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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 229 Engagement

It’s starting to get exciting in the Han mansion. Grab your popcorn and enjoy this week’s posts!

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by greenapple

Beat around the bush (idiom)- To delay or avoid talking about something difficult or unpleasant.

A scream emerges from the front door. Jiang Yuan's smiling face suddenly turns dour the moment she sees An Chuxia's pale face. She quickly rushes to Chuxia's side.

"An Chuxia baby, what's wrong? Why are you vomiting?" Suddenly, Jiang Yuan's face stiffens. "Should we be… rejoicing?"

Can her black line be full? A frustrated An Chuxia shakes her head. She takes the towel steward Han gives to her so she can wipe her mouth. She takes a drink of water before taking a deep breath of air. She vomited because she is nauseated. She is nauseated because Han Qilu is disgusting… for actually bedding Lila.

She has always thought Han Qilu is someone who won't casually sleep with anyone. She didn't want to think too much about it. How can he kiss her so passionately and so often when his lips have kissed Lila? The image is too overwhelming for her.

"Do you still feel sick?" Jiang Yuan frowns. She turns to steward Han and says, "What are you doing? Go call Dr. Jiang and figure out why she's sick. Are you sure you're not pregnant?"

She would've been laughed, however, this moment was no laughing matter. She says, "Don't worry. I think I've just been in the car too long and got a little motion sickness. Steward Han, may I bother you to bring me a glass of orange juice?"

Steward Han bows and fetches her a glass of orange juice. Color starts returning to Chuxia's face. She takes a deep breath and silently tells herself, from now on, stay far away from Han Qilu, far, far away from him. After all, he's a devil… .


Han Qilu doesn't come home for dinner. An unspeakable expression paints Jiang Yuan's face. An Chuxia stuffs an orange slice in her mouth before looking at Jiang Yuan. She reluctantly says, "Mama, just say what you want to say, as directly as you can. I'm not really used to this."

A dry laugh escapes her lips before she turns her face toward An Chuxia. She carefully says, "I heard from steward Han that you bumped into the bastard by the World Trade building with the daughter of one of our guests."

Chuxia shrugs before saying, "I'm not worried about it. I didn't mind."

Upon hearing her response, Jiang Yuan's expression becomes unsightly. She moves her lips as her eyes quickly glance at her. "That, the fact… right! You saw this morning's paper, right?"

She nods slightly before replying in a soft voice. "I saw it, mama. Since it's just us, I'd rather want you not to beat around the bush."

Buddha has made a very important decision. Jiang Yuan snaps her teeth. "What I want to say is… The girl you met, inexplicably, is betrothed to Qilu."

"What?" She didn't think of this possibility, nor did she expect Jiang Yuan to drop this bomb. As soon as she recovered from shock, she asks herself, has freedom arrived? She should feel elated, but why does her chest feel so empty?

Jiang Yuan lets out a sound, tears flow from her eyes. "Han is a bastard. When Qilu was young, a shi*ty engagement was set between them. Now that they have a project together, they started talking about this strange nuptials. What's there to say… what should I do?"

CHAPTER 230 Old Man Ling's Arrival

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by greenapple

She looks down slowly. With a shadow cast on her eyes, she says slowly, "Ma, I'll move out."

An anguished cry escapes from Jiang Yuan's lips when she hears An Chuxia's decision. "Are you out of your mind? Why would you move out? I'm telling you now, if you move out… I'll move out, too!"

She concluded two things after Jiang Yuan made her statement. One, the girl is going to live in the Han mansion; that's a given fact. The other? The girl's arrival can't stop Jiang Yuan from doing what she wants.

Despite Jiang Yuan's excitable personality, she is rather rational when it comes to the Han Group's reputation. Is it because of this she can't prevent this union? Even if she wanted to stop it, Han Liuhai won't allow her to interfere. At this point, all Chuxia can do is empathize.

Trying to hide her emotions, she says, "With me gone, nothing will change in the Han Group. But without you… there won't be a Han home, Ma."

The poignant words made Jiang Yuan cry hard. She rushes into Chuxia's arms. An Chuxia cradles Jiang Yuan's head. She is like her mother. She savored the moment, knowing later, it will bring her dismay.

"Ma, I'm going to pack." She wants to leave tonight. It makes no sense to stay any longer.

"No, don't! Xiao Xia, it doesn't matter if you live here because Basa Li's family has seen the morning paper. They said Basa Li will stay here for a few days. If they develop feelings for each other, does that mean Qilu doesn't like you? She will leave. Believe in Ma, okay?"

Indeed, Basa Li will meet a lot of enemies on this narrow road. This is a fact. But it's also true she wants to leave the Hans. Even if it was her intent, Basa Li has now become her reason. She really doesn't like this situation!

"Madame, Lao Ling has arrived!" Steward Han comes in from the hall. "What's going on?" He doesn't know why what's going on that Jiang Yuan has burst into tears.

Picking up a facial tissue, Jiang Yuan wipes the tears on her face. "Why is he here?"

"Do you mean Mrs. Han does not welcome this old man?" Old Man Ling's voice booms in the hallway. Behind him is Ling Hanyu, reading his comic book.

"Why are you here?" Jiang Yuan recovers quickly and paints a smile on her once-crying face. "I'm not aware why Lao Ling is visiting us so urgently."

"Oh yeah!" An Chuxia replies. "Ma, may I stay at Ling Hanyu's place for the time being? I actually met Basa Li earlier today, and to be honest, I really don't like her. I won't be able to live with her under the same roof. Once she's gone, I'd be back, not a minute too late."



Two different voices call out at the same time. One from Jiang Yuan, the other from Ling Duyeh. Although Jiang Yuan doesn't know what's happening, all she hears is An Chuxia moving into Ling Hanyu's residence and willingly live there.

Standing in place, Jiang Yuan certainly doesn't want An Chuxia to live at the Ling's. Why should her baby, her future daughter-in-law, sleep elsewhere?

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