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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 191 Call Me Mother

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands- inhabited islands in the Pacific Ocean. China and Japan are currently in territorial dispute over this piece of land

Han Qilu looks at the photo with the corner of his eye before facing An Chuxia. "It's a good photo."

"Ah?" She is puzzled… surprised… shocked. Doesn't he think it's awkward to walk into the family room and see a photo of a couple kissing? What would he think since he's older than her? Why did he commend that the photo was taken well? He's evil! He's intentionally changing her perception!

Jiang Yuan is elated since her son is very happy with the outcome. She grins like a spoiled brat as she looks at Chuxia. "Xiao Xia, cal me Ma! I beg of you."

A black heavy line fills An Chuxia's head. Deliberating whether to give in, she remains mute for a long time. Han Qilu's mother is quite endearing, but… ! Han Qilu bounds for the staircase instantly. She wants to cry, but instead, she stares at Qilu's back, wishing him dead. This won't help her evade the question. This is awful!

Since Chuxia doesn't respond, Jiang Yuan lets out a beep, her eyes start turning red. She is saddened. "Your father traveled on official business today and I was feeling melancholic. Now, you treat me like this. I don't know how to live! I can't survive anymore!"

As Jiang Yuan cries, the maids try to suppress their desire to laugh as they exchange glances. Their eyes wander everywhere but at her. Otherwise, they'll laugh out loud rather than sympathize. Originally, she puts on this act to have the young maiden console her. However, she's aware of her ploy. She won't commit suicide, but what child would watch a mother cry to their death?

She only sees An Chuxia's mouth twitch. "Ma… ."

"That's right!" Jiang Yuan wipes the tears from her eyes. But why should she cry? She guides An Chuxia to the sofa to sit. She decides to openly talk with her daughter-in-law!

Hall lights dim, An Chuxia and Jiang Yuan sit on the sofa and talk for over an hour. They talked about the philosophy of life from poems and songs, to the future values of the world. In short, Chuxia understands why Jiang Yuan is such a profound writer! She can talk about China and Japan, and relate the issues about Diaoyu Islands.

"I think China can't give up Diaoyu Islands. Otherwise, we would be an international laughing stock! Don't you think so Xiao Chuxia?" Jiang Yuan asks angrily as she bites into an apple. She didn't even chew it. She just swallows it.

An Chuxia does nothing but nod. Jiang Yuan starts talking about Sino-US and Sino-Japanese relations again. An Chuxia makes a noise to interrupt her words. "So you're saying, aunt… Is that it's not right? Ma ah, can we chat about other things? Like, your work? I know you're a writer but I don't know much about it."

She'd rather discuss current life events than international relations. She'd even talk about academic maters rather than the Diaoyu Islands! The state leaders know what they know. Civilians won't even have any say in the final decision no matter how much they discuss it!

CHAPTER 192 International Talk

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

T/N: words in brackets are part of the author's words, not mine.

RMB- Renminbi; China's currency

自由 (ziyou)- FREEDOM

Jiang Yuan looks at Chuxia strangely when she suggested they talk about her work. "In this household, only you, xiao Chuxia, cares about Ma's business! Hmmm, even Qilu and Han Liuhai, those bastards, have never asked about my enterprise!"

Chuxia's heart tightens. "How's that possible? Bofu Han, he… no! Doesn't baba dare to inquire about your enterprise? I have not seen anyone care about you as a person more than baba." This is true; so true it's 300% real!

Curling her lip, Jiang Yuan says, "He's being hypocritical Might as well not care about my career! But then, he comes back and says, 'bookshelves' [virtual, if similar, fine]. Have you heard of this on-line literature website?"

Chuxia nods sincerely at Jiang Yuan.The bookshelf net is an on-line literature website that ranks the best books nationally. Her former schoolmates used to read from the website. They'd complain all day when the author they're following doesn't update their book on the shelves. If they can't read it, they lodge complaints. So, to Chuxia, this isn't new.

Seeing her nod, Jiang Yuan raises the corners of her mouth to show satisfaction. "I write novels on that site. That's where I got my fame and royalties. Of course, I write to play, so I don't care."

Listening to Jiang Yuan not care about money makes An Chuxia bitter. Does she have to say she doesn't care? She should give it to me then! Somewhat curious, she stares at Jiang Yuan. "Ma, how much royalties do you make monthly?" If it makes money, she will take advantage and write a novel in her free time.

She lowers her head and starts counting. "This month, there's about 10,000 subscriptions. In addition to that, attendance and wireless payment for published pieces. On average, I calculate about 20 to 30,000 (RMB). It's not much. Why?"

Chuxia's blood soars when she hears the number, but she is shocked enough to understand! 20 to 30,000 a month may not be much, but compared to Ling Hanyu not blinking an eye at the mention of 10,000. But doesn't it show how people value things differently?

Taking a few breaths, Chuxia heavily lays her hands on Jiang Yuan. "Ma! May I join you? I must write a novel. I can use 20 to 30,000 RMB a month!" At that moment, Chuxia's eyes are filled with a string of RMB. Above the gigantic yuan reads: ZI YOU in two characters.

Slightly stunned, Jiang Yuan closes her gap with Chuxia and holds An against her bosom. "I feel so sorry for not having met you sooner! My treasure! I know that people in this world support me! My An Chuxia, I will call the housekeeper to put a laptop in your room. Understand the bookshelf website well. Next weekend, I'll teach you how to write your novel."

Jiang Yuan wants her to have a pen name. An Chuxia rises and leaves the room. Pleasantly relieved, this international conversation finally comes to an end… .

She leaves behind Jiang Yuan ordering the housekeeper to buy a notebook immediately. Sighing lightly, she quickly ascends the stairs to avoid Jiang Yuan and the possibility of talking about international relations again. Her brain can only withstand such thoughts! Back in her room, it is dark. She can't help but sigh. She puts a hand on the entrance's light switch.

The room is, all of a sudden, bright.

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