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Chapter 175
CHAPTER 175 Little Lady, Please Punish


Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

“What are you doing?” She rubs her itchy nose. It is quite uncomfortable… Assh*le!

Ling Hanyu shrugs. “You told me to wake you up. I called out for a while but your eyes didn’t move. So I… had to use extreme measures.” He seems relaxed despite successfully provoking her anger.

“Ling Hanyu!!!” She lashes out. Wielding her fist, ready to punch Ling Hanyu, when suddenly, the sound of metal clicking in place resonate… Several AK-47s are aimed at her head. Each person holding a weapon

is wearing a blue police uniform.

She raises her arms up in the air involuntarily. Innocently, she says, “I’ve not done anything… .” Policemen aren’t always gentle to good people. They look menacing with the muzzles aimed at her head. As long as she makes a move, she would more than likely be shot.

Seeing her reaction, Ling Hanyu unconsciously smiles. “Put it down. She’s my friend.”

The police officers look at each other but didn’t relax their stance. One stands in front, raising a silver pistol. “Master, the madame instructed your friends aren’t necessarily safe.

safe. Just now, I saw her threatening you.”

It is implied she will die. Period. An Chuxia’s lips move. Unexpectedly, tears come out against her own volition. She may be fearless, but the injustice makes her tears flow unexpectedly. The AK-47s and the revolver pointed at her doesn’t help.

As soon as Ling Hanyu notes the tears falling from her perfect cheeks, he frowns.

“Put the guns down immediately!” Despite his authoritative voice, the police remain motionless. They maintain their aim at her head.

When the men don’t listen to his orders, Ling Hanyu can’t help but curse.

but curse. “Damn!”

“Ling Hanyu… I want to go home!” An Chuxia dares not to move but she wills herself to spit out the words. His heart suddenly shudders. Under watchful eyes, he puts his arm around her shoulder. He gently turns her head, and kisses her lips. For a second, he leaves her with fragrant lips. At that moment, his heartbeat unexpectedly races.

He calmly holds her in his arms. He looks up at the uniformed gang. They are stunned. “There is nothing to see. She will be your future madame! If she were to really were to really hit me, you’re not supposed to see anything. Now you dare point a gun at her?”

The arm of the person with the revolver suddenly jolts. He immediately puts the pistol down. The other people behind him also start lowering their weapons and immediately start kneeling. They say, “Little lady, please punish us!”

An Chuxia stares. Is the crisis averted? Did Ling Hanyu just kiss her? How can this happen?

This isn’t right… he’s gay! He’s only interested in men, and he is her sister! He just did it so the gang with guns put down their weapons.

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