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Chapter 212
CHAPTER 212 Take The Initiative to Undress Yourself

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

Steward Han tries to reassure An Chuxia with a smile. “Young madame, don’t be afraid. They’re our people. Do you know what they’re doing? Something we can’t look at quickly.”

“Yes!” The group of well-trained bodyguards forms two lines. In their hands are guns. Although they look at her respectfully, she can see in the dim light their eyes have seen the blood. Han’s people treat their master with respect. They’ll never overstep their boundaries. However, they won’t have any leniency

for their master’s foes.

A number of bodyguards leave, while a handful stay next to her. She can’t give up. Looking at the steward, she says, “They’ve gone in, and I’m not in any danger. I want to go in and take a look.”

“No, madame!” Steward Han immediately runs to her side, leaving the bodyguards by the entrance. He trails behind her as she walks down the alley.

The alley is narrow, but long, limiting the light pouring in. The bodyguard behind her takes out a flashlight and illuminates the path before them. The ground

ground is wet, and as they walk, the scent of blood gets stronger.

As they go in deeper, a couple of flashlights point their way.

“Who’s there?!” Someone shouts out loud.

“It’s us!” Steward Han shouts in reply. An Chuxia snatches the flashlight from the bodyguard and takes several steps forward. Steward Han follows her, fearing she’ll hurt herself.

She hightails to the end of the alley. Finally, she realizes why the scent of blood is thick. Four beggars lie on the ground, each bearing a gunshot wound to his head. More than likely, silencers were used. Otherwise,

used. Otherwise, she would’ve heard the sound, right?

“Don’t, don’t come… .” An Chuxia follows the voice. In the damp corner, she sees Lila, shivering. It looks like the beggars tore her clothes. She can see the wound Han Qilu inflicted on her forehead.

“Miss Xia?” A puzzled bodyguard looks at her. Did she ask him… to take off his clothes?

Trying to suppress the urge to vomit **, An Chuxia clumsily undresses the bodyguard. His buttons are secured too tightly! At the end, she wipes her hands on her pants. “Undress yourself!”

The bodyguard automatically looks at the calm at the calm steward. Steward Han realizes her intent. He raises his hand, and orders with dignity, “Do what the lady tells you to do.”

What can he do? The bodyguard bites the bullet and takes off his coat. He hands it to An Chuxia and watches her take his coat to the corner where a girl is huddled. He awkwardly puts his hands down. It seems like he was over-thinking her intentions at that time.

She drapes the coat over Lila’s shoulders. An Chuxia says to her softly, “Lila, you’ll be alright. Just relax. You’ll be fine.”

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