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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 189 Why Don't We Bed

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Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

Han Qilu knits his eyebrows while his whole body relaxes. He cradles Chuxia's head with both of his hands. He settles his hard chin against her clavicle and exhales loudly as he puts his full weight on her.

"How are you… ." She remembered him laying wearily on the bed. Her heart skips a beat unexpectedly. What is this she's feeling? Is it affection toward him? No no! The idea is so preposterous, she has to kill it. Even if all the men in the world are dead, she won't be sentimental toward the young master devil.

He and Xiang Mankuai have a past, and in his heart, he should still be in love with her. Even if he proposed to her twice in in the same place, this feeling is only temporary! It has to be!

"Let's not talk. Let me sleep for a moment. I am so tired… ." His voice is strong but tired. He wants to retaliate at her but his will has disappeared. He just wants to hold her and sleep well. Listening to his words, An Chuxia, for once, is obedient. She shifts her body until he is completely peaceful.

Tilting her head, she looks at the tired face of the young master weighing heavily on top of her. She suddenly sighs. "Han Qilu."

"Uhm." He hasn't fallen asleep yet. He closes his eyes gently as he responds to her. He and her… It is so hard to be so calm and be like this in this intimately ambiguous position together.

It is silent for a long time. An Chuxia bites her lower lip. Embarrassed, she says, "Can we move somewhere or change positions? I'm a bit uncomfortable."

Han Qilu's face changes. He suddenly opens his eyes and looks at her and couldn't help but laugh. "An Chuxia, I discovered you're really… a fairy." He slides off her body and on to one side of the sofa. With one arm, he pulls her tightly against his chest.

Fairy? If she is fairy-like, she can use magic to get her mother back. A touch of sadness flashes in her eyes. Despite smiling deliberately all day, she is actually unhappy. Subconsciously, she has sought refuge in Han Qilu's arms. In this manner, they both silently fall asleep.

A few hours later, An Chuxia opens her eyes only to be greeted with Han Qilu's resting face. Knitting her eyebrows, she fishes out the cellphone from her pocket. Pressing a key, the screen displays 7:32.

Oh! They actually slept together for about four or five hours! She pushes Han Qilu. His eyes open slowly. There is no trace of emotion in his voice. "What's wrong?"

"It's half past seven and I'm starving to death. Also, can I trouble you to loosen your grip? My whole body is sore and painful! I'm blaming you, you level ten idiot. We have a bed, why did we sleep on the sofa? Bah! I mean, we could've slept to sleep, and you cuddled me… It is sick. You… ." Han Qilu's complexion is getting worse and worse. She blinks and immediately puts on a dog-leg expression. "Gege, we need to go home and eat."

Han Qilu stares at An Chuxia as he tries to calm himself as he leaves the sofa. She, too, immediately crawls from the sofa, stretching before realizing she has Qilu's cellphone in her hand. She takes advantage by taking a selfie of herself while he's in the toilet. She looks at her mischievous photo. Excited, she sets the photo as his mobile phone's wallpaper.

CHAPTER 190 Kissing Picture

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

TN: Black belly man (这个腹黑男) – it is used to describe person who may look “dumb, friendly or honest, not smart but in fact, has another "face" behind the facade; it could be positive or negative.

The screen flashes a few times before unexpectedly turning itself off. After tapping it a few times, she realizes it's out of battery power. With that conclusion, is the wallpaper permanent? That's what she gets for being naughty. What would she do if Han Qilu sees it?

Afraid, she secures the phone as soon as the bathroom door opens. She forces out a lie by saying, "Can you lend me your phone this evening? I found a game on your phone and it's a lot of fun."

He lifts an eyebrow, suspicious about her action. "Our handsets are the same, an iPhone… the games should be the same. Do what you want."

Evildoer! This black belly male, how can he be this observant? This isn't good! She must stop him from seeing his phone screen with her sticking her tongue out at him. Otherwise, he'll absolutely kill her! Her heart thumps like it's going to jump. Suddenly, she spills out the words: "Honey trap"! Okay, An Chuxia! You put yourself in this insanity while pleading innocent. Ha ha! What innocence? You're an idiot.

Looking at the constantly changing expressions on her face, An Chuxia opens her mouth to speak when Han Qilu beckons to her with his hand. "If you must play, play. However, we have to go back to the bar to pick up your phone."

An Chuxia stares, asking stupidly, "You actually… agree?" His response to her is a raised eyebrow. He takes a few steps forward until he reaches the phone on the table. He dials the hotel's front desk.

After a beep, the service staff respectfully answers, "Young master, what is your order?"

"Come personally and clean the room. Take the clothes to the wash and put it in the closet once they're clean." He doesn't wait for the party on the end of the line to acknowledge his order. Han Qilu turns off the phone and hugs An Chuxia until they exit the room. He doesn't care about the clothes. Rather, the clothes on her… look good.

They return to the Han residence around eight o'clock. Jiang Yuan sits and watches TV from the big sofa. As soon as she sees them come back, she hurriedly turns off the TV and runs to them with a smile. "You two went on a date? Liuhai, that bastard, won't allow me to call you and ask."

An Chuxia prepares to answer Jiang Yuan's question when she unexpectedly discovers a giant picture hanging on the wall over the sofa. It wouldn't be a big deal for a photo to hang there, but the subject of the photo currently hanging is the one taken when Han Qilu kissed her. Since the angle the photo was taken is exceptional, their facial profiles looked really good. It captures the look of two people in doubt, and of triumph… .

There is a kind of shock-and-awe and horror rushing through her mind.

"Ayi, why did you put up that photo?" She knew it was Jiang Yuan, but she still asks stupidly. Han Qilu slightly leans his head over and takes note of the giant picture frame on the wall.

A happy and proud Jiang Yuan hugs Chuxia. She squares the child's shoulders as she pointed at the picture frame saying, "What do you think? Do you think Ma took a good photo? You know, you can't call me ayi again. Sooner or later, you will call me Ma. It is better now to start calling me that. Do you understand?"

"Bu… ayi, you're not saying this so that I would look good as Han Qilu's fiancée? Now, how… ." She looks at Qilu as she complains. "Don't you have anything to say?"


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