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Chapter 162
Why Were You Sleep?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

“I’m very comfortable,” she replies straightforwardly. Then, she closes her eyes as she looks away. The less he sees, the better.

Han Qilu curls his lip. This woman’s heart is a needle at the bottom of the sea! Rather than overthinking it, he starts the engine and heads toward Xiao Mingluo’s.

“That’s right! Since you didn’t have breakfast and you didn’t eat lunch, aren’t you hungry?” Suddenly reminded of his current disposition, she sits upright. If he drives half-starving to death, is she going to be buried with him? Oh no! She can’t have that!

“I’ve eaten.” He glances at her lightly. “On the way to getting

your medicine, I bought bread. Look, I blame you for me not eating lunch. Not only have you not thanked me, but you also owe me money.”

She pays no attention to the words he was spewing, grasping only the highlights. She stares at him and marvels, “You eat bread for lunch?” She assumes rich people don’t eat bread as a meal. Is her inference wrong?

He shoots her a side glance and shakes his head. “I am human, An Chuxia. I get hungry. So hungry, I’ll eat anything that smells good.”

Hasn’t he already done that, because of her, right? Ahem. Thanks to him, there’s a new generation. She thinks the most annoying thing in this

this like are the likes of these wealthy children! Curling her lip, she doesn’t pay attention to Han Qilu. She closes her eyes and takes another nap. The next time she opens her eyes… .

“Ah!!!” She sees Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu’s faces magnified to N. She’s so startled, she turns and falls to the ground. Ling Hanyu and Xiao Mingluo hurry over and help her off the ground.

“An Chuxia, why are you agitated? You just saw our big, handsome faces, and you’re unexpectedly spooked?” Xiao Mingluo holds her while his venomous tongue ridicules her.

She looks around and doesn’t see Han Qilu. They’re not in a bowling alley, but a very

a very big basketball court. So they’re at a basketball court to bowl? Is that what they’re doing?

“Where is here? And why were you guys so close when I was asleep? Don’t you know that’s very impolite?” she asks, filled with bitchiness. Without Han, she doesn’t feel like behaving. Is that because when she arrived at the Hans, she thinks of her mother, and thinking of her means she needs to be more tolerant?

Xiao Mingluo shrugs and smiles. He wraps his arm around her neck and asks, “An Chuxia classmate, I’m sorry! Why are you crying in your sleep?”

“Cry?” She frowns as she reaches out and touches her cheek. She feels dampness She feels dampness on her skin. She remembers her dream… the day An Yishan proposes a divorce from her mother. Her mother kneels on the ground, begging him not to divorce her. However, he drags her mother through the divorce.

That day wasn’t simply her mother’s end. It was hers, as well. Since then, she stopped loving her father.

Ling Hanyu pulls out some Kleenex from his pocket and hands it to her. He says strangely, “The most annoying thing to see is a girl crying. Quickly wipe your tears.”

Xiao Mingluo is surprised. He looks at Ling Hanyu suspiciously and says nothing. This boy has always hated girls… Fine, it’s not any of his business!

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