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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 179 Ling Hanyu Likes Her

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Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

TL: luoluo- bandit

With Lao Ling's urgent questioning, her hand shakes, splashing tea on the table. Marry their family? This old man is evidently very satisfied with her or insane enough to want her as a granddaughter-in-law!

Grandfather Ling tries his best to soften his features whe he sees her shocked expression. He says with a smile, "Don't worry! You'll never suffer if you marry into the Ling family. You have meat to eat. You are all bones… Bah! What am I saying?"

An Chuxia wishes she can bite off her tongue and amuse him by making a 'pop' sound. Waving a hand, she says, "Grandfather, actually… ." She deliberately lowers the volume of her voice. She looks at the door before continuing to say, "In fact, ah, I don't like Ling Hanyu."

"What?!" Surprised, Lao Ling heavily pounds on the table, scaring An Chuxia enough for her to jump. However, within three seconds, he calms down, putting on a bright smile. "No one can barely have feelings. But why don't you like our family's Hanyu? You can see he's clever and chaste child."

An Chuxia smiles. This old man's face and emotions change rather quickly. "I'm actually Han Qilu's fiancée. However, I don't like Qilu. The reason I'm his fiancée is for a compelling reason, but it's false advertisement. Hanyu is very cute, he makes me feel comfortable."

"Are you saying he doesn't make your heart beat? If you have no heartbeat, how are you alive?" Although he's experienced with sentimental matters, Lao Ling can also be a dredge of the idiot rank.

A heavy line weighs on Chuxia. Wiping the cold sweat on her forehead, she raises her head and decides to speak clearer. For this matter to end well, she should have a perfect solution today. For the perfect solution to matter, she must tell the truth. Of course, in that truth, she also has to make a slight modification… .

Clearing her throat, An Chuxia says, "That is, I face two choices: marry Han Qilu or marry your treasured grandson, Ling Hanyu. You see, both are financially sound. Both are dragons. However, a little woman like me can't just decide."

Lao Ling catches the favorable information. Han Liuhai's actually wants this little girl as his son's wife, revealing he didn't choose the wrong person. This girl isn't simple. But the more studies this matter, he realizes no one else will do! Even for Han Qilu's benefit, he won't surrender something easily.

He didn't know An Chuxia was being calculating. She thought after mentioning the Hans, he would immediately give up. But that's her wishful thinking, and it has gone awry. As for the development of matters, it seems… whatever she thinks, the contrary happens.

Taking a deep breath, Lao Ling asks boldly, "Where is your home? I need to discuss marriage with your parents!"

Her eyes jump. "What?!" This harmless joke seems to have gone too far! The corners of her mouth kept on pulling, that even her eyes couldn't recover.

"I am serious, where is your home? I will lead all the bodyguards to your family and discuss marriage now. If your parents don't agree, I… with guns… will execute them!"

A sinister light flashes on the old man's eyes as he stares at her.

She swallows hard when she lifts her wrist to wipe the cold sweat from her forehead. Fortunately, her mother has passed away. Fortunately, fortunately… Otherwise, more people will be in pain.

"That… grandfather sir." She couldn't bear saying his name so she adds sir, in case she provokes him. What is she supposed to do? He stares straight to her. Her heart secretly cheers. Don't be afraid of death, An Chuxia! Taking a deep breath, she makes her tone as calm as possible. "I am currently living with the Hans."

Her guess is mistaken when she thought the old man would be furious. Instead, he breaks into a hearty smile and laughs. As soon as he recovers, he looks back at her calmly. "Tomorrow, I'll go to the Han family and drink tea with that boy, Han Liuhai, and chat with him personally."

How much more can she take of this bitter tea? No! Tomorrow, in any case, she needs to find a reason to slip out and seek Han's father so he and Lao Ling won't have a serious showdown. A knife might as well kill the happiness that has come her way. Making an effort to calm herself, she adjusts modestly as she picks the cup from the table and drinks the tepid Longjing tea. "Actually, I'm not that virtuous of a woman. I am not polite to elders. The politeness you saw is all for show!"

Now, the only way she is allowed to break a marriage contract with Ling Hanyu as soon as possible is by being cold. She doesn't want anyone to be hurt but she needs to be detested! Alas, since she doesn't believe in fortunes, fate is something she can't rely on to help her. On her forehead, there might as well be a hidden "decline" sign posted.

The old man seems to have seen through her little trick. The old fox narrows his eyes, smiles, and says, "Since you were at the door, I didn't think of you as a virtuous lady."

Her heart thumps. She would like to ask if she is a red luoluo to despise. Gawking at her silly appearance, Lao Ling finally laughs out loud. "Little girl, did you really think you can play that trick on me? Honestly, your status to be married has no relationship at all. In my eyes, I haven't seen the wrong (kind of) people. You, girl, won my heart, and I have decided you'll be my granddaughter-in-law!"

The sound of rapid footsteps are heard from the corridor. Both of them tacitly understand they should keep quiet. The old man is worried his grandson would blame him for being to meddlesome. After all, Ling Hanyu is gay. She lied when she said Ling Hanyu liked her. If it were to be known, would Ling Hanyu tear her to pieces?

Holding the square, white medicine box, Hanyu sits in front of Chuxia. He holds her hand to disinfect the wound with iodine. Then, he coats it with a cooling ointment foreign to her. After everything is done, Ling Hanyu speaks to her clearly.

An Chuxia's heart sighs with emotion. This child acts like their relationship is real! Or is it because they came to an agreement to act like they were on a stage and pretend Ling Hanyu really likes her!

CHAPTER 180.1 You Do Not Want Me

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

 "Still hurt?" Ling Hanyu looks into her eyes. He isn't thinking about anything. His distressed expression is very real. Not waiting for her response, he takes her injured hand and gently blows on her fingers. His cold hands clasps hers. That feeling… it's like something is spreading in his heart.

Stroking his chin, Grandfather Ling says happily, "I've seen what needs to be seen, and I'm satisfied. You can go. I should sleep well. This person is old and I need a good rest before facing tomorrow."

Thump. As she hear Lao Ling's words, her heart drops. He has decided to visit the Han family tomorrow. Goodness. This only means she has to cope with everything and resist by whatever means available… Perhaps, she should officially inform Han Qilu… this isn't good… A headache is coming… .

"What's wrong? Why do you look so bad?" Ling Hanyu looks at Lao Ling and says, "An Chuxia looks uncomfortable. We'll head out. Rest well."

Lao Ling's relaxed demeanor stiffens as he hears Ling Hanyu's words. "Chuxia? Child, your name is Chuxia? Isn't that the lead's name in that boring cartoon your grandmother used to watch? Her name is also Chuxia!"

Lao Ling's dead wife used to love cartoons? She almost understands why Ling Hanyu carries a variety of comic books all day. Would it have something to do with his dead grandmother? After all, he is 18-years-old and has an obsession with comics. Maybe it's because of his grandmother.

Her heart can't help but have a favorable impression of Hanyu. A filial child is most lovable. Which isn't like Han Qilu. Bah! Why does she suddenly think of him? She thinks about it. Ling Hanyu partially squats while holding on to An Chuxia's middle to lift her.

He looks at her round face. How is she so light? He couldn't help but frown. "You're rather light. What's wrong? Don't the Hans feed you enough?"

An Chuxia squirms when she reacts to his furious gaze. "How can I be light? This is my normal weight."

"… Obviously, you're light!" Ling Hanyu disagrees.

"… Am not!" An Chuxia makes no concessions.

"… Are too!"

"… If you say I'm light one more time, I'm ignoring you, Ling Hanyu!" she threatens him. Ling Hanyu obediently says, "… Not light." They reach a compromise about her body weight, and Lao Ling laughs at the flattery. An Chuxia, good An Chuxia!

Ling Hanyu holds on to her as they exit the Ling's front door. With a neat "See off the young master," Ling Hanyu holds on to her as they take a left, making their way to the car. Relieved, An Chuxia whispers, "Put me down. We don't need to act."

He suddenly stops walking. His heart suddenly is fiercely alarmed. The pupils in his eyes narrow immediately. "Act?" He chest violently rises and falls. He takes a few deep breaths to calm himself down.

Confused, he blinks innocently. "Act, like, in a play with me? Oh yeah. That's why I put you down quickly. I admit, your acting is pretty good. I slipped a few times and thought we weren't play-acting."

He finally looks at An Chuxia. Ling Hanyu's lips move but he doesn't speak. His sound is light but icy. "Ah, acting."

CHAPTER 180.2 You Do Not Want Me

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

A man opens the car door. After a closer look, it's easy to see the car has been cleaned. It has a fresh car wash scent.

After getting seated, An Chuxia looks at the silent Ling Hanyu and says, "Your grandfather seems to like me."

"It is just acting." He's indifferent after saying the four words. Ling Hanyu starts the engine. The car leaves the entrance of the Ling mansion immediately. Suddenly, the wind on her cheeks are sore. She looks at Ling Hanyu from the side. She's perplexed. What's wrong with him? Why is he all of a sudden very angry? Is it because she said Lao Ling liked her? That might be it.

It is evident he likes boys, but his grandfather likes her. This is probably why Ling Hanyu is angry. Making an effort to nod, An Chuxia says loudly, "Ling Hanyu, don't worry! I won't marry you. I don't discriminate against you."

The car slows down. An Chuxia's face breaks into a smile. At that moment, he unexpectedly asks absent-mindedly, "What did my grandfather say to you? He made me look for the medicine kit. It took me half a day to find it, not knowing his intent. In those few minutes, what did he say to you?"

Mischievously spitting under her tongue, her smile brightens. "Good sisters, relax! He said he must go and chat with Uncle Han, but don't worry, I won't marry you. You have to be confident in your future. There'll be a boy willing to abandon custom and be with you!"

He immediately looks like he has eaten a lump of stool. An Chuxia actually thinks he's gay. How much of an idiot can she actually be? He really can't stand her… after what she just said… .

"You said my grandfather is visiting the Hans?" He stares suspiciously at Chuxia. Is she saying the old man is determined to have An Chuxia as his granddaughter? How is this good?

An Chuxia nods and says, "Don't be worried! When the time comes, I'll say I have to help you study for a missed lesson. That way, it would be obvious and inconvenient for him to leave."

He remembers they are making this up. His eyes turn dark. Ling Hanyu raises his chin and says, "Don't come to my house for now."

"Why?" An Chuxia asks, shocked. "You aren't… you don't want me? Why? We reached an agreement." He reneges rather quickly!

Whatever she said seems to be inadvertently misunderstood. Raising his eyebrows, he says lightly, "I mean, the young master hasn't honestly recovered. Relax, even if you don't come, I'll give you your wages. Ten thousand for a day?"

As she hears the amount, An Chuxia fiercely stares him down. "Ten thousand?" A day… Day?! Where does one work to be able to attain this salary for doing nothing?

"Too little?" Gauging An Chuxia's reaction, Ling Hanyu frowns. His expression remains light. "One hundred thousand? I thought ten thousand a day isn't low."

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