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Chapter 20
CHAPTER 20 Wanting Her Body is also Difficult …


Han Qilu, Han Qilu! If only she can, she does not want to hear these three words in her life!

“Mo Xinwei, aren’t you too too much?”

“Yes ah! If this thing spreads, it won’t be good, right?”

One by one, the students come to her rescue, her eyes are moist but she takes a deep breath. She humbly approaches Mo Xinwei and says, “I’ll purchase your meal! Please do not mention this to Han Qilu.”

She no longer wants to engage in any relationship with Master Han!

“Go on!”

An Chuxia turns just as Mo Xinwei stops her. She straightens her head and pulls out a gold card. “Little

maid, you worked hard for this money. Just have them swipe my card. “

Everyone can see Mo Xinwei is deliberately seizing the opportunity to play with her. But no one really dares to lay a hand on Mo Xinwei. After all, everyone is accustomed to her abuse.

An Chuxia looks at the gold card as it reflects the sun on her. Xinwei states coldly, “I am rich and I invited you.”

“Yo yo yo, you have money? Little maid, don’t hurt yourself and save face because of your vanity. At Stein College, chicken leg is very expensive.” Taoqiu takes Mo Xinwei’s gold card and forcefully shoves the card in Chuxia’s hand. She continues by

by sayung, ”Little maid, you can also buy something to fill their stomachs.”

Mo Xinwei has the students line up and come forward one by one. “Little maid, I want a bottle of Coke.”

“I want a pack of Swiss sugar!”

“I want a bag of potato chips!”

An Chuxia looks overwhelmed, and this time, Mo Xinwei pulls the girls aside and fiercely stares at them. “If you want to buy things, you pay for them!”

The girls do not dare to talk. They fall back to the side.

Mo Xinwei actually helped her? It feels a bit wrong, but she didn’t think much of it. She faces Mo Xinwei and nods. She turns her back to the playground

the playground and runs to the small supermarket.

“Why are you still standing? Your teacher told you to run. Do you want punishment by running three laps?” Ying Taoqiu roars. The Year One Class A students head back to the track to run.

Fei Lixiya’s heart feels uneasy, but Ying Taoqiu says she has no way of saving An Chuxia. Forgetting to glance back, she joins the queue.

“Xinwei meimei (sister), why did you want to help her?” She refers to Mo Xinwei getting angry at some of the girls who were confused and unwilling to run. Wasn’t she supposed to make An Chuxia uncomfortable? Is she wrong?

Ying Taoqiu watches Mo Xinwei and is confused with her confused with her reaction. She didn’t dare speak.

“She would be stupid to admit it! If she comes back with the class’ snack should I force her to eat it?”

Mo Xinwei looks at An Chuxia’s disappearing figure. “I just want her to feel so uncomfortable!”

Mo Xinwei is trying to frame An Chuxia.

“If this is the case… I’ll call the teacher,” Ying Taoqiu says.

Mo Xinwei praises. “Finally, you’re using your little brain. Go quickly so the teacher catches An Chuxia before she comes back.”

Ying Taoqiu nods in agreement before running toward the church building. She is looking forward to seeing their scheme unfold. Just the thought of it made Ying Taoqiu run faster.


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