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Joining us in the middle? No worries..

Unlike the first 100 chapters, the second hundred takes place in 4 days. Yes, 4 days. And you thought there was a lot of drama already. Here's a refresher.


– Han Qilu accompanies An Chuxia and An Chenchuan to the bookstore since neither of them know where it is. That's when they realize the bookstore is a property of the Hans.

– As soon as they get there, the manager informs Qilu Mo Xinwei is using the VIP area that's reserved for the Hans and their guests. While Qilu tries to take care of the matter, Chuxia and Chenchuan roam the bookstore. Mo Xinwei gets upset when she gets tossed. She sees Kang Wen and tells him that if he wants to extract revenge on Qilu, he should take care of Chuxia since she is Qilu's girlfriend. Kang Wen is already stressing that his girlfriend, Jasmine, wants him to take Qilu a few pegs down.

– With Xinwei and her bodyguards' assistance, Kang Wen kidnaps An Chuxia with the idea of raping her. Chuxia thinks fast, telling Kang Wen Qilu doesn't love her and that Jasmine is using him. Eventually, Kang Wen relents and returns her to the bookstore.

– Upon Chuxia's return, Qilu resolves to accept An Chuxia as his fiancee. He asks her to call him husband. Chenchuan gives up on An Chuxia and starts seeing her as his meimei.

– Chuxia falls asleep in the car. A protective Qilu notices the hickeys on An Chuxia's neck and starts getting upset. He carries her to his room (since the windows were being repaired in Chuxia's room) so she can sleep. When she wakes up from her nap, Qilu forces her to take a bath. This is the first time he sees her partially naked.

– She and Qilu start arguing, and he kisses her in anger. She tells him she is not interested in him or Kang Wen. Qilu thought she came to the Hans with the intention of being his wife. She tells him she just wants to finish school and be a contributing member in society.

– On the other side of town, Kang Wen tells Jasmine to take off and never return. He also starts fancying An Chuxia and asks his men to gather information on her.


– Overnight, Han Qilu applies an ointment on her hickeys so her skin heals. Confused about Qilu's affection, Chuxia decides to draw a line between her and Qilu so she won't be bullied in school. He doesn't like the idea and leaves. To appease Han Qilu, Chuxia brings him breakfast as he feeds Batian. She falls asleep after eating the food she brings him.

– An Chuxia asks to join Qilu for the day in attempts to find a way to get a job. He asks her if she remembers them arguing. He kisses her passionately as a means to make up with her. Jiang Yuan takes a photo of them kissing. He finally allows her to join her bowling. In return, she has to show him where she used to live.

– They arrive in the small room An Chuxia and her mother lived. She decides to get the spare key from the landlady. Although Chuxia leaves instructions with Qilu not to follow her, he does. He witnesses Chuxia getting bullied and is upset Chuxia is allowing her to be bullied by the lady. He steps in, tells the landlady he is An Chuxia's fiance and bullies the woman with his money. When they enter the tiny room, Han Qilu develops protective feelings for An Chuxia, especially after she tells him about her life with her mother. Once they leave the building, An Chuxia gets lightheaded and she thinks it's heatstroke. They head over to the small clinic close by, only to be told they need to go to the clinic close to An Chuxia's old high school. The concern Qilu is showing starts to make Chuxia realize she's developing feelings for him.

– Han Qilu gets more upset when he realizes the landlady left an infected cut on Chuxia's ear. On their way to the school clinic, Han Qilu reminds Chuxia of her dreams and not to have him interfere with it. She doesn't understand why he was saying this, but Qilu is saying it as he reminisces about his relationship with she-who-won't-be-named.

– At the clinic, Qilu personally cleans Chuxia's wound. Then, he fetches bottles of water to drink. He meets Tang Kayi, the current school president and Chuxia's nemesis, and Meng Xiaonan, An Chuxia's best friend. When Chuxia finds Qilu with the girls, he introduces himself as Chuxia's fiance.

– On their way out, Han Qilu meets Nian Qingyou, a boy who has feelings for An Chuxia, and it makes Qilu feel anxious. Before Chuxia and Qilu leaves the school grounds, Tang Kayi reveals Chuxia's nickname, Baojun Langjie (Tyrant Wolf Sister). Chuxia is annoyed, but it makes Qilu happy since he thinks Chuxia is jealous. When they get to a stoplight, Qilu kisses her long enough to cause a traffic jam.

– Once they get to the restaurant, Qilu introduces Chuxia as his fiancee. Upset, Chuxia asks him to follow her to the bathroom. She tells him to stop announcing their relationship to everyone they meet. She heads back to the table to eat the lobster he ordered. On the way out, Han Qilu tells the paparazzi following him to have their picture published on the paper. Qilu gets back to the table only to realize Chuxia is allergic to shellfish.

– Qilu takes her to the hospital to be treated. When Qilu goes to the pharmacy, the doctor asks Chuxia about Mankuai. Although Chuxia has never known her by name, she gets jealous especially when she thinks Mankuai was pregnant with Qilu's child. On their way to bowling, she remains quiet, and Qilu wonders what he did to make her upset.

– They end up in a basketball court and Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu are playing. While Qilu goes in search of food, she asks the boys to help her find a part-time job. They decide Chuxia would be a maid in the Ling household. When Qilu returns, Mingluo uses An Chuxia as the prize if he wins against Qilu. Qilu loses and leaves. An Chuxia is "gifted" to Hanyu and goes home with him.

– Hanyu asks Chuxia to be his pretend girlfriend since his guards told his family he's with a girl. An Chuxia doesn't mind with the charade since she "knows" Hanyu is gay. But when she meets and exceeds Hanyu's grandfather's expectations, grandfather wants Chuxia to marry into the Ling household.

– Hanyu helps Chuxia leave the Ling household but abandons her on the road. Without any money or cellphone on her, she tries to find a way to get to the Hans. Remembering the Atlantis, she tries to get in with the aid of two sisters. They smuggle her in. Since they weren't paying attention to her, An Chuxia gets drunk. The sisters were mortified when Chuxia starts calling a buzzed Qilu by name. Han Qilu takes An Chuxia to the hotel to sober up.

– In the hotel, Qilu feeds her and finds out about Hanyu and the job. She throws up on him when he was trying to feed her a sobering broth. Both fall asleep after taking showers.


 – They go home only to find the photo hanging on the wall. Chuxia is frustrated when Qilu abandons her with his mother. Chuxia gets the label "young mistress of the house". Chuxia asks Jiang Yuan about being paid as a novelist on bookshelf net. Jiang Yuan tells her she'll provide her with a notebook to start her writing career. Satisfied, Chuxia returns to her room only to have Qilu attack her. Steward Han witnesses him kissing her, and he thinks all is right with the world. That night, Chuxia writes her story without any expectation.


 – Jiang Yuan is upset when Chuxia's novel usurped her as the main site's author. While Chuxia is worried about how to tell Jiang Yuan about the situation, Han Qilu wants to tell Chuxia about what's on the paper. Since Chuxia won't pay attention to him, he leaves, sulking, after getting breakfast for her.

– After Chuxia clarifies her identity as Xiamo, the author who dethroned Jiang Yuan, the matron decides to help Chuxia get the contract. Qilu invites Chuxia to join him to check out a car. Jealousy rears its ugly head when a car model sinks her fingers on Qilu the moment they arrive.


Number of times Chuxia is kissed by someone other than Qilu: 2

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