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Chapter 27
CHAPTER 27 Do Not Run, Go With We


An Chuxia runs in silence on the playground.

“How is it you’re running so slowly?” Mo Xinwei impatiently yells.

Ying Taoqiu touches her hungry stomach before whispering to Mo Xinwei, “Dajie, we’ve been standing for so long, aren’t you hungry or thirsty?”

(Dajie- eldest sister)

Mo Xinwei raises the bottled water to her mouth. “Thirsty? I have water. Hot? I have an umbrella shielding me from the heat. Tired… I am not a particularly delicate person who can’t stand for a while. As for hungry… looking at an embarrassed An Chuxia can satisfy my hungry for 10 days!”

“God… .” Ying Taoqiu’s demeanor

sours. She finally finds out what is called selfish food.

Their tactics against An Chuxia must change. Otherwise, it will be she who would starve to death.

“Run quickly!” Mo Xinwei shouts proudly.

Taoqiu suddenly taps Mo Xinwei’s shoulder. “Missy… Xinwei…”

“What is it?! I said I am not hungry!” Mo Xinwei impatiently states. She didn’t even look up from her periphery.

Suddenly a pair of big hands grabs her on her shoulders. She impatiently turns and says, “What!”

She turns around to see Han Qilu’s cold and angry face. Her heart drops. Looking at Ying Taoqiu, she sees Xiao Mingluo grabbing her collar. The other girls with Mo Xinwei leave.



“What is it?” Han Qilu cocks his neck and grabs Mo Xinwei by the collar. “I said, why is she running?”

“She? She refers to whom?” Mo Xinwei pretends not to know. If she admits that she framed An Chuxia and causing her to run, she will not even know how to die.

Clenching his teeth, Han Qilu’s eyes get even colder. “I’ll give you one last chance to make it clear. That’s how we are ending this matter!”

Mo Xinwei bites her lower lip; she is afraid to speak.

Because the Department of Shoelaces was left in the back, Hanyu arrives at this time to see An Chuxia running.

Chuxia running. He is stunned momentarily. Then, he approaches Han Qilu.

“Qilu, now is not the time to interrogate. Look at An Chuxia. It’s for certain she’s been running for a long time. Stop her. Otherwise she’ll go into dehydration and die.”

“Oh, I’m going to get An Chuxia. Here … .” He glances at Ying Taoqiu, who did not dare utter a little voice, and continues, “She’ll be our collateral!”

Han Qilu looks coldly at Mo Xinwei before running toward An Chuxia.

Ling Hanyu smiles as he takes away Mo Xinwei’s microphone. “Miss, don’t you think you owe us an explanation? Saying nothing will only lead to suffering.”

He laughs, looking suffering.”

He laughs, looking harmless. But the implied tone states otherwise.

Mo Xinwei grunts coldly, focusing her attention to An Chuxia. She does do not intend to pay attention to Ling Hanyu.

Han Qilu catches up to An Chuxia, carelessly running.  He reads her lips, “This is the last lap, An Chuxia, you will be able to … .”

“An Chuxia!!!” Han Qilu shouts in vain. He quickly runs to her before forcing her to stop. “Do not run. Come with me!”

Is this an illusion? Are there two Han Qilu shadows?

“How are you? Did you hear what I said?” Damn! How the fk did you fk this up in the end?!


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