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Chapter 218
Do You Like An Chuxia

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

The surrounding temperature suddenly drops. Ling Hanyu and Xiao Mingluo look at each other before asking in chorus, “How could we have possible mentioned the taboo?”

Qilu turns around to cool off. Taking advantage of the light in the dark room, he stares at his friends. His eyes are devoid of mercy. “I’m asking one last time, you didn’t?”

Both know neither one of them can deceive Han Qilu. As Mingluo looks at Hanyu, he loudly professes, “No! Even if you kill me, I haven’t! Because… Because I didn’t say anything! If we say

we didn’t tell her anything, we didn’t!”

A bloodthirsty smile spreads across his lips. His eyes catch a glint of the light. His gaze falls on Ling Hanyu. “Hanyu, you’ll never lie to me.” Qilu implies that he’ll be dead if he’s being deceived.

Feeling the pressure of Xiao Mingluo’s eyes on him, Hanyu raises his chin and says, “I haven’t told her anything.”

Han Qilu’s ruthless smile deepens. His eyes travel back to a desperate Xiao Mingluo. “Told you we said nothing.”

Clenching his teeth, Mingluo lifts his chin and flashes Qilu a pitiful smile. “Why are you forcing us to confess to something we didn’t

didn’t do?” He swears under his breath if he lives to see the end of the day, he will turn the evil creature, Hanyu, into chopped liver!

After pursing his lips for quite a while, Han Qilu says with a depressed voice, “Why mention her? What happened between her and me seemed so long ago. If it weren’t for An Chuxia, I would’ve almost forgotten Mankuai’s existence.”

Someone is acutely aware this is his last chance. If he doesn’t hold on tightly, this might as well be his hell! His mind suddenly drifts between two lenses: a black and a white variable. Both inscriptions beckon him,

beckon him, “Welcome to hell… .”

Shaking off the fearful lens filters, he pretends to appear unaffected. “Before that girl starts liking you, firmly push her away. Tell her not to hold much hope. The bigger the expectation, the bigger the disappointment. After all, ‘that taboo’ is the only thing in your heart. I may be fickle, but I’d never hurt anyone as pure as that girl. Would you?”

He sneers as he walks in front of Xiao Mingluo. He looks down on him since he’s sitting on the ground. He says nothing for a few moments before moving his lips and saying casually, “Are you saying “Are you saying you like An Chuxia?”

The once unemotional Ling Hanyu suddenly has an inexplicable expression. He turns around to look at Xiao Mingluo, waiting for his reply.

“My preferences has always been very serious. An Chuxia’s figure is… not one I seek!” He smiles. “Your response is kind of strange. Has An Chuxia become your person?”

“Shut up!” Han Qilu fiercely stares at Xiao Mingluo before taking a few steps back and looking away. “If An Chuxia apologizes to me, I’ll forgive both of you. Otherwise, the consequences are dire.”

As Qilu turns and leaves, Xiao Mingluo’s expression turns complex while Ling Hanyu spreads a villainous smile.

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