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Chapter 166
Has Broken Taboo

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Ling Hanyu beckons. “It’s alright. I’m just missing a maid.” He’s too good. He remains calm, calm!

“You two are really insane… I know nothing!” Xiao Mingluo shakes his head, picks up the basketball, and leaps into a three-pointer. He turns around happily at An Chuxia. “See? I am the “Slam Dunk Master” in Sichuan Feng Shu class.”

As soon as he was done, he doesn’t forget to flick his bangs. Perhaps, if she was like the other female students, she wouldn’t be able to resist temptation. But he’s harmless in her world. Confused,

she tilts her head. “What is this Sichuan Feng Shu class?”

A headache starts forming in his forehead. He knows Chuxia isn’t an earthling. With a tacit understanding, he looks at Ling Hanyu and they say in unison, “Seized!”

Shrugging, she takes a few steps toward the basketball and picks it up. She stands where Xiao Mingluo took his shot. “Actually, compared to bowling, I prefer basketball.” She doesn’t wait for Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu to respond. She dribbles the basketball before shooting it from her position. And this hollow ball… Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu are shocked.

“Oh my God! Sakura Ikebana!” They both

both exclaim in excitement.

Mingluo chides himself internally. He should calm himself! Otherwise, they’ll only embarrass themselves… .

An Chuxia smiles as she approaches them. “Don’t be surprised. Let me ask you something: Who is Xiang Mankuai?”

They freeze the moment they hear the words Xiang Mankuai. They attempt to get over their shock… An Chuxia has just transferred to Stein and she actually knows about Stein’s taboo. This is more surprising than she being the second incarnation of sakura ikebana. The comic book Ling Hanyu has been holding in his hand thuds as it hits the ground.

It’s the comic book’s thud that awakens Xiao Mingluo. In all seriousness,

all seriousness, he asks Chuxia. “Where did you hear this name?”

Xiao Mingluo rarely looks serious. When his face is this proper, it usually means he is experiencing something major, and is usually bad. They’ve claimed knowing of Xiang Mankuai. Should they reveal she holds an important position in Han Qilu’s life?

A sense of loss arises spontaneously. Nevertheless, it leaves her deserted. Facing Xiao Mingluo’s query, An Chuxia is unable to tell him the truth since the chief has taken great efforts to keep quiet about the matter. So she simply tells a lie. “Han Qilu told me.”

Who would’ve expected Ling Hanyu would challenge her would challenge her suddenly. “That’s impossible! Han Qilu won’t mention her name to you.” He bends from the waist and picks up the comic book. He heads toward Mingluo’s side, waiting for him to say anything.

Xiao Mingluo’s voice is always very dynanmic; his voice makes others sympathize like how the sun makes the early winter weather comfortable. But today, his voice is unusually hoarse. He raises his eyes and looks at An Chuxia. “It doesn’t matter who told you. These three words are taboo.”

Outside the court, a burst of footsteps resounds. Xiao Mingluo says with a smile, “Very arrogant, or should we compare?”

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