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Chapter 19
CHAPTER 19 Shame


“Whose job is it to hand out the mineral water?” Mo Xinwei schemes, certainly thinking about how to punish An Chuxia in front of her class.

As the voices fade, someone immediately hands over a bottle of mineral water that is sealed. She unscrews the cap, and twists it back on, but not completely. She leaves the cap partially open, so that when someone grabs the bottle, water will leak out.

“Ying Taoqiu, go to the physical education instructor and say a teacher in the church building needs help.”

“Okay, I’ll go!” Taoqiu leaves quickly and races toward the class teacher. Pretending to pant, Ying Taoqiu asks, “Are you Year 1 Class A’s physical education instructor?”

“Yes, I am. What happened?” The

physical education instructor shows confusion as he looks at Ying Taoqiu.

Ying Taoqiu slowly answers. “A teacher in the church building asked me to find you, and that you have to go quickly.”

The physical education instructor looks at Class A running their laps. He blows the whistle loudly and says, “Just pay attention. Otherwise, you’ll be punished by running three laps!”

“Teacher, you need to go. The teacher told me to come get you quickly, it’s very urgent.” She smiles sweetly at the teacher.

The physical education instructor nods his head. Just as he leaves, he turns to Ying Taoqiu and says: “Look after the class so that they can run freely.”

Ying Taoqiu promises.

Not far from from her, Mo Xinwei proudly looks at

at Ying Taoqiu and give the “ok” sign. An Chuxia, you can not blame me… but you asked for it!

Year One Class A once again runs past Mo Xinwei. Two meters away, Mo Xinwei lowers her head. Her eyes flash a touch of a cold smile.

Timing it just right, she will hand over a mineral water bottle to An Chuxia.

The bottle hit An Chuxia just as she expected. Half of the bottle’s contents spill all over her body.

“What are you doing?”

Several bold girls stand up for An Chuxia. An Chuxia and a large group of boys immediately rush over. “Just because you’re the school flower does not mean you’re beautiful!”

Mo Xinwei is very indifferent to their criticism. She shoots them a

them a cold smile. “Sorry, the bottle is not for you. Why don’t you get to it, little maid?”

An Chuxia freezes at her comment. In one day, she gets splashed with water twice. No one is more unlucky than her, right?

“Don’t you speak and read, little maid?” Mo Xinwei grabs An Chuxia’s shoulder and runs laps around her. “I heard that as long as there is anything we can trouble you with… isn’t that true, little maid?”

She feels humiliated to the cor, helpless, she can not attack. The only thing she can do is look at Mo Xinwei and respond to her with a stiff upper lip.

“What, do you have to wait for me to say it again?”

The meaning is implied. By is implied. By default, she is, indeed, Qilu’s maid.

If she goes on like this, she does not know if she can continue attending Stein College.

“Now go run off to the little supermarket and buy me a chicken meal.” Mo Xinwei commands An Chuxia.

An Chuxia frowns, strongly suppressing her own emotions.

Mo Xinwei is delighted to see her face. She goes on and says,”If you do not want to go, of course, it does not matter, I… would never force anyone to do anything, but you see… ah, I can’t guarantee that others won’t say ‘Maid An Chuxia only plays in school and doesn’t work’. This might spread to Han Qilu’s ears and I don’t know what he’ll say about it.”

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