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Chapter 185
Disorderly Han Qilu  

Translated by: newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

“Not really, Ou Xi. Listen to me… .” She is so anxious to explain she walks quickly toward her. “I’m doing this for you. Listen to me before something happens. His words made two friends turn into enemies. I believe Xiao shao does this often… .”

Ou Xi isn’t listening. Instead, she raises her hand to Ou Ya and slaps her. “Shut up! I don’t want to hear anyone slander young Master Xiao; even if she’s my older sister!”

She turns, leaving a melancholic Ou Ya standing in the empty bathroom.

She reaches out and strokes her cheek. Her eyes, somber. Ou Xi is brainless even in her childhood. But this time, she fears that if she’s not careful around Master Xiao, he’ll be slapping Ou Xi instead for saying the wrong thing. As an elder sister, she has to shout and wrangle…. What is she supposed to do? Who can tell her what to do?

Right! Her dim pupils suddenly brighten. She suddenly recalls the country girl. If she heard young master Xiao correctly, he called her Chuxia. Xiao Chuxia… Her brow suddenly stratifies. How can she forget Xiao Chuxia is An Chuxia! She is Stein’s famous Chuxia!

She once heard Chuxia slapped young master Han and he didn’t lose his temper. However, Mo Xinwei bullied her and he helped her. She also heard she is more than likely Master Han’s fiancee. If it’s true, they will be able to help them! After all, they also helped Chuxia, right?

She gazes at her clear eyes (as she stares at the mirror), similar to General Wang Qingquan’s. She can’t refuse her. Tomorrow, she has to find her and ask her help!

In the Milestone Hotel’s presidential suite, Han Qilu sits helplessly on the bed watching An Chuxia repeatedly distress over money. “Huhu, my money, my eight lifetimes, I haven’t earned five thousand. Mr. laoda… I made a mistake. My money… .”

The corners of Han Qilu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch bitterly. It seems, this is the first time he’s ever seen someone drunk and shout about money. Didn’t this woman fall on a pile of money? Why is she concerned about making money? Living in the Han household, she has good food to eat, good clothes to wear, unlimited credit cards… Why does she need money? Could it be… .

He’s suddenly paralyzed. Is it possible she wants to move out? Drunk Chuxia holds on to a soft pillow, crying. Suddenly, she feels a gloomy, cold light poke her in the back. She turns her head, her eyes in a trance. She rushes into Qilu’s arms. “Huhu, mother, I’m cold… .”

At first, he was elated because of her reaction. But then, did this girl actually call him ‘mother’? Taking a few deep breaths, he suppresses the urge to strangle her. Over and over, he tells himself she is drunk. This helped make his anger subside.

“Young master.” A sudden knock is heard from the half-opened door.

He lowers his gaze as he looks around the room before looking back at An Chuxia. He wanted to leave but she holds on to him tightly. His eyes suddenly soften. He lifts his eyes and looks toward the door. He says in a low voice, “Come in.”

“Yes, young master.” The door gently opens. The waiter walks in respectfully before standing firmly in place in the hallway. “Young master, here’s the hangover soup you requested.”

Qilu shoots a look at the steam emitting from the bowl of hangover soup. He picks up An Chuxia and staggers. She slumps against him. The waiter by his side steps forward to help but Han Qilu glares, scaring him away. “Then, young master, I will take my le

ave. If you need anything else, call us.”

After Han Qilu’s eyes dismiss him, the waiter slightly nods and backs out toward the entrance. After shutting the door gently, the waiter releases a sigh of relief. He now understands why the waiter on duty refused to take the hangover soup. Because the young master… he’s terrible to his wife! How terrible! However, he’s actually gentle to the young lady. He shakes his head, thinking this isn’t what he should be pondering. He turns and leaves quickly.

“Well, you should first drink the soup so you won’t be dizzy… and don’t cry, okay?” His voice is incredibly gentle. Upon hearing his own voice, he even thought it strange. But the girl still restlessly moves against his bosom. “Huhu, my money.”

He clenches his teeth. Being gentle is not effective! One of Han Qilu’s arms takes the hangover soup while the other encircles her body. He says coldly, “Drink the soup. I’ll give you money. Otherwise, I’ll take it away.”

She’s silent for a few seconds. He thought his tactic was effective. As he was about to give her the soup, she cries loudly. “Huhu, mother is never this angry with An Chuxia. Chuxia didn’t manage mother… huhuhu.”

He shows astonishment. This girl, she really thinks he’s her mother. Well, just this time. Once! Once she wakes up, he’ll tell her who he is! Tightening his chin, Han Qilu softens his tone. His voice is not coarse, but mixed with awkwardness. “Good, drink the soup. Mother isn’t angry with you, okay? I’ll give it back to you so you can buy many things. I’ll give you a lot of money.”

“Really?” An Chuxia stops crying. Her puzzled eyes open wide as she stares at Han Qilu. Her chest and throat burns, making her uncomfortable. Her brain is muddled. She doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Nodding slightly, she asks, “When did my mother fool you, huh?” His fist balls as he listens to Chuxia. This dead girl. How frustrating! He decides Atlantis will no longer promote new cocktails on Saturdays! Ever!

Scratching her hair, Chuxia giggles. “Right, mother hasn’t deceived me.”

“Come, drink the soup.” He takes the bowl to An Chuxia’s lips. She sips a bit before scrunching her face. “Very strange flavor. An Chuxia doesn’t want to drink it!”

It is only human for him to be on the edge. Han Qilu can’t find any way but compromise himself to make her drink the soup. Sipping the broth in his mouth, he aligns his mouth with hers and lets her drink it little by little so she won’t fight it.

She tries to escape Han Qilu by waving her small hand at him. But he pries her lips with her tongue. She’s quiet, but tense. Taking advantage of the situation, he parts from her lips and says clearly, “This makes it difficult to drink… .”

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