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Chapter 199

Like a gust of wind. What exactly just happened? Why does she feel so discombobulated? Everything that’s happening is strange! But why does she feel warm inside? Everything she sees is beautiful. Jiang Yuan, though naive, makes her feel good.

“Hello!” Han Qilu doesn’t know where to look when he leans against the door frame. “I want to test drive a car. You want to come along?” Asking her made him feel awkward, but he hopes she says yes.

“I… .” She wants to go but she’s stalling for time. Jiang Yuan wants her to wait so she decides not to leave.

She was just about to refuse when Jiang Yuan’s voice carries into the living room. “Xiao

Chuxia, go test drive a car with him. Anyway, the contract will take a while before reaching the bookshelf net headquarters. Relax, Ma will take care of your contract.”

Curling her lip, she pretends to be put at a difficult position. “What do you want me to do, young master? It’s as if I have no alternative but to go.”

She witnesses him raising an eyebrow at her before she adds, “Don’t you have a car already? Can’t you learn to ride a bike to protect the environment? Indeed, I think that’s a better idea. That way, we don’t have to go to school together.”

Han Qilu lifts his chin and looks at her frostily. She immediately shuts

shuts up and dares not to speak. She’s misbehaving again! Can’t he allow her to humor him? How annoying! She obediently follows him out, and Jiang Yuan looks at them, full of mischief. They sit in the car stiffly. The moment the door closes, her body relaxes.

He quickly starts the engine and makes the car speed off the driveway. The radio broadcasts the traffic news. She looks at Han Qilu and asks with displeasure, “Hey, young master, why don’t you speak nicely to your mother?”

“What do you mean?” He drives with confidence, steering the wheel and avoiding cars as he weaves in and out of the crowded lanes. An Chuxia tightly clutches on to her seatbelt. She waits

She waits for him to slow down before shouting loudly, “Han Qilu! Do you want me to stay alive? Or are you assuring me a slow death?”

As they come to a red light, Han Qilu slows down to a stop before looking at her. “What do you want me to discuss with my mother?”

“Talk about our matters! That we simply are not what she imagines. We hate each other.” The words coming from her heavy chest leaves her bewildered. This is an illusion, right? An illusion!

The surrounding air suddenly condenses. Han Qilu’s face turns gloomy. Moving his lips, he doesn’t have the strength to say, “You haven’t seen today’s morning paper, ah? You really didn’t see? There’s didn’t see? There’s copy in the backseat.”

An Chuxia listens to him, her suspicions getting the best of her. He was trying to tell her something about the newspaper this morning. She turns around and picks up the paper from the back of the car. She sees the picture taking up a large part of the paper and stares at it. This… what is this? This is actually… if she’s not mistaken, it is she and him kissing.

The place looks familiar. This is not from the Han lawn. This is… Right, the restaurant!

God, ah, Buddha, do not play like this! She starts calming down until she sees the headline accompanying the photo: Han’s Heir Han Qilu and Fiancée… .

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