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Chapter 170
Because of Her, He Lost

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

What should she do to make him lose? There it is! Leaning on the deck chair, holding on to one side tightly, she smiles. “This is the best I can do.”

Xiao Mingluo quickly appears. He took a black cloth from the props room and waves it in the air. “Each person has three chances. We’ll see who gets the most balls in. If we both get three, then we add more rounds until one loses. So… I go first!” He immediately stands behind the three-point mark. He looks at the basket before blindfolding himself with the cloth.

She’s never

seen the game played this way before. Xiao Mingluo seems indifferent about the game. He picks up the basketball and raises his hand. A thin layer of sweat forms. A box filled with basketballs is beside him. He extends his hand to grab one.

Xiao Mingluo quickly hits his target twice. Then, a third. Chuxia tightly grabs on the recliner handles. The tension is high. The third time… The basketball unexpectedly… .

The basketball circles the rim three times. Xiao Mingluo tears the cloth off his eyes and watches the ball fall into the basket! Three shots and he hits his target thrice! He looks at Qilu. He doesn’t

doesn’t see any tension. The abyss in his eyes even reveal a smile. Is it… disdain?

It’s Qilu’s turn. He ties the black cloth over his eyes and stands where Xiao Mingluo stood. Three balls and he will get them all in. Moreover, these are hollow balls! She finally understands why Qilu said “I will not lose”. He’s simply a basketball genius!

Based on the rules, they add another round. Xiao Mingluo ties the black cloth again. The layer of sweat appears. Raising his hand, he launches the ball. It hits the rim and after riding half of the rim, the ball drops. Score!

Han Qilu heads to where Mingluo stands. He

stands. He hands Qilu the cloth before giving her a look. She nods. She knows she needs to divert Qilu’s attention.

Qilu covers his eyes. Then, a sound distracts him!

Ling Hanyu looks up from his comic book, watching the situation unfold. As long as Qilu’s ball doesn’t go in, Xiao Mingluo wins…. In Han Qilu’s world, the word “lose” doesn’t exist. He’s worried for Xiao Mingluo, so much so, he’s sweating.

If this continues, Xiao Mingluo will undoubtedly lose! Han Qilu is good despite being blindfolded. She sees the corners of his mouth lift. He has so much confidence, she needs to wipe that victory smile.

So… sorry! He is about to shoot about to shoot the ball when Chuxia intentionally falls off her chair.

“Ah!” he hears her voice filled with pain. Han Qilu releases the ball toward the backboard. However, the basketball rolls around the rim, goes halfway, then falls outside the rim.The basketball bounces on the ground several times before rolling to the corner.

Han Qilu tears off the black cloth. He knew his ball wouldn’t sink in because his release didn’t feel right. However, he can manage other things. As the cloth flutters to the ground, he runs to An Chuxia who is still on the ground. Looking fiercely at her, he asks coldly, “Are you a pig? How could you fall?”

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