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Chapter 171

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks


She despises the look in his eyes. It’s filled with distress. Or is it her illusion? She claps her hands before picking herself off the ground. “Why are you competing so aggressively? I didn’t want to see… so…! That ball, did it go in?”

She lies. She seldom does it, but for freedom, she will. She’s must keep talking or her guilt will crush her. It’s already making her uncomfortable, and it has only been a moment since she’s fallen. To make things worse, she didn’t see the result.

Han Qilu expected too much. He stares into her eyes. “I lost.” Conceding defeat, he picks up An Chuxia’s

Fanta and drinks most of the bottle’s content. He then looks at Xiao Mingluo. “An Chuxia isn’t my possession. She can’t be used as a bet.”

Surprised by his words, she gawks at him. Then, she bellows, “Hey! This is my Fanta, I’ve drank… .”

But Han Qilu ignores her. Instead, he tilts his head and drinks another mouthful. He is intentionally doing it! But if he insists she’s not his possession, then she can’t make up for the classes… no, her part-time job! She grabs the Fanta from Qilu’s hand. Then, she calmly looks at Xiao Mingluo.

Xiao Mingluo looks at him lazily. Despite feeling the tension during the game, he’s back to feeling relaxed.

relaxed. Playing with the black tail ring on his right hand, his mouth curves. “Han Qilu, you know why I used her as a gambling chip? I wanted to see you move on to another female student.”

He’s implying he wants Qilu to move on from Xiang Mankuai. An Chuxia is very aware that Han Qilu’s expression changed suddenly. He went from being calm to stormy. She could see Qilu wanting to lash out. But for some reason, he’s suppressing it.

Finally, he faces Xiao Mingluo and looks him straight in the eye. “I concede to the gamble. However, I still have other matters to attend.”

She gnaws on her lower lip. She looks at Han Qilu

Han Qilu as he walks away. Unexpectedly, she feels a stabbing pain in her heart. She thought it was an her imagination, but she doesn’t pursue it. However, she turns and looks at Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu. “Do you have any intention of telling me who Xiang Mankuai is?”

Picking up the comic book, Ling Hanyu looks at Xiao Mingluo. He’s unsure as to whether they should reveal the truth to An Chuxia. He puts the comic book back on the ground. He uses his hands to push himself off the ground.

“Tell her, Mingluo. Otherwise, she’ll badger us. If the time comes when she’ll ask Qilu, it’ll be an incredible moment.” Sighing, Ling Hanyu walks Ling Hanyu walks toward the basketball stand to take a nap. It seems like he doesn’t want to hear much about Xiang Mankuai.

Sipping air through his lips, Xiao Mingluo involuntarily responds. “The reason she’s taboo is because some people want to deliberately forget or bury memories about certain people or matters. Xiang Mankuai is taboo. Han Qilu told us that anyone, no one, can mention her, anything about her, or her name.”

An Chuxia takes a few steps. Facing Xiao Mingluo, she boldly confesses. “Uncle Han mentioned her name to me. At that time, his expression was quite strange. I got suspicious. That’s why I’m asking you. You say she shouldn’t be mentioned. Now, I must know.”

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