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Chapter 201
By Looking Down Upon

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

He likes the car just by the looks of it. Despite his family being loaded, how can he justify taking such an expensive car home?

He doesn’t wait to answer his own question. Lila, the showroom model, flashes him a coquettish smile. “The Volkswagen Group president asked me to give this gift to you, young master. Your fiancée shouldn’t know about this, okay?”

Lila flashes An Chuxia a smile through clenched teeth despite not speaking to her.

Han Qilu glances slightly at Lila. She loosens her grip from him after making a “please”

gesture. He walks past An Chuxia and gets into the vehicle.

The sports car flies out in an instant, and Lila paces. Standing next to Chuxia, she says, “My name is Lila.”

The self-introduction is both pointless and boring! All the emotions are behind her eyes. She glances at her by turning her head slightly. She is almost as tall as Qilu. “An Chuxia.”

Her response sounded like it came from script. Shouldn’t she’s make fun of her by showing warm feelings while meeting her cold rebuke? She can tell from a glace she used to be Han Qilu’s woman, that beast.

beast. But… doesn’t this beast also love Mankuai deeply? So… what about this woman? Does he come over just to play with her?

She’s repulsed at the very thought. He may make her heart race, but isn’t he shameful?

The look of disdain in Chuxia’s eyes makes Lila angry. Not even her beautiful makeup can hide it. Despite her displeasure, the fox spreads her glossy lips and intentionally stands next to An Chuxia, elbow to elbow.

Lila says with a distinct voice, “Han Qilu saved me when I was surrounded by a bunch of hoodlums… ah! Yes! Do you know the Milestone Hotel presidential suite?

Hotel presidential suite? I lived there for a month, thanks to the young master. I am successful today because of him.”

Raising her eyebrow a bit, An Chuxia says with a faint smile, “Hmm.” The perfunctory hum is all she can do so what she says won’t be misconstrued as jealousy. After all, she has nothing to say to her.

An Chuxia’s indifference frustrates Lila. She suddenly raises her voice as she squints at her. “Young master Qilu is mine!”

“Lila!” A man’s voice booms. An Chuxia recalls the voice belonging to the man who pulled the black cloth from the car. As he approaches, As he approaches, she realizes he’s not a nobody.

“I am sorry our model is causing you trouble.” He approaches An Chuxia and apologizes.

Although his words seem sincere, his tone and expression are devoid of apology. This man also fears Lila and thinks it would be advantageous to him if she was with Qilu. Does he think she is gullible?

What a joke!

She narrows her look at them. She knows they look down on her just because she didn’t change out of her clothes. Who would think highly of someone whose hair is a mess and is wearing such a monotonous one-piece dress?

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