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Chapter 174

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

T/N: Sister Furong a Chinese blogger who gained notoriety in 2005 for posting on BBS about her struggles in entering universities. She also blogged about sex and relationships.

 An Chuxia takes back her compliment. “Rotten wood cannot be carved.” She turns and runs out. As he watches Chuxia leave, the hint of playfulness suddenly disappears from Xiao Mingluo’s face, leaving him perplexed.

“Good person?” he mutters. This is the first time in his whole life he hears such a compliment. An Chuxia… She’s really special. Lifting his feet, footsteps fall firmly toward the gymnasium doors.

Sunlight fills the entire world. An Chuxia sits on the hood

of the red convertible, sizing it up. Isn’t this type the kind that appeals to women? Really, Ling Hanyu is gay! She confesses he is quite cerebral. It would be a life goal to follow after Ling Hanyu if one obtains awareness.

After all, in real life, she’s not really met one; it was only in novels she has encountered gay (characters). This has really opened her horizon… .

A yellow lamborghini pulls parallel to their car. An Chuxia looks back and happens to see Xiao Mingluo knocking behind the peach-decorated window. He yells loudly to Ling Hanyu, “Remember to send her home. I’m headed to Atlantis.”

He doesn’t wait for Ling Hanyu to

to respond. The lamborghini quickly speeds away, quickly vanishing from their view. Wow, that car… it’s handsome! Certainly, the car she sits on is also very graceful. The wind against Hanyu’s forehead reveals a very good and smooth forehead.

Taking a split-second glance, Ling Hanyu says lightly, “You look like a person I like.”

“Who?” she asks, smiling. She awaits joyfully for Ling Hanyu to mention the name of some superstar but actually hears him faintly say, “Sister Furong after being cleaned up since she’s a mess.”

“Hey- !” She raises her hand, but suddenly remembers he is driving and cannot make any violent contact with the driver. Otherwise, they will die.

He laughs in

laughs in a low voice. Ling Hanyu recalls his thoughts in earnest. He’s cracking a joke. What he actually thinks is she looks like the protagonist, Tang Yin, from the anime Ikoku Meiro no Kurowāze.

Silence falls. Suddenly, An Chuxia asks, “Xiao Mingluo mentioned Atlantis. What is it? As far as I know, Atlantis is located in the submerged ruins of the seabed.”

Ling Hanyu quickly raises an eyebrow. “You’re so knowledgeable and yet you don’t know that Atlantis is A City’s upscale bar?”

Upscale bar? She’s sure it’s Han’s or Xiao’s or Ling’s bar. She sighs emotionally. Before closing her eyes, she says, “Um.”

Looking wearily at An Chuxia, Ling Hanyu didn’t say it was the only “um” one. He “um” one. He drives earnestly. Ten minutes later, Chuxia wakes up, itching.

Ah choo-! She finally couldn’t resist. She sneezes loudly, rubbing her eyes to see what’s happening. The result? She sees a handful of her hair pinched between Ling Hanyu’s fingers, tickling her nose lightly. As she opens her eyes, Ling Hanyu immediately lets go of her hair. He sits back and says lightly, “We’re here.”

He suspects she’s an idiot. How is it, every time she falls asleep, she sheds tears. He sees it… It makes his heart feel funny. Despite calling out to her several times, she doesn’t react. So he played the heart atmosphere, taking her hair to scratch her nose.


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