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CHAPTER 177 Inconceivable Ling

Welcome to another installation to the story. The next couple of chapters are going to get longer. Hope you appreciate them!

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

As she sees his face darken, she lowers her voice and weakly asks, "Sorry… am I wrong?"

Why does everyone think he's gay? But if doesn't say anything, should he be upset about it? Whatever. His appearance speaks volumes about his annoyance.

He is about to show his emotions when a cunning thought flashes in his head. She thinks he's gay? Would it be more amusing to let the misunderstanding go uncorrected?

But it still hurts inside. Flippantly, he says, "You've figured this out? Ah, you're really genius. Then, you need to act well. Otherwise, we won't be able to convince anyone."

Her eyes shine brightly. He’s really gay! He confirmed it! Oh, her guess is unexpected. She pats her chest in confidence. "Rest assured, my acting skills are great. I was once awarded a Star Actor in kindergarten!"

Like a ruffian, Ling Hanyu smiles. He looks at An Chuxia from head to toe. She is dressed appropriately. She doesn't have any make-up or perfume on. Based on his father's aesthetics, he will be satisfied. "In that case, listen carefully." It isn't hard to tell he's frustrated.

He has always disliked girl trouble. He doesn't want to be like Xiao Mingluo, lingering in the flowers among people, or like Han, wearing a green cap, which is even more annoying. It is why his sexual orientation has become an issue with his own father. He impatiently wants him to find a girlfriend. Now, even the fool, An Chuxia, thinks he's gay. Doesn't he really exude masculinity? Must a man supposed to be at a woman's left, to be considered a man?

He really doesn't understand their world… .

Soon, the car stops at the mansion's gate. The mansion itself is classic. The external walls are made of garnet. The entire mansion cannot be seen from the side because of the black iron railings. Two rows of people wearing police uniform line the entrance. They really look handsome.

How can she say she has seen the world when she is flabbergasted after seeing such a scene? Only she knows how her heart is beating in excitement. It's such a big house, and Hanyu doesn't know his net worth… Although the Han property is huge, it doesn't have the same area the Ling mansion occupies. The Han mansion has several storeys. The Ling mansion sprawls. Visitors would think they've been transported to Japan.

"Young master is good!" The waitstaff opens the door. An Chuxia takes one step on the ground when she hears, "Young master is good." Silence follows. The police in uniform remain stoic, but respectful. She understands why Ling Hanyu moved out. Living in such a place would certainly be depressing, right?

After Ling Hanyu gets out, a person comes forward to valet the car. Ling Hanyu naturally holds her hand before walking. After taking several steps, he stops, turns slightly, and takes care of Chuxia's disorderly bangs. Then, they continue walking to the house.

Ling Hanyu's face suddenly feels hot after that small action. He secretly scolds her as an idiot, but how would a same-sex action make him blush? Chuxia hangs her lower lip and drops her head as she follows Hanyu into the cold Ling mansion. However, the small gesture astonishes the squad of armed men.

The young master has always hated girls. This is well-known. But this time around, he has come back with a girl. Plus, he demonstrated a cryptic deed. Is the young master… back to normal? They don't put much thought into it. Instead, they calm their hearts to restore their disposition.

Bypassing several small buildings, they arrive at the big house located at the center of the Ling property. Two policemen stand by the entrance, along with a friendly maid. As they see her and Ling Hanyu, they immediately bend over and present two pairs of slippers before lightly saying, "Young master, the master has been waiting for you for a while."

She thought the maid would be very friendly. She didn't expect it is only her appearance that makes her so, as she speaks indifferently. How does the head of the family compare ice to ice? She couldn't help but gulp. It is said his father is definitely an iceberg. Someone to be feared… .

Until the slipper exchange, the maid says nothing. Instead, she mechanically bends over, then, stands aside. She feels the maid unintentionally looks at her, afraid to rely on Ling Hanyu. As he changes his slippers, he notes An Chuxia's fear as a daughter-in-law. He can't help but smile. "Don't be afraid, you have me."

The maid is stunned. An Chuxia doesn't know Ling Hanyu rarely smiles in this home. After all, laughter has no meaning to a crowd of ice.

He tightens his grip on An Chuxia's wrist. She looks at him, puzzled. "How?"

"Grandfather is a very warm person, so you don't have to be afraid." His words are the equivalent of a bomb. Peng! Soon, An Chuxia's chest breaks open. Warm? How does one possibly be warm when these people have poker faces?

She didn't have high hopes upon entering the mansion with Ling Hanyu. They pass through a corridor almost ten meters long before arriving at an innermost room.

"Grandfather." The door closes. Ling Hanyu bellows as he lowers his head. However, there isn't any sound. Ling Hanyu shakes his head, releases her hand, and pushes her toward the left. Puzzled, An Chuxia suddenly sees a dart suddenly flying past them.

It bypasses the side of Ling Hanyu's face. The dart misses the tip of his nose, and nails itself into the opposite wall. An Chuxia's mouth widens. It was hard not to scream. However, Ling Hanyu's face is calm. It seem he often encounters such an event.

"Come in." An old but dignified voice spookily transmits from inside. An Chuxia's eye stares, daring not to believe. Did Ling Hanyu's grandfather personally launch the dart at him? He must've known the dart's speed. If he didn’t dodge it fast enough, he would've suffered.

CHAPTER 178 Lao Ling's Inquiry

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

TN: Zhengtai – cute and beautiful boy (around the ages of 8-14)

Flicker- con or dupe

"Come." Ling Hanyu opens the door, taking An Chuxia's hand in his. The room is large and empty. The only furniture in the room is a dark red table. On the table is a high-quality tea set. She hypothesizes it's high-quality tea set is because she doesn't understand when and how to use the various spoons….

As soon as they enter the door, she feels a sharp beam of light fall on her. Under his gaze, it seems anyone's primal being will suddenly show. She feels a shiver travel down her spine.

She definitely has a different experience to what's labeled as "very warm". IS there a limit to what's deemed as enthusiasm under the man's gaze? Why are the wealthy strange? Naturally, she wouldn't attempt to avoid the hard gaze the old man shoots her, so she looks straight ahead. She tries no stare at grandfather Ling since he's Ling Hanyu's grandfather, but how can one distinguish his age when his temples are the only ones streaked in white? He exudes the spirit of a man in his 20s.

Especially the eyes; so bright people can't look directly. Ling Hanyu doesn't look like his grandfather. Lao Ling's profile is distinct, while Ling Hanyu has a Zhengtai face. Except for the nose, the two have little resemblance. The moment the old man sits on the ground, with both hands on the side, he looks at her.

Both eyes bear similarity to a fox's shrewdness. The deep abyss in the pupils flash appreciation. The image he had of Ling Hanyu's girlfriend is completely different. He thought Hanyu will bring back a kawaii girl, one who looks flirtatious, not one who can be beautiful and lovely at first sight.

In addition, she is born with a fresh temperament. People feel invigorated around her. Boldly looking at her, Lao Ling praises Ling Hanyu's choice from the bottom of his heart. This girl is truly good! She is very suitable to becoming Ling Hanyu's future wife.

It seems his concerns have been superfluous. His baby grandson's sexual orientation is straight! He didn't have a girlfriend because his standards are too high, and now, he's finally found the right one!

The corners of his mouth lift. Lao Ling smiles like a fox. "Little girl, come and taste this very superior Longjing tea. This type of Longjing tea steeps in high temperature. It's guaranteed after drinking one cup, you'd want another!"

"Grandfather, are you making a sales pitch? You talk like a salesman, convincing someone to drink what you want to drink." Ling Hanyu takes An Chuxia's hand and leads her to sit across from his grandfather.

She looks at Lao Ling. His eyes soften. It makes her think the feeling of being alive is an illusion. However, she profoundly knows it is!

In a blink of an eye, Lao Ling personality completely changes. She can't be concerned about saving face. She smiles and extends her hand to properly receive the teacup grandfather Ling hands to her. However, in the Ling family, things aren't that simple. Even if it's just a cup… .

She is about to touch the cup when the old man suddenly changes his position. The cup is thrown upwards. Catching a glimpse of the old man's bright eyes, An Chuxia clenches her teeth, remembering the dart-at-the-door incident. Is this a Ling custom? If it is a custom, she must be able to adapt.

Before Ling Hanyu opens his mouth, she quickly extends the other hand upwards. However, the old man simultaneously reaches out in the air to catch the cup mid-air to hand it to Chuxia.

"Grandfather! She… ."

"Shut up!" they both chorus. Stunned, Ling Hanyu sees An Chuxia's firm gaze. Her lips move, but they don't speak. What's she going to do next?

Her body is taut, and a suppressed red forms on her smiling face… She bends the corners of her mouth, sketching a beautiful smile on her delicate features. "Apparently, wanting to drink this cup of tea isn't an easy matter."

After making the last sound, An Chuxia unceremoniously stretches out her hand to seize the old man's wrist. Who knew his hand moves so quickly, several shadows appear. Clenching her teeth, she extend her hand toward a shadow while Lao Ling's hand stops at the same moment.

Hiss! She sucks in air. It was too late to retrieve her hand when her fingers suddenly dip into the cup. That tea is very hot. Her slender middle and ring fingers are suddenly crimson red.

"Damn!" Ling Hanyu curses loudly, holding her hand before him. After seeing the scalded skin, he pounds on the table as he stands. "Old man! She is your guest!"

The old gentleman grins from ear to ear after seeing Ling Hanyu's reaction. This shows Ling Hanyu didn't call her to flicker. But… he really cares about the girl. He pulls back the corners of his mouth and says, "The medicine kit is somewhere in my bedroom. Go look for it."

First, he looks at her, then his grandfather. Ling Hanyu frowns. "I'll go search for the medicine kit. You're not allowed to make things difficult for her!" Leaving it at that, Hanyu hurriedly runs out of the room.

Turning around and looking at the direction Hanyu took off, An Chuxia pretends to reach back and blow against her fingers when she lightly says, "Grandfather, you deliberately sent Ling Hanyu away. What question do you want to ask me that you don't want him to hear?"

Listening to An Chuxia, his smile gets bigger. The appreciation in his eyes are more evident. "What is your name, little girl? You are very smart." Seeing An Chuxia being so free and easy, doesn't require him to dig further. They're simply two people speaking openly under the sky. His bedroom isn't in this house, but a distance away. Moreover, the medicine kit is hidden very well. He has plenty of time to have 'tea' with An Chuxia.

Stretching out the unburned hand, she takes the cup of tea and holds it up against her nose. Despite the elegant smell, she doesn't drink it. With a faint smile, she says, "This tea is quite fragrant… However, I still prefer drinking spa water." She's deliberately changes topics. Otherwise, this old fox would take half a day to make a point.

Grandfather Ling can no longer bear An Chuxia taking command of the moment. "You and Ling Hanyu, how did you get together? Are there any adults in your family? Who is it? Are you somewhat prepared to be an adult and marry into our family?"

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