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Chapter 210
The Young Woman Follows Me

Translated by newbienoona

Edited, and proofread by anks

“Ah… .” Lila tries to hug his neck. This is her first time after all. But there was no gentleness, no kisses on the lips… and when she wakes up, there is no one on the pillow beside her.

 His scent still lingers in the air. She greedily inhales what’s left of him. As she sits up, she suppresses a moan from the soreness between her legs. A red stain on the white sheet reminds her that last night’s event wasn’t a dream.

 The corners of her mouth unconsciously lift. Although she shyly offered her body

last night, the incident still lingers in her memory. He was strong and demanding. But not once did he press his icy lips on hers.

 Despite his frosty disposition, her skin became hot under his lips. She slowly walks out of the bed to take a bath when she accidentally discovers an ointment left out for her. He was rough with her last night. Shaking her head, she smiles.

 Silently, she tells herself she will meet him warmly. However, reality was cruel. A month passes and he hasn’t returned.

Finally, he reappears, not on impulse, but with displeasure. A piece of her feels slightly guilty for being exacting.

exacting. He helps her find a modeling job and a more permanent residence. After that, he avoids her.

She works hard to become famous. She graces the cover of various magazines. Finally, all those moments she has pictured him in her head will become a reality. She has been ranked as one of the best and more well-known car models. She would like to be honored by being Han’s partner. But during her rise to the top, she has bedded all kinds of men. None of them can replicate what she felt with Qilu.

Once again, they meet. This time, she sees An Chuxia, a girl so pure

so pure and innocent. Like a porcelain doll. And she hates her.

“Hey, are you encroaching our area to steal our business?” A coarse voice yells at her. Lila jumps as she is yanked back into reality. A migraine emerges slowly. A few dirty beggars slowly move toward her. Her eyes become dull as she finds the strength to move despite her exhaustion. A beggar pulls her slender wrist. “Look, this face looks pretty… .”

“Let me go!” She says with disgust. She is now reduced to the point of being a beggar’s victim. “Go away!”

Some of the beggars leer. Obscene laughter spreads. Dirty hands paw Lila everywhere. “She Lila everywhere. “She has a good figure, gege. Should we take her away, ah?”

“Ha ha, little beauty, be a darling and follow us… .”

Panic-stricken, Lila yells, “No!!! Help! Help! Let me go, you disgusting people!”

As Lila pleads pedestrians to help her, they just glance her way. No one would find the time to be a beggar’s hero. Lila desperately breaks away. Her tears flow like a strand of pearls breaking from a necklace.

As she struggles, the tallest beggar simply picks her up from her midsection. “Young lady, we will make you leave your body gracefully… .”

Having said that, the other beggars laugh as they kidnap her.

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