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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 227 Receive Gifts

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Translated by newbienoona

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She's on her third tea when she hears the tea shop's door bell ring. Ding Ning appears at the entrance.

"Over here," An Chuxia beckons. Ding Ning immediately makes his way towards An Chuxia. She can see the fine sweat on his forehead. He seems to have rushed here as quickly as he could. An Chuxia's eyes looks at him before flashing a smile. "Assistant Ding, you're too polite. There is no need for you to provide me with presents."

Ding Ning sits across from her. He sets in front of her large and small gifts. Steward Han steps forward and retrieves the packages before retreating to his spot.

He looks around before asking, "Miss, were you just out shopping?"

Her mouth raises slowly into an unfathomable smile, giving him a chill. "Assistant Ding, you're speaking to me in person. You don't have to make small talk. I prefer getting straight to the point. Don't you?"

A hint of embarrassment tints Ding Ning's face, but he recovers quickly. He looks at steward Han, then back to her. "The butler."

Before Ding Ning's arrival, steward Han gave her a crash course about their business. It is no accident he's in the downtown area. His company wants to buy a piece of land large enough to build a 4S shopping center. However, that piece of land is owned by the Han Group, and they plan to build an amusement park in the same area.

The problem arose when the Han's name was mentioned. They hoped to win favor when they offered Han Qilu the sports car. However, the situation didn't develop the way they wanted; Han Qilu didn't favor them, not to mention, the situation with Lila.

Since he noticed Han Qilu favoring An Chuxia, he thought she might be his best option. In fact, if they have any foreign relations issues, they deal directly with Han Liuhai by presenting him with presents. He usually reciprocates with favor. Ding Ning fears, this time, the Hans will refuse.

But steward Han said Han Liuhai will listen to Volkswagen as long regardless of whether they present her with gifts. It would rather be pleasant unless she ends up teasing them!

"In fact, I came to ask if you've heard anything about that piece of land?" He sees the butler retreat. Then he looks at An Chuxia, pleading.

She nods slightly, looking distressed. "This piece of land… I found out it has been in discussion for development in the last couple of months. It's rather important." She has never been comfortable coming up with lies.

Ding Ning's face shows urgency as he stares at her. "Miss, our boss ordered me to obtain this piece of land, no matter what. Would you be able to help us face President Han by putting in a good word for us? We don't know where the communication broke down, but we dare not cross the president."

"Assistant Ding, do outsiders clean up after you? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid Bofu would openly refuse you? I'll help you look into this matter, but I suggest you talk to him directly as soon as possible. I think he will be happy to sell that piece of land to you."

CHAPTER 228 Goodbye

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by greenapple

TL notes:

gaoci (告辞)- to say good-bye or to take one's leave

rihou (日后)- sometime or someday

"Oh," Assistant Ding says, stunned. "I don't know what to make of your statement. Do you really think President Han is willing to sell to outsiders?"

"Don't worry," she replies as she sips her tea as she stares at Assistant Ding. His eyes are distant. "This is a question you shouldn't ask me. You ought to know what's going on, right? Disposing of a Lamborghini can only do so much. It's only in good taste if you're able to take advantage of the situation."

Ding Ning smiles at An Chuxia as he takes a business card from his breast pocket. He hand it to her. "What do you want me to do with this business card?"

"I appreciate your perception. Indeed, we can do it. However, I just want to show that we are willing to compete, and we are determined to make the purchase. This is my business card. I mean… if I can be of service to you, please don't hesitate to call me."

A light flashes in Ding Ning's eyes. He finishes his drink before getting up. "The milk tea in this shop is good."

She can't help but cover her mouth while laughing. "Assistant Ding, you've not had this tea before?"

He raises his finger and points at his own heart. "I feel it here… I bid you goodbye. It's been a pleasure to meet with you. I hope we see each other again."

She stands up and forces a smile, despite being stilted. "Well, good-bye, Assistant Ding."

"We'll definitely meet again." Ding Ning looks at her deeply before taking his leave. Once she sees him out of her sight, she squarely sits on her behind, panting heavily. Talking to the foreigner in Chinese is exhausting!

How good is this guy's Chinese? "Gaoci", "rihou". His words were good enough to convey what he wants! She had no choice but to let him speak.

Steward Han enters the tea shop and approaches An Chuxia. In his arms are the gifts. He asks tentatively, "Madame, do you want to take these presents home or do you want me to discard them?"

"Discard?" An Chuxia stands up. "How can you just throw it away? Look at the packages. Whatever is inside has to be expensive. We shouldn't let it go to waste. That's why… Steward Han, please return these and give the money to me."

Steward Han bows and replies, "Yes, madame. Shall we head back?"

She nods and walks out of the milk tea shop. She stares at the still-warm cup in her hand and throws it in the trash can on the side of the street. Then, she sits in the car.

Hey, I slept with Master Han Qilu. Somehow, Lila's words reverberate in her head as they head back to the mansion. A sudden burst of pain radiates through her chest. She clutches her chest. Her face fills with sadness. As soon as the car stops, she exits the car quickly and vomits on the side of the driveway.

Steward Han looks at her with a pained expression. He asks a servant for a tissue and to get a cup of hot water to be brought to her. He says worriedly, "Madame, what's wrong? It's my fault. I drove the car too quickly… ."



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