breaks away from his grasp and attempts to run away.

She doesn't need anyone’s kindness and charity!

Watching An Chuxia's stubborn back, Han Qilu lets out a big sigh to quell his anger.

I can't be angry. This time, he absolutely can't be angry with her! In order to… for his cards to not be frozen!

He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. As he opens his eyes, his anger completely disappears. He jogs a little bit to catch up with An Chuxia.

“An Chuxia.” He takes the trouble to call her first name.

“I said do not stop me, you hypocrite!” She exhausts her last effort to shout at Han Qilu.

Hypocrite? Han Qilu a freezes for a moment. He abruptly stops her and grabs her jaw as he steps closer.

“Must you must finish it?” Han Qilu sounded so dull that An Chuxia cannot understand anything but his literal meaning. Her pursed mouth finally closed, she nods a little Her head feels heavy.

Despite her face being covered in sweat, he still finds her beautiful. He helplessly sighs, “Can you tell me the reason why you must finish? Do not misunderstand, I do not want to laugh at your purpose, but … mother is waiting for me to take you back for lunch. You know, looking for you wasted a lot of my time."

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