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Chapter 176
CHAPTER 176 I Am Not a Man

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

T/N: Naruto is an adolescent ninja who searches for recognition and dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village.)

 *(T/N: 我的头都被弄得一个头两个大了– cannot solve something, very troubled and having headache, do someone’s head in (one head, twice as big))/ so big it is about to explode.


She is relieved as she ponders. This event is equivalent to being kissed by a girl. Why would she be so puzzled?! Her face relaxes as the corners of her mouth raise to a smile. “No need for punishment or blame! As long as you don’t take a gun to my head the next time. In fact, I actually fear death.”

The police leader nods his head and says, “Thank you, madame!” He gets up, jumps, and vanishes from the line of sight. As she searches, she discovers he disappeared into thin air! When her line of sight returns to the same spot, the rest of the kneeling police have also disappeared!

Surprised, she turns her head to Ling Hanyu. Her lips couldn’t help but tremble. “They… a moment ago, those people… Are they human or ghosts?” Can they unexpectedly vanish from her eyes? Can they be the legendary Naruto? The eyes may jump a few times but this isn’t the anime world. How can there be ninjas?

Ling Hanyu’s eyes widen. Immediately a voice conveys, “Madame, we are not ghosts. It’s because we received strict training and move quite rapidly.”

An Chuxia sees the police leader’s profile as he appears near the car door: one hand on his chest, the other behind his back. He respectfully answers her question. Without the revolver pointed at her head, he looks completely different. Ah, this element of life… She accepts his reasoning. She almost totally welcomes the idea of the police who appears and disappears mysteriously. Then, he nods. He remains stoic.

Puzzled, Ling Hanyu opens the car door and walks toward the leader and asks, “I’ve not been threatened. Why did you appear without informing me?” These people follow Mr. Ling’s orders to protect him because he doesn’t like living in the Ling mansion. However, this is his private home. Mr. Ling doesn’t feel relieved that such a group of people secretly protect him despite his achievement of dominating the country’s Tae Kwon Do and Judo competitions among the junior high students….

This group of bodyguards generally appear only when he is faced with a threat just like when Chuxia drew out her fists. But now there isn’t a threat, the leader appears, explaining the matter but for forgetting about what to say.

“Young master, I have reported to your father you have the madame candidate. Your father relays you have to take the madame back to the Ling Mansion.” The words of the leader makes Ling Hanyu’s brows knit tightly. Just because he said An Chuxia is his future wife, this bodyguard reports him to his father! Damn… .

Although he doesn’t want to go, he must. Otherwise, his father wouldn’t certainly give up. He knows his father has mistaken him for having sexual orientation problems, and have long turned. Now that he has disappeared, he naturally wants to meet the girl who sees him like this.

“Disappear.” His voice still has has the ability to heal, but with more dignity. An Chuxia’s eyes move. It seems… whether it’s Han Qilu with Ling Hanyu, or Xiao Mingluo, they are inconceivable, inherent King temperaments. They seem unruly, but in fact, they cannot be ignored. Individually, they have formidable strength.

The leader moves, disappearing before them. In the air, his voice lingers. “Please be sure to visit your father, young master.”

*Opening the car door, Chuxia steps out of the car, puzzled. She asks, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know coming here would mean so much trouble. However, what’s this about? Why is the police calling you young master? Who’s your father?

Looking at An Chuxia’s confused expression, Ling Hanyu rubs his head while revealing a helpless smile. His dignified appearance completely vanishes in a moment. He hides it really well. She can’t help but sigh. Not only is it very dangerous. Oh no. Don’t forget he’s gay!

“Actually, it isn’t difficult to understand, but you don’t know much about me?” He glances at her before groaning helplessly. “If it’s someone else, you’d really be treated like a martian.”

She sticks out her tongue at him mischievously. She doesn’t idly gossip to find out about Ling Hanyu… All she knows is his soothing power. She knows he’s also not that simple….

The Ling family is powerful. The Lings command all the police in A City. The Lings also train a super-destructive and rapid-action special forces team. Several of the elite special forces she saw a moment ago are from that team. Their family almost dominate the Chinese and international Tae Kwon Do and Judo halls. That is, if a family looks into a Tae Kwon Do Museum, there’s a 90% probability there is an opening for a Ling. Moreover, the Lings are the only privately owned enterprise allowed to manufacture state-arm machinery.

Some rumors state as long as the Ling’s special forces are under their fingers, they can easily destroy China. The Ling’s special status in China is described as unusual.

Listening to Ling Hanyu’s description made An Chuxia dizzier. How, in her eyes, is an idiot like him, so powerful? Are they hidden so well she can’t see past what she’s allowed?

Ling Hanyu pinches her small pink cheek before looking around. With no one as witness, he says, “Help me.”

She immediately has a bad premonition. Ling Hanyu leans to her ear and says, “Accompany me to see my father. He already wants to see my girlfriend. Please, don’t misunderstand. This is just for fun.”

“Wants!” She didn’t want to agree, but she likes Hanyu, and she’s only a guest performer. If her appearance makes his father see him in a good light, then it’s her obligation to pretend to be his girlfriend.

Her smiling face stuns Ling Hanyu. “You’re agreeing to this? You’re not afraid I’ll cherish you illegally, marry, and take you home and then… Uhm?”

She stares at Hanyu’s face earnestly for three seconds before cunningly stating, “You don’t have to stall. I know you’re… you’re gay! I am certain you won’t be improper. Relax, I won’t discriminate against you. If I know any high-quality gay (men), I will introduce you!”

Proclaiming her loyalty, she claps Ling Hanyu on the shoulder. A normal man would immediately have a heavy line, one equivalent to eating a big lump of stool. Gay? Does he not exude masculinity?


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