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Chapter 173

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

T/N: wearing a green hat” (戴绿帽子) refers to a woman who cheats on her lover

She has a better understanding after Xiao Mingluo’s narrative.

Han Qilu didn’t want to forgive Mankuai after returning to China. However, he found out she’s been pregnant for three months. She was pregnant with that man’s child. He was Xiang Mankuai’s first love. Han Qilu didn’t know she’s been wearing a green hat.

Han Liuhai confirmed the news, but Han Qilu didn’t believe him, so he called Xiang Mankuai. Finally, she admits to cheating on him. She said he wasn’t mature enough. And because their fathers were not on friendly terms,

she concluded they had no future together.

Since then, Han Qilu drank all day. He drank so much liquor, he developed gastic bleeding. It wasn’t until Jiang Yuan of him being constantly drunk did Qilu sober. But after sobering, he developed a hostility toward strangers around him.

Han Liuhai has recounted the same story except he concealed what Xiang Mankuai did.

“Actually, An Chuxia, because of you, I think Han Qilu might find it in his heart to love again… .”

“You don’t need to say such needless things.” She didn’t hesitate to interrupt Mingluo’s proposition. “I told Han Qilu, water and fire are incompatible; absolutely impossible! In regard to Xiang Mankuai, I’ll

I’ll pretend I didn’t hear the story… So… since it’s still early, take me to your house and meet your family.”

Her expression is relaxed, but in her heart, she feels inexplicably depressed. She tells herself this is just an illusion, just another illusion.

Ling Hanyu bats his eyelashes as he opens his eyes slowly. Although he is a distance away from An Chuxia and Xiao Mingluo, his keen ears can still hear everything. When he witnessed Xiang Mankuai’s betrayal, he was actually angrier than Han Qilu. He wished he could’ve cut off her neck, but Han Qilu just points.

For the longest time, he witnessed Qilu ruin his body. He initially regretted

initially regretted not strangling the slut.

He smiles as he opens his eyes. This incident is from the past. He doesn’t have to brood over it. Standing straight, he fishes out the key from his pocket. “Mingluo, congratulations on defeating the megalomaniac, Han Qilu.”

Xiao Mingluo shrugs. “Take Chuxia to your house so she can familiarize herself. I’ll go… to Atlantis and take a look. Han Qilu must be there, drinking.” As for Chuxia, he won’t make a veiled attack reminding him of Mankuai’s existence. As he’s witnessed, Chuxia has made him forget of her existence. One day, he’ll completely forget her… .

“Come, my little maid, my household is very big.” Ling Hanyu jokingly glances Hanyu jokingly glances her way as he leads her toward the stadium door. An Chuxia takes several steps forward before suddenly turning back. A pair of clear eyes stare carefully at Xiao Mingluo. He seems to be staring back.

He boldly stares at her straight hair. Suddenly feeling awkward, the corners of his mouth pull. “What do you want to say?”

An Chuxia recovers from her gaze and laughs. “I realized you actually don’t look so… bad. You’re a good person.”

Embarrassed by her words, he squints and sets aside his emotions, leaving only a moment to tease. “Chuxia, classmate, is it because I helped you once… Have you fallen in love with me?”

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