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Chapter 172
Xiang Mankuai and Han Qilu …

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks


Her urgent gaze makes Xiao Mingluo frown. His face fills with very mixed emotions. “Xiang Mankuai’s name is Waitting. It means to wait. She’s currently a popular film star in Paris. She even has a lot of domestic advertising and is endorsed well. But… she’s Han Qilu’s first love.”

“First love?” Aside from shock, she can’t describe her emotions.

To be honest, she’s deduced this fact. Despite the confirmation, she’s still taken aback. She was with child. Shouldn’t Han Qilu know? Why did she have the doctor promise not to tell Qilu she was pregnant?


a shocked An Chuxia, Xiao Mingluo lowers his eyes. “Everything looked rosy. She brought out Han Qilu’s gentle side. Her family is musically inclined. However, her parents wanted her to make a choice: stay by Han Qilu’s side or stay with her family and work on her future in Paris.”

She guesses the next statement. “She chose to leave Han Qilu and left for Paris, right?”

Xiao Mingluo nods. “Yes, she walked away.”

“Then?” she inquires anxiously. “If she’s just developing her future, Han Qilu will forgive her and wait for her in China, right? Don’t say that Xiang Mankuai leaving him regards her as taboo? That’s

That’s unreasonable, right?”

Xiao Mingluo is silent for a moment. The corners of his mouth lift while chuckling. “Truly, she is full of talent. She’s worthy of being called a genius. But it’s not that simple. Han Qilu didn’t blame her. He actually supported her moving to Paris… He was willing to go with her. However, Aunt and Uncle Han didn’t allow him to go because their parents have some irreconcilable disputes. According to Uncle Han, Qilu isn’t allowed to be with Xiang Mankuai because of this feud.”

“And later?” She’s fascinated with the story. Han Qilu has a subtle presence around her. If it wasn’t for

wasn’t for her mother’s death, she wouldn’t have crossed paths with him. But with their lives intersecting, she hopes to not further muddy the waters.

Yes, all she wants is to finish well in university and quietly find a place to teach. All she wants is an ordinary life.

“Later, Han Qilu was able to twist Han shushu’s arm and he allowed him to go to Paris and visit Xiang Mankuai. I didn’t go, but Hanyu went along. He went out in the town to find comic books. Afterwards, he met up with Han Qilu to visit Mankuai in her hotel room. However, they discovered her with another her with another man… doing that kind of thing.”

Dumbfounded, An Chuxia stares at Ling Hanyu with big eyes. No wonder Han Qilu doesn’t want to speak of this matter. In Qilu’s world, betrayal isn’t tolerated, especially from his first love. He falls in love deeply, right?

The hotel Xiang Mankuai was living in is one of the Han properties overseas. That’s why Han Qilu had a key to her room. So, he saw it all… At that time, her excuse was family reasons. Han Qilu needed to calm down so he immediately flew back to China. He finally knew that what he feared has come true.”


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