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CHAPTER 181 Thrown On The Street

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"No, no!" An Chuxia waves her hands. "It's too much, don't you think? Did you make a mistake? Are your maid's wages costing a hundred thousand? Is she go berserk? Just give me what your family maid is due and I'll be happy."

She's not greedy… okay, maybe a little bit… but she wouldn't take anything excessive. She won't take what she didn't earn regardless of the offer. Despite lacking funds, she can't forget what she learned. She is principled. [Who would be laughing?]

He looks at her earnestly. "Ten thousand a day or you make the decision." To him, money is just an object. Its worth is just a concept.

Ruled by her conscience, An Chuxia can't blackmail such an innocent child. Her mother taught her since childhood to be a person worthy of their own conscience… .

"For the day, five thousand." She laughs and smiles. "Dear laoda, what's going on?"

It's not quite blackmail at this point, but she's unable to gain a foothold in this world of inflation. In certain situations, one can't always be ruthless. The conscience should rule over anything, or at least, do right by one's self first. She imagines he withdraws money to be able to live happily outside of his family's house.

"Is five thousand a day worth your happiness?" Ling Hanyu's mouth curves. "You, girls, ah. Those who talk the loudest are also the most troublesome. I will open an account with a card, and your wages will be remitted to it. Now, get out."

"Get out?" she stares at him with big eyes. "Mr. laoda, here, on this street? I don't know where I'm at. You said you'd take me home. Is it because your grandfather unexpectedly liked me? Are you retaliating against me? And are you just being good to me because of your grandmother?"

Grandmother… hearing those words, Ling Hanyu's face immediately turns gloomy. "Get out!"

He reaches over and opens An Chuxia's car door. He puts his hand on her waist and pushes her out. If not for her quick response, she would've not had a foot to stand on, perhaps falling flat on her face.

Almost immediately, a gust of wind blows. Ling Hanyu's roadster disappears before her. She stares at it, and suddenly, it dawns on her she's lost in this avenue! Really, being influenced by one's surroundings does someone who's red turns black, where Han Qilu changes his friends and won't be a good influence to Ling Hanyu!

"Laoda! You can't leave me!" People passing by think she's mentally handicap since she's yelling loudly at nothing.

"Look! Go home and watch the Olympic games that are on!" She hides her disposition. She'd like them to think she's a virtuous young woman, but she's angry… but f*ck being a lady! All ladies can go to hell!!! In fact, it can be said all her studies on being a virtuous woman is from her mother, but her essence is unpardonably wicked!

Those passing her by lower their heads after staring at her. She shouldn't looks so desperate. Smoothing out her skirt, she realizes she has forgotten to take a bag, and she doesn't have a penny on her. She can't use her mobile. The only thing unique and of value on her was the necklace snatched by the landlady.

Isn't this the worst misfortune? Will Ling Hanyu really provide her with wages? Otherwise, she'll need several laoda while shouting, "Oh my God!" An Chuxia shakes her head. She cradles her forehead as she feels a headache forming. How can she make money?

Even if she earns a wage in this avenue by renting cars, the profits would eventually end up with the Hans! That's not good. She doesn't have stage props. She can't practice Tae Kwon Do on the streets because she might be taken to the mental hospital! Pacing, she ponders how she'll be able to return to the Hans. Then, two girls wearing short, red line B skirts pass by.

"Why did you ask me out today? Don't you know I have piano lessons today?" One of the girls pulls out a small mirror and starts putting on make-up. The other girl walks next to her.

She shakes her head and takes the mirror from the girl's hand and says earnestly, "But today is Saturday! Atlantis launches the latest cocktails on Saturdays. If you miss out today, on Monday, you'll regret missing out!"

An Chuxia wasn't paying attention to their conversation until she heard the word Atlantis. Why is it familiar? Recalling, she suddenly remembers Xiao Mingluo saying, "I'll go… to Atlantis and take a look. Han Qilu must be there, drinking."

Han Qilu, Atlantis, bar! Right! She secretly looks up and glances at the two girls. The corners of her mouth pull. She proceeds to walk in front of them. "You, two, pretty jiejie are so good."

A wise person once said, "People… must work to the bone, be hungry… to change themselves… and consider what's valuable." Therefore, if she wants to return to the Hans, she must put her pride aside to get back.

The two girls whom she called pretty weren't angry, but they size her up and down. The girl putting on make-up asks, "Who are you? Do we know you?"

"Jiejie, you will certainly not know this child from a poor family. I just want to see Atlantis because people from my school have never been," she says. She doesn't go on. The two girls pity her immediately. This sweet little girl wants them to take her to Atlantis to experience it.

She looks at them, wondering whether or not they'll take her along. An Chuxia looks up, slightly puzzled. "Can't my two sisters take me? I thought you'd be able to take me… Forget it. I'll look for another pretty jiejie"

"Who said we aren't taking you in? We're just wondering if you're a swindler. Looking at your name brand (outfit), you're not likely a child of any poor family," the other girl says cautiously.

At this time, the girl putting on make-up unexpectedly notices An Chuxia's name brand. Whether it's the white sling jacket, or the black lacy miniskirt, they're limited editions of international brands. "Right! They're actually limited editions! I hadn't noticed them immediately."

An Chuxia smiles coolly. "Jiejie has seen many name brands. How are you able to recognize my outfits and figure out where I'm from?"

CHAPTER 182 Court Death?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Both rest their suspicions but are puzzled as they listen to An Chuxia. Raising a hand, she asks, "Did we say we weren't taking you in?"

"When we get in, you cannot run all over the place like a curious country girl. Otherwise, you're going to make us lose face. Understand?" The one girl takes the make-up and applies it on like an old woman. Really, she thinks she's a country girl? An Chuxia represses her unhappiness in her heart and nods in agreement.

Her heart is silently filled with tears. Han Qilu, you better be there, ah! Otherwise, she'll be deemed a country girl till the end.


There is a five to six- meter walkway to get to the Atlantis entrance. On the lower right is a blue sign with the Han Group's four characters. Seriously! Isn't there any other establishment other than Han, Ling, and Xiao? This is too much! Doesn't the Han group own enough real estate? What else are they involved in? Really!

However, this is quite good. It is Uncle Han's bar. If Han Qilu isn't around, she can look for the manager and request that person to contact their big laoda. If Uncle Han knows she can't make it back, he'll certainly send a car to have her picked up.

At the door stands a bouncer who takes the two girls' VIP pass cards. He looks up and stares at An Chuxia. "Miss, please show me your pass."

The Atlantis pass card is annually given to users in businesses of any enterprise spending more than 10 million on the Han Group. With this card, ordinary people can enjoy pleasure designated to the rich. For example, the Atlantis bar is considered high-end entertainment and recreation.

The two girls introduce her by lowering their heads and presenting her up front. The girl with the make-up smiles. "Gege, the three of us come here often to play. Today, she forgot to bring her card and going back to the suburbs will be very troublesome. It takes more than an hour."

The bouncer is momentarily surprised when the whiny girl secretly hands him a check. He grins. "Okay! I recognize you. Why didn't you come yesterday? Go in. Next time, remember to bring your pass."

The girl bows and says thank you. She takes An Chuxia in. As they enter, the girl says haughtily, "You see, didn't we get you in? Let alone, Atlantis. We can take you anywhere, right, Ou Ya?"

The girl named Ou Ya shoots An Chuxia a look. "Follow us. Don't get lost."

An Chuxia nods good-naturedly, and follows them closely. Going through the door, it feels like multiple eyes land on her and her two companions. They face a huge bar. She doesn't know where to face. Why isn't there just one bar?

Why are there ten bars? Moreover, there are sofas and tables everywhere. The whole bar is like a city. No wonder it is called Atlantis!

However, this makes locating Han Qilu a bit difficult. Following the two girls, the arrive at a free bar. A handsome bartender immediately puts his hands down and smiles, asking, "Lovely ladies, what can I make for you?"

His flattery makes An Chuxia sick in her stomach. How can a person be such a dog and say beautiful lady to all the girls? She forgot flattery was necessary for her to enter Atlantis… now comparable to the dog-legged bartender!

"We'll take three of today's recently launched cocktails." The girl sits down on the swiveling bar stool. An Chuxia sits down as the bartender and Ou Ya merrily chat. An Chuxia scans the room in search of Qilu. The charming bartender puts a cocktail in front of each of them.

Ou Ya brings the glass to her bright red lips gently, sipping the drink with class. Her eyes open brilliantly. "Tasty! There is a trace of lemon but it isn't as sour. When you swallow, it goes down smoothly with the sweetness." These wealthy children, their wine-tasting and luxurious toys truly sets them apart.

After Ou Ya's description, An Chuxia is somewhat excited. She picks up the stem glass. But unlike Ou Ya, who took a small drink, she drinks all the wine in the goblet. The bartender and Ou Ya's eyes stare in disbelief. An Chuxia blinks, puzzled. "I didn't think the lemon had a sour taste either. Yeah, after swallowing, it's really sweet."

"Miss, the alcohol level in this liquor is high. Your alcohol capacity is really… really good." He hasn't seen such a customer who dares to drink the newly launched cocktail like water. Knowing the potential alcohol content is high, this lady shouldn't dare drink more than three or four.

She tips the drink and raises her head. All gone! Ou Ya cradles her forehead, staving off a headache. She didn't know this country girl knows nothing. Okay, if she gets drunk later on, she'll pretend she doesn't know her. Truly, she doesn't know her.

Compared to Ou Ya, the other girl completely missed what's happening around her. With her head down, she microblogs. She raises her head suddenly and whispers, "Young master Qilu!"

An Chuxia suddenly looks down the direction the other girl is looking. She sees Han Qilu sitting quietly in the corner, drinking. The only reason she didn't see him was because a group of people blocked her vision. Now that they've left, she immediately sees him.

"How do you know young master Qilu?" Ou Ya smiles contemptuously. "Hey, country girl, while you're inebriated, stay here."

An Chuxia doesn't quiet down. She jumps from the high chair. She cups her mouth like a trumpet and says, "Han Qilu! I'm here!!!"

Almost simultaneously, everyone's eyes lock on her. Unexpectedly, the girls with her weren't afraid of death, hoping Han Qilu engages them to smooth things over… blatantly. Does clarification court death?

"You're an idiot, ah!" Ou Ya and the other girl hurry and clamp over her mouth despite being late. Han Qilu's blurred and lazy vision sweeps disgruntedly toward her. Seeing the two girls hold down An Chuxia in an effort to silence her, he wakes up immediately from his alcoholic stupor.

"Well, no! Qilu… Not!" She must speak, but her mouth is tightly covered by the two women.

So she stops speaking. She looks up to see Han Qilu. This time, he stands up and walks toward them… .

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