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Chapter 188
You Are Kind of Strong Now

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

As he witnesses An Chuxia’s serious, but chaotic expression, he grabs her shoulders and kisses her. Half a minute later, he tightens his grip around her waist and lays her horizontally.

“Let go of me, you bastard! What are you doing?” Her voice falls. She is suddenly thrown on the sofa. He overshadows her before laying pressure on her body. Both of her arms fall to her side. Panic-stricken, she stares at him fiercely. Her heart beats quickly. Her cheeks iturn red against her volition.

She curses her useless heart. This isn’t the time to blush! Knitting her eyebrows, she calmly stares at Han Qilu and loudly says, “Do you really plan to strong jian me? I don’t think

you would!”

Like a ghost, she feels a light breeze. She feels Han Qilu against her bosom, giving her goosebumps. Ah, she forgot Han Qilu is a person who is more open to persuasion than perversion! Before his complexion becomes cloudier, An Chuxia changes her disposition. Her hands that were once pinned between their chests snake around Han Qilu’s neck. She smiles. “Qilu gege, I know you won’t strong jian me. You wouldn’t want us to be with child, yes?”

Sure enough, cajoling him immediately makes him more gentle, but seriously fearful. He raises his eyebrow without speaking. His lips thin out as he stares at her. Strangely, she was scalding him with her fiery vision, but he returns her gaze with tenderness. He raises his chin, and

and suddenly, he laughs like a demon.

“Oh, great young master Qilu, ah, why aren’t you responding to my commentary? You know, I have this ability of not being able to censor myself! Sometimes, I think I’m possessed, but you’re not saying anything about it? But that’s not important. I know your patience and forgiveness, when it comes to me, is endless. Will you forgive me?” After saying this, her throat feels nauseated.

Heavens, she believes she’ll be forgiven for babbling and being ignorant. Ah, she’s doing everything to survive. Life is precious indeed… .

Han Qilu doesn’t speak. But once again, his eyebrows lift as he looks at her deeply. In the end, what kind of person is she? She isn’t afraid to die running ten laps around the playground. She

playground. She can stubbornly stare down the rain as she looks for the road back home. She can smile while facing the bad landlord aunt. And because he kissed her, she doesn’t hesitate to slap him in the face. All this shows is she is strong and isn’t afraid of death.

However, if she isn’t afraid of death, why can a strong person like her turn dog-leg and immediately turn hostile? She also cries when she’s drunk, asking for money. He really doesn’t understand the changes in her.

“Young master Qilu, why aren’t you speaking? You’re starting to worry me.” She wants to cry but she has no tears left to shed. Is it useless to plead to his softer side? Again, he can be persuaded, not coerced. If she coerced. If she fails, then she should be ashamed.

His Adam’s apple bobbles. His gaze on her hasn’t wavered. He asks her as if he’s pleading for her to solve the riddle. “Chuxia, who are you? Why can’t I completely understand you?”

An Chuxia gawks. Immediately, the corners of her mouth lifts. “Is there a song if it isn’t sung? ‘The more people care about it, the more people can’t see through it.’ Does this mean you care much about me? Ha ha ha.”

Han Qilu doesn’t respond to her joke. Instead, he looks at the vague look in her eyes. She looks everywhere else but him. An Chuxia says awkwardly, “Don’t be upset. It’s a bad joke. It’s not funny but it’s a cold, hard, fact, right?”

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