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Chapter 24
CHAPTER 24 Suspicious Han Qilu


Hearing Ying Taoqiu’s praise, Xiao Mingluo looks happy.  Tapping her on the shoulder, he says, “That’s promising! This is what you see.”

Ling Hanyu reluctantly shakes his head. “Mingluo, are you fucking right in the head? Did you not see that Han Qilu’s in a bad mood?”

Xiao Mingluo drops the smile on his face and seriously asks Ying Taoqiu. “Have you seen An Chuxia? Han Qilu’s looked everywhere for her she’s nowhere to be found.”

Horror fills Ying Taoqiu’s eyes. All she can think of is, “We’re finished!”…. Umbrella. They should not know she came to

get the umbrellas!

Seeing her expression, Xiao Mingluo laughs again. “What’s with that ghostly face again? All I asked is if you’ve seen An Chuxia.”

She’s backed into a corner.  If they find out she and Mo Xinwei made An Chuxia run penalty laps, they’re dead.  They won’t think they’re nice.  Determined not to let them find out, she blinks her eyes, pretending she has no recollection of seeing An Chuxia.

“Did you check the cafeteria? You might find her there.”

Ling Hanyu frowns and says, “Yes, we did.”

A few people passing didn’t ask why there are umbrellas on the stairs. She

She nods at their silent understanding. Ying Taoqiu is greatly relieved, patting her chest.

Han Qilu takes a few steps and turns around. Ying Taoqiu immediately pretends to be relaxed.

“Why do you have so many umbrellas?” He understands carrying a pair, but today, Ying Taoqiu seems strange. However, he doesn’t know why.

It takes much of her self-control not to blurt out “Don’t go to the playground.”  Suddenly, she blurts, “I don’t think she’s at the playground. Go to the library… right, the library!”

“Ah!” Mingluo cries out before catching up with Hanyu and Qilu.

Once Han Qilu is completely gone, Ying Taoqiu

Ying Taoqiu suddenly realizes she is paralyzed on the steps. Looking at the scattered umbrellas, she sighs in relief. “Of all times, why did I have to run into them?”

Shaken, she takes her mobile out of her pocket and presses the answer key. “Hey?”

“You’re dead! What’s f**king taking you forever to bring the umbrellas? A century has passed and you’re still not here. Are you promoting the snail spirit?”

“No, just ran into a small accident when I was headed your way.” She realizes Mo Xinwei isn’t listening any longer. She’s since hung up the phone. She wasn’t able to her that to her that Han Qilu is out looking for An Chuxia.

She didn’t want to call her back. Besides, wouldn’t she just be scolded?

She quickly picks up the umbrellas and runs toward the playground.

A few minutes later, there is a funny scene at the playground. On one side, a large group of sweating people running along the playground. The other side is filled with a variety of colored umbrellas.  Optimistic about the people running, onlookers are expecting something big.

“I cannot believe they accompanied her to run.” Mo Xinwei lifts her feet toward them while looking at the running team with discontent.

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