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Chapter 186
Look What You Did

Translated, edited, and proofread by: newbienoona

He finally stares at her fiercely, ignoring her pained expression. Han Qilu leisurely sips the soup in his mouth, aligns his lips with hers and kisses them while having her consume the hangover soup from his mouth.

This cycle continues a few times until the bowl of soup is emptied. Pale yellow soup stains her white clothes, making it look offensive.

“Mother.” An Chuxia holds on to Han Qilu. She frowns and says, “A moment ago, that thing, did I not drink well? It was hard to drink… huhu.”

Clenching his teeth, Han Qilu faintly says, “Uhm.” His face is complex. He asks himself, in his heart, who is An Chuxia? Today, Mingluo mentioned her to him while they were in Atlantis when his mind was already filled with shadowy thoughts of her. So, upon hearing her call his name, he thought he was dreaming.

When he rose to see her at that moment, his chest was bursting with joy. But when he saw her mouth covered, he wanted to kill those girls with all his heart. He assumed they were the ones who helped her get into Atlantis, and why he

let them off. Perhaps, in his heart, An Chuxia is that weight in his heart, something much heavier than the person herself.

“Mother, I am so uncomfortable.” His chaotic emotions went from worry to anger as he hears An Chuxia.

“An Chuxia, you threw up on me!” He shoves her away before raising his arm to take off his coat. His brow knits before looking back at her. “You better sober up immediately so you can apologize. Otherwise, you’re dead!”

Failing to sit up from the bed, she mutters, “It’s uncomfortable, so hard… .” The room fills with silence. A minute later, he closes his eyes, clenches his teeth, and turns toward the bathroom. After today’s account, he will sum up each and every debt. Ling Hanyu, what did you do to her?

 After several minutes, An Chuxia blinks. She’s confused. Her eyes are suddenly clear. Her throat is on fire, like something spicy exploded within. Her head is slightly dizzy. Sitting up from the bed, she looks at the room. It is good she is in a place that looks strangely familiar. But where is here?

She hears the sound of water coming from the bathroom. She walks toward the

the room and is surprised the door is tightly shut. She sees an empty bowl and a glass of water next to the bedside table. She didn’t want to drink the water, but her throat immediately felt more comfortable after drinking it. Getting back out from the bed, she wonders what thief is behind the bathroom door.

She tries to recall but her brain is drawing a blank. Her final memory was of Atlantis, where Han Qilu approached her from the couch. Later… she can’t remember what happened. She only remembers fragments: Ou Xi clutching her mouth, Ou Ya being pushed to the ground. Other facts, she can’t remember.

She desperately tries to recollect her thoughts when the bathroom door suddenly opens. Her eyes can’t miss Han Qilu’s exposed torso, pink from his shower. The moment he sees her, he’s shocked. However, he calms down immediately. His Adam’s apple bobs a few times before gruffly saying, “Looks like you’ve awoken.”

An Chuxia is confused. “Why am I here? Shouldn’t I be in Atlantis? Also, why are you naked? Are you an exhibitionist? Han Qilu, do you think your body is that good? Okay, that’s hilarious!”

After she finishes blabbering, he looks

he looks at her deeply, then takes her wrist and yanks her to the side of the bed. The move scares her. This boy won’t… .

“What do you think I want to do? Are you afraid of my body?” He snorts. “Unbelievable… Do you know what this is?” He points at the reeking black/white collared shirt on the floor.

She pulls her hand away from Qilu and covers her mouth. With staring eyes she asks, “Don’t tell me this. I didn’t… .”

Suddenly, a fragment of her memory sparks. “Mother, I am so uncomfortable.” … “An Chuxia, you threw up on me!” She really did this. Strange… because she didn’t think the sweet cup would get her drunk. Impossible! Although she’s never drank alcohol, she didn’t know she could be drunk with just one drink.

As she remembers, Han Qilu opens his wardrobe in the suite which is filled with men’s clothes. It immediately attracts her attention. Her memories are left behind. “How can there be clothes here? If I’m not mistaken, this was the hotel you took me to the last time I was lost.”

He glances at her before smiling. “An Chuxia, how can you be so composed after so composed after seeing a man’s naked torso?”

After hearing his statement, An Chuxia curls her lips. “I don’t know about other people, but you… I’m used to seeing you. Why should I pretend not to notice? But this isn’t the issue. Don’t you have any women’s clothing? I don’t know why my clothes are dirty. How can it be yellow?”

Han Qilu’s face darkens but is restored with a less ominous expression. “You were the one spitting. But now, you’re asking me?” He didn’t lie. She was spitting up the soup.

Her well-groomed eyebrows wrinkle. “I want a change of clothes. I feel like my body stinks to the high heavens!” She unexpectedly feels the contamination spread throughout her body, making her feel uncomfortable.

Without expression, Han Qilu opens the nearby closet and produces women’s clothing. An Chuxia lays out a few pieces to compare but they’re an exact replica of her outfit. Han Qilu says lightly, “I had the service desk transport the outfit a moment ago.”

He certainly wouldn’t tell An Chuxia he’s asked to have the room ready with contingencies in the event something happens again. He just didn’t expect something to happen so soon.

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