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Chapter 202
Does He Care?

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

He raises his eyes and looks at her profoundly. “Lamborghini Reventon… If I were to hedge a bet, are you the Volkswagen Group’s president? Today isn’t so special that you, the president, should be over to help us?”

His complexion changes after she says such words after an initial meeting. She is a peculiar girl for knowing the car by name. He hides his surprise in his heart. He nods toward her. “We are ready to make a deal with Han. Please do not pay attention to the Lamborghini. I am Ding Ning, the assistant to the

president of Volkswagen Group. What kind of gifts would you want us to send over to your house, little madame?”

The corner of his mouth tilts upwards. Ding Ning’s manner changes from disdain to respect, then awe. “As far as you’re concerned, assistant Ding, no gifts are needed.”

As soon as An Chuxia rejects Ding Ning’s offer, Lila’s face turned stormy. She was about to attack, but Ding Ning holds her back. He puts his foot down. Lila mocks, “Little madame? You really are funny… .”

“Lila!” Ding Ning frowns at the growling Lila. He turns and apologizes to Chuxia. “She’s not sensible. I hope you are

are more understanding, little madame.”

At this time, she won’t be amenable. Humorous? As her mouth hooks, she reveals a ghost-like smile. She raises her hand and delivers a slap on Lila’s face. “Your superior has spoken, subordinate. How could you not be respectful? Do you need me to teach you better manners?”

Ding Ning isn’t surprised with An Chuxia’s behavior. He can tell from her smile she shares similarities with Han Qilu. She may look ordinary but she is full of charm. Under scrutiny, her facial features are standard and compact. Despite having naked lips, she can actually produce the most primitive**… .

“You dare hit me?”

hit me?” Lila screeches, her face, burning and swollen. Her hand is unexpectedly heavy!

An Chuxia sighs. The script is so clichéd. It’s usually the bad person who gets such lines. It’s evil to the point of being extreme, but when Lila prepared to counter-attack… .

The sound of breaks catches their attention. Han Qilu suddenly appears, stopping right in front of them. He realizes something isn’t quite right. With thin lips, he asks, “What happened?”

Lila looks at him. Her clutched hands loosen immediately, her tears spew like a fountain. She takes a few steps toward Han Qilu, crying out loudly, “Young master Qilu, that woman, she hit woman, she hit me! Obviously, I didn’t do anything, but she reaches out and slaps me in the face. It hurts… .”

He looks down on Lila, he shows indifference and puts distance between them. His eyes look straight to Chuxia. His voice is stiff. “What’s the matter?”

She doesn’t want to admit she hit the witch, but she thinks it would be bitchy for her to ask why he should care. Hell, right before getting into the car, he stated that “both of us are mutually repugnant”.

Her heart swells joyously. Does Han Qilu care a little bit about her? She must give their relationship a chance!

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