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Chapter 26
CHAPTER 26 He’s Worried About An Chuxia?


“How?” Han Qilu comes out of the canteen, cold. Hanyu and Xiao Mingluo both look dejected.

“Still can’t find An Chuxia.”

“Damn!” Han Qilu curses softly. “That damn woman is going to die in the end!”

Han Qilu calls his mother and asks her if An Chuxia came home at noon to eat. When she said no, they continued their search. They search through the entire teaching building and political building. They also searched the library, avenue, leisure area, and even boys and girls dormitories. But they still couldn’t find An Chuxia.

This time Han Qilu is starting to regret the harsh

words he said to her. He wishes she did not take his words too hard….

Ling Hanyu’s drooped head suddenly lifts. His eyes fill with fear. ”Han Qilu, An Chuxia wouldn’t be… .”

“Wouldn’t what?” Xiao Mingluo asks nervously as Ling Hanyu stares back at Han Qilu.

“Wouldn’t be captured by a UFO?” Xiao Mingluo’s pupils suddenly tighten. Ling Hanyu smiles and explains, “You certainly don’t understand UFOs? Aliens may have abducted her… .”

Xiao Mingluo kicks him. “Dumbass.”

“You two bastards! This is not a time to make jokes! If something happens to An Chuxia, I… .”

Ling Hanyu and Xiao Mingluo ask in unison. ”What are you?”

Han Qilu

Qilu takes a deep breath and very calmly says, “My mother will certainly freeze my credit cards. Then I’ll be broke. If I am broke, I won’t be able to afford an umbrella.”

The two boys look at him in confusion, Apparently, he’s only worried about himself.

Ling Hanyu smacks Han Qilu on the chest. He says in jest, “If you don’t have money to purchase an umbrella, I’ll buy you one!”

“Umbrella … .” Han Qilu’s thoughts are suddenly pulled far away.

  – at the playground! Not the playground … the library.

Ying Taoqiu’s voice suddenly drifts in his mind: the umbrella, the playground, the library… The people who

people who do not need to eat would have time to go to the library. But she still took so many umbrellas, which means he’s losing something in the middle.

His nerves suddenly tighten. He quickly spits out, “How dumb am I?! Go to the playground!”

They have almost been all over the school but they did not go to the playground… Because he feels An Chuxia will never go to the playground at this time.

Han Qilu suddenly tenses up along the way. Ling Hanyu and Xiao Mingluo run through the corridors. People look at them strangely and hesitantly; like they are doing something suspicious.

They quickly follow Han quickly follow Han Qilu to the playground.

An Chuxia, ah, An Chuxia, you can not do anything, ah … … Han Qilu’s mind is constantly thinking. If she’s in an accident, he wouldn’t know how to live without his bank card. But that is a small thing. Mainly… mainly, because… what is the main reason? He didn’t know.

“Han Qilu, admit it, she is not the same girl!” Xiao Mingluo says while he runs beside Han Qilu.

“Shut up!” He says coldly.

“Wait for me!” Ling Hanyu yells as he runs. “My shoelaces are untied!”

“I’m not waiting for you!!” Xiao Mingluo glances back before picking up the pace.

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