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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 219 Child, I Suggest You Reduce Your Fever

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I just want to say we didn’t miss chapters or events. Apparently, what happened to Hanyu and Mingluo should’ve been clearly stated in the previous chapter. However, the author decided to leave the tidbit out until the beginning of the chapter. Trust me, I was confused, too.

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

"Come," Ling Hanyu instructs, and a dozen men wearing police uniform appear. They help untie Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu. Once the rope is untied, Xiao Mingluo's wrist is seized as he attempts to leave.

He knew Ling Hanyu was going to stop him! He's emotions are amped up to 300%, and knows Ling Hanyu is interested in An Chuxia!

This is why he should gamble! Between Qilu and Hanyu, who'll eventually be the one holding on to An Chuxia? Despite the great occasion, the reality of it all is quite difficult. Regardless of the outcome, one will end up disheartened.

Mingluo raises his head and glances at Hanyu. "Boy, stop staring at this handsome specimen and ask me your question."

He makes a fist and punches Xiao Mingluo. He avoids getting hit, and instead, grips Hanyu's fist in his palm. "Are you angry?"

Ling Hanyu hangs his head. His voice, hoarse. "What did Qilu mean… Chuxia means more to him now than that person?" The air chills as he asks the question.

Mingluo's clear eyes stare back at Ling Hanyu. He pauses for a moment before shrugging off the thought. "If this isn't what he means, then, what is it? I suggest you go burn some incense at the temple. Ask Buddha for guidance!"

"Burn incense my butt!" Ling Hanyu attempts to kick Mingluo. "You don't need to see me out."

Xiao Mingluo's smile disappears as he thinks back at the way he read Hanyu's eyes. "Kiddo, listen to me. To chase girls, being inflexible is out of the question."

Hanyu is surprised to hear Mingluo's remark. Calmness is restored. "What do you mean by pursuing girls? I prefer them on mu comics."

Xiao Mingluo wrinkles his eyebrows before shrugging his shoulders. He shoves his hands in his pockets. Brat! How can he think he can be boyfriend material the way he is? What a joke.

A serious looking Kun Ni stands next to Xiao Mingluo. "Young master, your grandfather asked me to pass a message on to you. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he won't be able to head over to the Han's residence this morning."

"Han?" Ling Hanyu's brow knits. Damn! He completely forgot about dumping An Chuxia in the streets. What she didn't know is after he left her, he parked the car and watched her safely get into Atlantis before leaving. Hanyu leans over to Kun Ni."Continue."

"Your grandfather decided for you to accompany him to the Han's this evening."

In a haze, Hanyu surveys the dark wall. "Nonsense! How can you not persuade him from going? Is this a joke?"

Ling Hanyu completely loses his cherubic look when he reads his manhua. Instead, he looks like a demon rising from hell. His whole body seems to radiate a dark aura.

Nodding respectfully, Kun Ni continues. "Your grandfather asked me to inform you to act at your discretion. However, if you don't follow his instructions, he will take advantage of the situation… ."

CHAPTER 220 Don't Cry For Me

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

Ling Hanyu clenches his teeth before turning around and landing a heavy punch on Kun Ni's nose. The punch was so hard, his nose started bleeding immediately. However, Kun Ni still remains professional. He doesn't express a trace of pain or resentment. It is a Ling principle to give supreme respect to the master.

Even when the leader orders them to sacrifice their lives, they won't hesitate to die.

"Get the hell out!" As they hear the instruction, the group of police fall back into the shadows immediately, disappearing as if they never existed.

The phone rings.

[If I injure myself from falling, don't cry for me. I'm not hurt. You should be happy since it's better in your world].

He shoves the device back in his pocket. He suddenly remembers the blue dragon singing, "Don't cry for me." He doesn't look at the screen before pressing the hang-up button. However, the caller seems to be persistent. Three seconds pass before he hits the hang-up button again.

[Do not disturb the lonely, let me define what's in my chest… ]

"Hello?" This is the third time the number has called. He finally presses the answer key. The number is unknown. He wanted to block it completely, but while he was looking at the number flashing on the screen, he accidentally pressed the answer key rather than the shutdown key.

"Laoda, why are you hanging up on me? Are you busy?" An Chuxia's voice broadcasts over the phone.

Ling Hanyu is startled the moment he hears her voice. Then, he immediately carries his feet slowly out of the darkroom. "What's wrong? You interrupted me while watching my anime."

Chuxia sprays out her tea at his response. "You hung up on me so you can watch your anime? Anyway, I called to ask… ."

"My grandfather will be visiting the Hans tonight and I am going with him." He assumes that's what she was going to ask, so he responds before the words come out of her mouth.

Meng Xiaonan stares and listens intently as An Chuxia speaks to her employer. Her boss looks so cross over the phone! There are only three people that make her turn this sharp: her mother's death, the school principal, and her.

It seems like the fourth person is her boss' boss! A light glimmers in Xiaonan's eyes as she inches her head closer to Chuxia's. What she doesn't know is that Ling Hanyu is only the fifth… .

An Chuxia attempts to calm down without kneeling while she is on the phone. "Laoda, you have to stop your grandfather from coming to the mansion. Otherwise, I wouldn't know how to die!"

"It will be alright. I'm hanging up first." His voice is cold over the phone. She thinks it's because she offended him by mentioning his grandfather. Maybe she should just stop talking about him!

She tries to stop him from hanging up. "Wait, wait! I haven't finished reading your comic book. I've set it aside but haven't picked it back up."

There is nothing but silence, so An Chuxia laughs and says, "Actually, what I wanted to say is… it's not a big deal… ."

"I have your card and I've put money in it." He didn't tell her he was seeing her later that day. He interrupts her just so she won't say a thing.

Stupefied for a moment, she recovers and smiles. "Oh! That's really good. Since you said I should be respectful, I might as well be obedient, too!"

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