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Chapter 206
Improve Your Relationship

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

The door closes with a heavy thud. An Chuxia laughs, but it’s filled with regret. She knows she went too far with her words, but she can’t help it. She has to protect herself. She didn’t want to have a relationship with someone so powerful. She just wants to live in… peace.

If she didn’t push Han Qilu, she’ll worry she’ll fall for him and forget he forced her into their relationship. That’s it! She really wants to see Han Qilu in a good light. But then… she remembers how he looked this morning when she glanced at the newspaper he tossed on her round sofa.

“Ma, don’t worry. I won’t forget your

original intent. I will be admitted to a good university and be an outstanding student… .” She clenches her fist. Her eyes are filled with affirmation. From now on, she’ll concentrate all her efforts in reaching university! She must change from the former frightened girl back to the tyrannical wolf girl!

The phone she has long forgotten suddenly lights on the table. Then it rings.

She presses the answer key and Meng Meng howls like a wolf over the phone. “Laoda, what is wrong with you? I tried calling you all morning and you weren’t responding. Something come up unexpectedly?”

“You have been?” She raises an eyebrow. She suddenly wants to try and forget this morning’s events, and thinks Meng Meng can

can help her return to normalcy. “I forgot my phone. What’s up?”

Hearing the indifference in An Chuxia’s voice, Meng Xiaonan shouts loudly on the phone, “Laoda, are you really letting that fool, Tang Kayi, get to you? She says rich husbands don’t like poor friends.”

Meng Xiaonan’s booming voice motivates An Chuxia to move. Her eyes jump while logging into QQ to play a farming game. She smiles as her left hand clutches on the phone to respond. “You know I won’t dare forget you, ah! I’m just curious, I pity you with the phone bill since it’s going to be expensive. Are you made of gold now that you’ve called me out of the blue? You usually call me and

me and immediately hang up for me to call you back. What’s wrong? Do you have any issues with your father?”

An Chuxia hears the maid come in bearing food. Refusing, she says, “May I trouble you to take the fruit tray away?”

“Yes, young mistress,” the maid responds, taking a few steps back with the tray.

Meng Xiaonan continues conversing. “He’s good to me because that young seductress won’t have children. The fox is also good to me because she said she’s always wanted a child but never got the opportunity.”

An Chuxia takes the mouse and clicks on a vegetable to harvest in her game. The look in her eyes turn complex. “Did your father divorce your mother?”

“It’s been a while since they’ve while since they’ve divorced,” Meng Xiaonan says, acting unaffected. “My mother didn’t tell me intentionally because she was afraid I’ll be sad. The thing is, I knew about it and everyday, I’m getting better at accepting it. But now, my current situation has gotten better. So, let’s window-shop this afternoon! Bring that charming husband of yours if it’s convenient! Let me improve my relationship with him.”

She, unconsciously, sucks in some air. “Yeah, right! I told him… Our relationship is an expedient measure. To make a long story short, there’s no alternative but to take advantage of our simple situation!”

“Wow!” Meng Xiaonan exclaims. “You’re still forced? Laoda, do you know how many people in A City want to marry your husband?”

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