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Chapter 217

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

“What’s this?” Meng Xiaonan leans over and whispers into An Chuxia’s ear. “I see what you mean about making a ‘long story short’. We can’t concern ourselves with this now. Haven’t we suffered enough?”

An Chuxia glares, but Xiaonan continues talking. “Rest assured, this matter will be alright. Thirty-seventy.”

“Yeah, right! Thirty you.” An Chuxia kicks her on her rear. Xiaonan jumps to avoid her foot. She sticks her tongue out when Chuxia missed. Calmly, she lowers her voice. “I get seventy. Haven’t we agreed?”

An Chuxia holds her breath. She doesn’t want to impulsively strangle her friend. “Is this really hard for you to understand?

Fifty-fifty. No more discussion.”

Chuxia covers her mouth as she smiles. “Fifty-five.” Every time Xiaonan bargains, she’ll change the midpoint. Then she and Xiaonan negotiate. But that leaves steward Han really confused. Fifty-five? Sixty-four? What is it?

 Once the girls reach a milk tea shop, they decide to sit by the window. One curls one of her legs on the seat while the other sits virtuously on the chair. Both seem to be tired. As steward Han excuses himself to use the facilities, Chuxia glares at Meng Xiaonan. “Don’t you think you’ve gone too far? Steward Han gave you over two-hundred thousand! What’s worse is you put money as a priority and that

that doesn’t sit well with me.”

Xiaonan’s eyes narrow carefully. “Isn’t it convenient?… Don’t you want to run away?”

Despite her contemptuous stare, An Chuxia says, “You really know me. I need to pay Qilu’s aging mother enough money for tuition and board, but I also need money to rent a house… So, my life has a main goal, and that’s money!”

Meng Xiaonan happily leans over and whispers,”In fact, your fiance is good, ah! He’s a standard, gold-plated handsome man! If you don’t like him, then share him with me!”

“Even you, ah!” She reluctantly smiles. “I won’t be able to explain it to you in a day or two what that assh*le has

assh*le has done, but regardless of how many days he gives me to apologize to him, I told him I hate him.”

Suddenly, she remembers him say, “We don’t hate each other. At least, I don’t hate you now.” She can’t help but feel her cheeks flush. Xiaonan sees her friend’s traitorous reaction and smiles. “Xiao laoda, you should be nicer to that assh*le… Whatever! What assh*le? You shouldn’t be… .”

“Shut up!” She stares at Xiaonan coldly. “It’s impossible!”

“It’s only impossible if you say it’s impossible! Why should you react so harshly? Let me remind you, ah, it’s not like the tuition at Stein is not expensive. It’s like, two million! To these million! To these rich people, this isn’t much but for me… it’s not right! My aging mother now says I’m the daughter from a wealthy family. Ha!”

Surprised, An Chuxia immediately reacts. “Yeah, ah! Daughter of a wealthy family, it is good you remember me! My money saved you first. Now that we’re talking about money, I have to think of other matters… Like Ling Hanyu!”

She pulls her mobile from her pocket and starts searching for Ling Hanyu’s number in her address book. She presses the dial key… .

On the other side of the town, Ling Hanyu and Xiao Mingluo are summoned by Han Qilu downtown at the B District Black Street… .

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