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Image courtesy of Google Image CHAPTER 167 Ambiguous?

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Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

TL: These chapters are some of my favorite. I hope you fangirl with me.

An Chuxia knows Xiao Mingluo wants to shift topics, but after mentioning Xiang Mankuai, her curiosity becomes more weighted. Pregnancy, taboo… these issues press her not to gasp for breath.

"Chuxia, classmate, what are you afraid of? Didn't you say you played varsity basketball in your previous school?" At this time, Han Qilu enters the stadium's front door. He can't help but frown after hearing Xiao Mingluo's statement. "Match me?"

The corners of his mouth raise. "Who dares to be compared to you, young master Han?" His lackey raises the basketball as a challenge.

He lightly glances over to Xiao Mingluo before popping the Fanta tab and handing it over to An Chuxia. "They suddenly didn't want to bowl. Next time, if you want to challenge me, play by yourselves."

She doesn't know why Han Qilu is suddenly nice to her, but her sixth sense tells her he's up to something. Can it be because of Xiang Mankuai? In any case, it's impossible to ravel this matter! But if Xiang Mankuai was with child… shouldn't the child be born? If the child is Han Qilu's, that… what can she do about it?

Bah! What can she do? This is trifling! Han Qilu laughs as he sees her mood shift. "What is your small brain thinking?"

"Nothing!" She raises her head and drinks the icy cold Fanta to calm her heart. She doesn't know why thinking about Xiang Mankuai puts her in a bad mood. She looks at Ling Hanyu sitting on the spotless court, reading his comic book. She hands back the Fanta to Han Qilu before sitting next to Hanyu. "Do you like reading female comic books that much?"

Ling Hanyu looks up angrily. "Do not listen to Mingluo! That scoundrel spews nonsense! This is obviously a boy's comic book!"

He hands the comic book to Chuxia to look at. It says Douro Mainland Comic 64. It has a picture of a big dragon, and it really is a boy's comic book.

"Well, it's a boy's comic book." Regardless, she is already convinced Ling Hanyu is gay. For someone who's supposed to be manly, his speech is quite delicate. Good! Later, they can be good sisters! As she hands back the comic book to Ling Hanyu, she realizes Han Qilu is walking toward her, fishing something out of his pocket.

She is surprised when the young master unexpectedly pulls out a small bandaid box with exquisite Hello Kitty print covering it.

"Let me look at your ear." He sits beside her, carefully looking at her ear. The seemingly trivial action makes her blush all of a sudden. Can he occasionally treat her like a girl? How can a boy be so close to a girl?

"What are you doing?" She feels his warm fingers caress her earlobe, making her blush deeper. That's her sensitive spot!

Han Qilu doesn't answer her question. He rips open a bandaid, and stretch the side membranes before applying it cautiously against her ear. She remembers the landlady hurting her ear. She suddenly feels emotional over the chaste gesture… .

"Quickly thank the young master." He brilliantly smiles at her.

"You choose a dubious time to take care of each other. I'll sit here and read my comics." Ling Hanyu unhappily moves, putting some distance between them.

CHAPTER 168 I Bet on Her, Plus Five Million …

Translated, edited, and proofread by newbienoona

Suddenly, a round shadow flies toward them. An Chuxia's reflexively reaches out her hand to block the ball but Han Qilu gets to it first. The shadow was a basketball! She turns her head and looks at Xiao Mingluo. He provokingly looks at Han Qilu. "Playing by myself is boring. Master Han, care to compare notes?"

Han Qilu's eyes don't move. "Well, since you've kindly invited, how can I refuse? What's the bet?"

Xiao Mingluo's dark brown pupils turn, his index finger points to An Chuxia. "She's the bet." An Chuxia is startled. She looks at Han Qilu. She doesn't know why this idiot, Xiao Mingluo, is saying anything.

Han Qilu slightly raises his eyebrows. His attractive mouth smiles. "What's wrong? Are you interested in her? You always like hot women. Have you tasted all the delicacies and would like to try small wild herbs?"

"Hello! Han Qilu, what's this nonsense?" An Chuxia is in a bad mood after he calls her small wild herbs. Is she so bad? Her mood suddenly changes. She can't afford to rush out after being singled out by Qilu. He didn't even look. The air surrounding them thickens. The atmosphere becomes strange and unusual.

Xiao Mingluo realizes Han Qilu isn't falling for it. He's not stupid to snatch Han Qilu's woman. However, the person sitting leisurely at the intellectually stunted comic book wouldn't be able (to take An Chuxia away). So, in order to incite fire, he adds a bit of oil, making himself a catalyst.

Therefore, he must quickly clarify the relationship: "Don't insult my reputation. I have always been chaste, like a talented person. Regardless of how good-looking she is… I don't have any interest in her."

An Chuxia has a full heavy line. These two bastards. The tiger's tail shouldn't be tugged when it's already critically ill! While he is trying to rush to the fight of death, Ling Hanyu, whose head is still bowed, suddenly reaches out and grabs An Chuxia's wrist. His hands are usually icy, but when he touches her warm wrist, he couldn't help but feel a slight shiver.

"Why did you pull me?" She wrinkles her brow in dissatisfaction. Ling Hanyu looks at her and says, "Mingluo is helping you. Didn't you find it strange he's gambling to take you?"

Just when Chuxia prepares to ponder, Ling Hanyu faintly states, "Before, they'd bet several millions, tens of millions."

Several million? An Chuxia suddenly stares back boldly. Sh*t! Is this what a little bet is to rich men? They play basketball and bet tens of millions… This is inconceivable! But she still doesn't understand Xiao Mingluo's endgame, but she halts rushing to them with the idea of fighting to death. She comfortably waits on Xiao Mingluo to proceed.

It goes unnoticed that there is something going on with Chuxia. However, it isn't missed Han Qilu's eyes start narrowing. "What do you bet on her? This bet is too small."

"I'll give you five million. If you lose, you have to lend Chuxia to me every weekend. She's no use to me but she'd be very useful to Ling Hanyu!"

Ling Hanyu's mouth curls to a really big smile… .

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