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Zhang Jiong Min image courtesy of Pinterest CHAPTER 265 Do You… Have a Problem?

Translated by nightcache

Edited and translated by anks and greenapple

TN: * God isn't blind

"Take a look! Classmates, do you know what kind of flower this is?" Meng Xiaonan's expression is enigmatic. After receiving a 'rose' bouquet and exclaiming such, she raises the corners of her mouth and complacently exclaims, "Do you know, I brought this back from the outskirts, under the light of a 'Ziyun temple.' Even though this may look like normal roses, in fact, ah,… ."

"In fact, what?" the onlooking classmates impatiently asks as she keeps them in suspense.

Meng Xiaonan's smile intensifies. "In fact, these are immortal flowers that can bless us in our nation exam… the fairy of the immortals! My mom specifically begged for this. Last exam, I did very well, and will absolutely pass! However, there are too many flowers, and I don't know where to put them. The class teacher asked me to trow them out. Do you agree it's a waste to throw out these immortal flowers?"

"Of course!" Someone replies. "Gift me one, I want to see if it's really that magical."

"Gift me one too!"

"I also want, I also want!"

"Classmate, gift me one too!"

Meng Xiaonan's eyes roll. "My mom had to work hard to come by this bunch of flowers. How can I possibly just gift them to you all, who feels there is a bit… ."

"Then I will buy it! How much for one?" Someone immediately replies.

Xiao Mingluo, who is standing not far from the crowd, feels as though he has been struck by lightning. He idiotically stands still, soundlessly opening and closing his mouth. This girl… how can she be more formidable than An Chuxia?

In a fugue, he didn't hear how much Meng Xiaonan made, only observing these students reaching into their pockets. Within a few minutes, the large bouquet of roses sold out.

With all the flowers gone, those who weren't able to buy the flowers consider themselves unlucky. Xiaonan promises that the next time her mother goes to the temple to beg for flowers, she'll bring them some, albeit at a higher price. They are willing to buy and then leave.

Her original pitiful expression changes. After the crowd leaves, her personality changes, and she beams joyfully. Like a miser, she quickly reaches into her pocket pulls out a large red stack of money, and starts counting the bills one by one. At the same time, she contemptuously says, "These brainless wealthy suckers believes in everything I say. They'll pay whatever price I'd ask. If I've known that earlier, I would've offered each for a thousand! A ha, ha, ha, no matter what, if God has eyes*, he knows I've made a small fortune… ."

A shadow befalls her, and so, she seductively raises her head to say, "I've sold out of flowers, but you're welcome to try next time." Instead, she bumps into Xiao Mingluo's pair of deathly alluring peach blossom eyes.

She feels dizzy for a moment, but she quickly recovers. She silently pockets the money she was counting. She purposely examines his lapel before asking, "You… have a problem?"

He raises his eyebrows and smiles at Meng Xiaonan. "Shouldn't you be saying that the flowers came from me? Now that you've profited, shouldn't you share half of the profits with me?"

Her heart thumps. Meng Xiaonan has already given her respects to Xiao Mingluo's eighteenth ancestor. As the proverb goes, the richer the person, the stingier they are. This proverb is definitely true.

CHAPTER 266 Flower Girl

Translated by nightcache

Edited and translated by anks and greenapple

TN: * original text translates to day/sun but this fits the context better though.

Meng Xiaonan forces a smile under Xiao Mingluo's fiery stare. She bites down hard on her lower lip as she procures her hard-earned money, dividing it in half before shutting her eyes tightly as she hand half of it to him.

A light suddenly flashes in his eyes, Xiao Mingluo unceremoniously collects the money and puts it inside his front coat pocket. He looks at Meng Xiaonan satisfyingly. "Girl, I didn't realize you have business acumen. Next time, if I am short of money, I would consider working with you again."

Meng Xiaonan offers a hollow laugh. "You overpraise… ."

Joking aside, Xiao Mingluo suddenly remembers something important. Patting her on the back, he says, "An Chuxia, that girl wants me to send you home, but I have to stay for the examination. To say this simply, I can't test worse than that bastard, Hanyu. So, you must stay here, wait, and don't run around. I will call one of my subordinates to drive you home. Just tell them your address. I'm leaving."

Her smile remains plastered on her face. She replies with indifference, "Since this is the case, I will be blunt. You (formal) take care, I pray your results will surpass that bastard's."

He nods in satisfaction before leaving. He doesn't witness Meng Xiaonan spitting on the spot upon where he stood. After he has walked away, she finally curses. "What kind of a person are you? Why should this old woman share half of her hard-earned money? This is inhuman, you f**ker!"

However… a smile replaces her anger! It is fortunate that her unparalleled cunning ability to scam gullible students is only witnessed by Xiao Mingluo. So, she is fortunate!

Her hand reaches into her other pocket and fishes out another set of folded bills. Luckily, her eyes are fast, and her hands are swift enough to stash away several notes in her other pocket. Otherwise, she would've definitely been in a deficit!

While she's patting herself on the back on how sharp she is, a black limousine suddenly parks in front of her. A middle-aged man exits the car; this person must be Xiao Mingluo's subordinate.

Sure enough, this person spots Meng Xiaonan, and then respectfully approaches her, asking, "Excuse me, may I ask if you are the florist lady that our young master asked me to pick up?"

Florist…lady? My god*! Meng Xiaonan's face immediately becomes ashen. Nevertheless, feeling helpless, she cannot say she is not and decline this free of charge limousine ride.

Clenching her teeth, she exposes a smile, more unsightly than crying, before answering, "I am, I will inconvenience you to send me home… ."

The car expediently drives out through the Stein Royal College's main gate. Coincidentally, the bell rings at this time, commencing the start of the second exam….

An hour later, An Chuxia rubs her tired eyes, wanting to just blank out for a moment. But just then, the class teacher comes in to explain the doubts regarding the 'Countryside-wide Adventure' exercise.

Regarding the Countryside-wide Adventure, An Chuxia's brain completely wakes up from her sluggishness. She straightens herself before leaning towards her seat-mate, Fei Lixiya, and whispering, "Countryside-wide adventure exercise should be very exciting, right?"

Who knew Fei Lixiya would immediately display an expression of extreme dread, and An Chuxia could clearly see meticulous beads of sweat on her forehead.

That expression of horror is the same as seeing a Sadako.

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