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Image courtesy of Google CHAPTER 183 Very Painful

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"You're just a visitor! You're finished, country girl! How dare you call young master Qilu by name!" Ou Ya shakes her head while she looks at Ou Xi who's covering An Chuxia's mouth. Facing the tension-filled room, Ou Ya faces Han Qilu slowly, trying to calm her rapidly-beating heart.

Han Qilu stops in front of Ou Ya. He looks in her eyes. Indifferent, he spits two words: "Get out."

Ou Ya frowns. She looks at An Chuxia and says, "She's just a country girl who hasn't seen the world. She didn't mean to disturb you, young master. I'm really sorry. Please forgive her. I'll take her back. I will certainly teach her well!"

Silence fills the air for three seconds. Han Qilu pushes Ou Ya aside and drops down to An Chuxia. "Come."

An Chuxia wants to stand up but Ou Xi has been pressing down on her, hard. Her hand still clutches Chuxia's mouth. She can't speak or move. Anxious, her eyes are actually wet. She swears it's because she's so worried that her tears roll down, not because of Ou Xi.

Eyes cold, Han Qilu tightens his chin. "Go away!"

"Yes! We will leave immediately!" Ou Ya turns around and walks to An Chuxia's side, expecting to shift her quickly. Before her hand touches An Chuxia, Han Qilu grasps her wrist. His cold, bloodthirsty eyes immediately makes her heartbeat drop by half a beat. "Young master Qilu… ."

Han Qilu shows no leniency. He yanks Ou Ya away and throws her on the ground. Ou Xi is frightened and helpless, despite tightly clutching An Chuxia's mouth. Han Qilu takes several steps toward them. Pia! The cell phone in Ou Xi's hand falls on the ground. She no longer manages to hold on to An Chuxia. Her life is more important! She thinks Han Qilu is angry at An Chuxia. She hurriedly leaves her, and walks toward her elder sister, Ou Ya. She squats down and asks, "Jie, are you alright?"

Ou Ya shakes her head and looks at Han. At first, she thought Qilu would take extreme actions against An Chuxia. Instead, in full view, he extends his right hand and gently wipes away An Chuxia's half-dried tears. Since he was drinking, his voice is hoarse. "You're not one who usually cries. What's wrong? Are you hurt?" "

He doesn't sound gentle, but enough people are shocked by the scene. Ou Xi simply closes her eyes, telling herself this is an illusion. Young master Qilu isn't going to kill this country girl! This is, absolutely, an illusion!!!

Han Qilu doesn't ask if she's comfortable. She immediately remembers she's still unemployed, Ling Hanyu has abandoned her on the street, and if it wasn't for Ou Ya and Ou Xi, she wouldn't have been able to see Han Qilu, not to mention get back to the Han home.

As he takes her chin, the tears in her eyes flow downward like a stream over a dike. Finally unable to bear it, she throws herself against his bosom, crying. "Huhu… Han Qilu, Ling Hanyu threw me out on the street, He threw me unexpectedly on the avenue, abandoned… I really wanted to see you… Huhu."

Her face burns hot. She's definitely not crying because of a miserable relationship, but because… being drunk makes her emotional. It can be deduced the alcohol made her confess.

Although Han Qilu thought An Chuxia is acting strangely, he hugs her tightly around her shoulders. His tone is gentle, filled with trust. "Chuxia, don't cry. Tomorrow, I'll kill him so you won't be angry anymore."

"Jeez, that's harsh! Why would you want to kill me?" Xiao Mingluo catches the tail end of the drama as he returns from the pharmacy to get the drunk Han Qilu some hangover medication. The bar is currently playing soothing music, and Han Qilu is holding a crying Chuxia. He's a bit confused about what Qilu is saying.

Then he hears Han Qilu saying, "Tomorrow, I'll kill him so you won't be angry anymore." He mistakenly thought Qilu was threatening him.

The onlookers somehow know not to question why Han Qilu is hugging the young lady. They hypothesize their relationship isn't ordinary. Ou Yan and Ou Xi exchange looks.

"I'm referring to Ling Hanyu, that bastard." Han Qilu clarifies to Mingluo as he tries to support An Chuxia. Mingluo sighs as he walks over. When will the bad news end? However… Ling Hanyu, that bastard… What did he do to provoke An Chuxia? He knows she plays fair. She may be a take-no-prisoners kind of person, but she's protective, too. Ling Hanyu, who only looks at comic books, and isn't great in communicating, is pure. So, he's mentally handicapped at times. It's impossible for him to push someone to to this extreme.

"Xiao Xia, tell me what idiotic thing did Ling Hanyu ge do?" Xiao Mingluo asks with mild interest. This tactic is effective to all women on earth, but maybe not to Chuxia. She's a martian so he's unsure if the inquiry would be effective.

Upon hearing Mingluo's voice, she stops sobbing. However, she launches into his unprepared arms. Stunned, he takes a full step back before catching his balance.

An Chuxia continues to cry. "Ling Hanyu is a bastard, bastard… ."

Mingluo feels giddy as An Chuxia hugs him. However, when he lifts his head and gazes at Han Qilu's cold and scary glare, sweat breaks on his forehead. He refocuses on Chuxia and says, "Xiao Chuxia, I'm not interested. What you just did will get me killed."

Who knew An Chuxia wouldn't leave his arms, and instead, cry louder? Xiao Mingluo is puzzled. Tipping his nose, he bends, inhaling Chuxia's scent. He thinks he has found a way not to be killed by Han Qilu.

"Qilu, if I'm not mistaken, this girl is drunk." He didn't drink wine so it is easy to smell it from Chuxia's body. Han Qilu has drank. Therefore, he missed this detail.

Listening to Xiao Mingluo, Han Qilu takes a few steps forward. Xiao Mingluo definitely has dug his way out from An Chuxia. Sure enough, her face is crimson. Her eyes, blurred. Although she's been crying, she didn't have any tears left. They have left the beginning of tear stains.

"Damn!" He curses under his breath. Han Qilu looks at Ou Ya and Ou Xi. "Did you give her a drink?"

Both can't help but visibly tremble. Ou Xi shakes her head, saying, "I don't know. I was blogging!"

His line of sight falls on Ou Ya. She seems to be calmer than Ou Xi. She nods slightly and says, "I thought she was bored, so I got her one of the newly launched cocktail drinks. Who knew she'd chug it down quickly!"

CHAPTER 184 Miss, I Like You

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TN: Shao- son of a rich family

Han Qilu's eyes jump. This dead girl is really making him work! He originally wanted to find a place to silently recall his first, sad love. Instead, this girl makes him jump from one lovelorn abyss to a deeper one. Didn't he say she's bad luck?

He can't help but laugh at the drunk An Chuxia… she really has very few feminine qualities. He looks at the electronic clock behind the bar. It's half past one. His mother is at home, usually writing her manuscript. Pondering, he decides to take her to Milestone Hotel.

Han Qilu wraps his arm her midsection, ignoring her crying. Then, his left arm cradles her head and back, while his right arm carefully wraps around her legs. This way, he knows she's secure without feeling uncomfortable.

"That kid, Ling Hanyu, I will personally deal with him. As for you, pretend nothing happened. If he escapes tomorrow, you'll be finished." After leaving such icy words, Han Qilu hugs An Chuxia tightly before walking out of Atlantis.

Earlier, the two bouncers stopped An Chuxia from entering. Now, they're shocked to see her in Han Qilu's arms. He looks at the bouncers coldly. He knows she couldn't have come in easily. His lips slightly part. "After seeing her, I must be seen as being respectful."

"Yes! Young master!" They look at the crimson-faced girl in earnest, their eyes, cast low. In their heads, they should carefully mind the girls. However, this one is a girl they can't offend.

"Put me down! You, put me down! I want that bastard, Ling Hanyu, be eaten alive!… My money is not a plaything." As she says those words, Han Qilu frowns. Money? Why does she need money? His father gave her a card. What would she do with money?

"Put me down…!" She begins to twist. Inadvertently, she bumps against him. Cold faced, he takes her to the underground parking lot. A minute later, a dazzling blue sports car speeds along, vanishing before people’s line of sight.

The soothing music playing in Atlantis is immediately replaced with explosive dance music immediately after Han Qilu's departure. Regardless of whether Qilu drinks, or not, he doesn't like noise. So, whenever Han Qilu is around, the music is replaced.

The thumping music makes everybody’s dour mood return to normal. Here, nobody dares to talk about Han Qilu and that girl. Because once conversation is about them, the consequences are unthinkable. In an outsider's heart, Han Qilu is malevolent. His look scares anyone.

"Beautiful, are you broken?" Like a gentleman, Xiao Mingluo reaches out and pulls Ou Ya to her feet, taking advantage of an opportunity to hug her against his bosom. While Han Qilu is cold and indifferent, Xiao Mingluo, in everyone's eyes, is the famously loved prodigal son. A look from him even makes men blush.

Stretching out a slender finger, he lifts Ou Ya's chin and says charmingly, "Are you interested in dancing with me?"

Surprised, Ou Ya's eyes open wide. Her cheeks redden. Slightly nodding her head, she takes the opportunity to have him lead her to the dance floor. They have a tacit understanding to dance seductively, provoking other people at the bar to cheer, "Kiss her! Kiss her!"

Glancing around, Xiao Mingluo looks back at her. Evil words come out of his beautiful mouth. "What do you want to do? They want me to kiss you."

She nervously looks at her feet. "Don't listen to that noise. They're only… ."

"Ah, I don't kiss, because I can think on my own… ." Xiao Mingluo suddenly raises his voice as he lets go of Ou Ya's arms. "Because I want to kiss… someone else." A sob escapes Ou Xi's lips. She feels helpless as she unexpectedly catches him staring at her. He didn't know where to place his hands.

Ou Ya's eyes become gloomy as Xiao Mingluo pushes her away. His flattery is bewitching, but the promises are empty. What will happen next? Holding out one last hope, she tugs on his shirt and says, "Master Xiao… ."

He has long forgotten her as he strides toward Ou Xi. Ou Xi's heart beats exceptionally fast. She knows her sister likes young master Xiao, and she… she likes Han Qilu. But since master Xiao likes her… then, she won't mind. Yes, Xiao Mingluo and Han Qilu are dragons. No matter who (likes them), commitment shouldn't be expected.

Lost in her thoughts, she doesn't realize Xiao Mingluo is standing in front of her. He slowly reaches out and grabs her slender hand. He bends toward her and drops a gentle kiss on her. "Miss, I like you."

Instantly, two red halos form on Ou Xi's cheeks. But Xiao Mingluo's mouth hooks. His pupils, dilate. He drops her hand before leaving. He exits the Atlantis' front door. Ou Xi was so absent-minded, she doesn't respond until people pass her by.

Miss, I like you. His words, like a curse, rings in her ear, over and over. Was Xiao shao's words real? Her lips can't help but smile. Her eyes narrow into a line. Her chest thumps and thumps. Ou Ya stands in front of her and whispers, "Come with me to the bathroom."

She follows Ou Ya to the bathroom. Xiao Mingluo takes every opportunity to play, so much so, it's staged. But every time, a person takes the bait, but all the fish are released. She finally realizes why the girls know Xiao Mingluo is playing them, or willing to swallow the bait. It's the way he talks… he's really quite charming. Unknowingly, his gentle voice banishes a person to the lowest level of hell, never to come back.

People think of Ou Ya as an ice beauty. Surprisingly, she was hypnotized by his humble voice. Really! As they reach the bathroom, she puts her hand under the faucet. The automatic sensor triggers, and the water flows. Cupping her hand, she splashes water on her face. The cold water immediately sobers her up.

With the sharp sound of high heels on the floor, Ou Xi's impatient voice carries. "What are you doing?" She's anxious to ask around Xiao shao's mobile number!

Turning around, Ou Ya looks deeply at Ou Xi. This stupid sister will definitely fall. Knitting her brows, she says to Ou Xi, "Xiao shao isn't for you."

A despicable smile spreads on Ou Xi's face. "You're saying he's not for me because meimei also likes Xiao shao ye? Can't you not be selfish? Didn't you hear young master Xiao say he likes me a lot?"

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